Shark Dash (WP) Reviews

  • gladbecker82gladbecker82226,928
    31 Aug 2013
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    Shark Dash for Windows Phone 8 Review

    At first Shark Dash looks like another Angry Birds Clone but its far from it.

    Graphics are nice and colorful and the Shark Animations are also well done.

    Gameplay is fun and challenging, you wanna perfect every Level even if it takes 10 tries :)

    As far as Achievements, it only takes 2 hours and you are done, most of them will come by Accident.

    Only negative thing here is that the Battery drains like crazy in this Game, its worse then Modern Combat 4 or Asphalt 7, graphically even more impressive Games.


    For 99 cents you add easy 200 G to your Xbox Profile and have fun while doing so :)
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    SoulKatanaWP8 ONLY...
    Man i'm SAD NOW!!
    I have a WP7.
    I really want to play this!
    Posted by SoulKatana on 15 Nov 13 at 15:42
    Posted by KluckMyDuck on 24 Apr 16 at 22:35