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    25 Apr 2011 26 Apr 2011
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    Very similar visually to the Tony Hawk games. That's about where the similarities end. Poor controls, bland landscapes, and annoying loading times make this game a chore. There are some interesting concepts introduced, but any joy you have doesn't last long since the controls will bring it to a halt.

    Much better made than SW Snowboarding, but that isn't saying much. If you really can't stand playing another Tony Hawk title, this is a different experience. You're not required to learn a whole new system like Skate, but it doesn't take long for this game to get on your bad side. I recommend a rental if anything.

    As far as achievements go, I played this game for a total of about 16 hours, and managed to get 675. I got all but two single player achievements. I tried to get the online ones, but no one was on. It's not too hard to get at least half, but if you're going for 1000, you're going to need a lot of patience, time, and a boosting partner.

    I really wanted this game to be something. It looked like a fresh approach to skateboarding, since the Tony Hawk series has been milked to every last drop. However it just has too many flaws to be a title that has any lasting fun.

    It's like a car that's awesome to drive, gets great mileage, nice paint job, it just happens to occasionally accelerate without warning and the airbags sometimes randomly go off.
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    Hanshi McDu do not need to get 65 gold medals in challenges,must get and least bronze and gold on all SHAUN WHITE challenges..
    Posted by Hanshi McD on 09 Nov 11 at 18:03
    TheNutman69321You're both wrong about the challenges achievement. You don't need to gold them all or play them all. You must get at least bronze in 35 of them which is barely over half of them.
    Posted by TheNutman69321 on 28 Apr 12 at 20:29
    TheEvolutioniztI just 100 % this game. I must admit i liked it.

    Its not the best but its not that bad.
    Posted by TheEvolutionizt on 03 Oct 17 at 17:19
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    Poor Shaun White. 2008's Shaun White Snowboarding wasn't a spectacular experience, but it was decent for what it was; and the fact that there was little to no competition helped it as well.

    But two years later, Shaun White Skateboarding is released, and at the worst possible time. A time where EA's skate franchise is commanding the sub-genre, and the Tony Hawk series imploded on itself. Now factor in wonky controls, a laughable plotline, 'meh' production values and a throwaway multiplayer mode, and you have a game that really doesn't need an explanation for why it's 20 bucks now.

    At its core, the "story mode" is about overthrowing THE MAN. With THE MAN'S oppression, everything is drab, boring, grey, and just generally no fun, kind of like this game. But with the help of generic character stereotypes and Shaun White himself, you bring color back to the world. It's cool I must admit how your tricking brings life back into the environment, but it gets old REALLY fast. And I'm not even going to talk about the god-awful platforming sections near the end of the story mode.

    BONUS FACT - This is one of only three "T" rated games (the others being Wheelman and Blacksite) where I've heard the word "Shit" spoken in. Cool, huh?

    The control is like a gene-splicing experiment gone horribly wrong. It's more of a skate-esque control scheme than Tony Hawk (though you can use the A button to jump), but after a while (when I discovered LT is for manuals) I realized the controls are a LOT (nearly identical) like SW Snowboarding. And let me just say, a SNOWBOARDING game does NOT play like a SKATEBOARDING game. Everything just feels clunky and clumsy. Wallrides and transfers in particular are far more challenging to do then they should be.

    The other real hook of the game is the "shaping aspect," where certain parts of the environment, such as rails, can be manuipulated at will. These are fairly restrictive, and using the rails in particular to reach certain locations is far too frustrating. One skill you get near the end of the game however allows you summon rails at will while in the air, which is EXTREMELY useful, since you inexplicitly explode (literally) when falling from great heights.

    Assuming you don't go berserk from the story mode, there isn't that much else to do in the game. There are challenges stewn about, that require you to grind a certain distance or reach a set score. Nothing spectacular. The "hidden" challenges (such as destroying grind-blockers) require a little exploration, but you won't need a guide for them. Even the "treasure" items are pretty obvious. There is a multiplayer mode, but it's a afterthought.

    But something good... something good... something good. Oh, the soundtrack is solid. And the game only glitched on me one time. Those are worth mentioning. And it has a "save position" feature, kind of like the older Tony Hawk games (i'm positive THUG 2 had this feature) which proves very useful, due to the clunky controls.

    Also, there might as well not be a "get off board" button, as it's pointless... unless you're walking up stairs. I kid you not, your skater as agile as... well, he's not. He has the same movement as he did in Shaun White Snowboarding. Is it lazy or shitty? You be the judge.

    Frustrating. Clumsy. Annoying. These words best describe Shaun White's first, and likely last skateboarding game. It's not horrible, as there are some solid ideas in there, but bad design choices really hold it back.

    But i'd rather play this than a skate game.
  • SM PretzelfootSM Pretzelfoot543,748
    19 Dec 2011
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    I started playing this game in late july, early August at a friend's house. he never played it and gave it to me since i like achievements, and he figured i could get 'em all.

    anyway, i find the storyline to be pretty decent, but the control sceme seems like a generic rip off of the "skate" franchise mixed with the old lame tony hawk proskater games.
    for the most part i found the game fun and entertaining, even though i've yet to beat it after 5-6 months. the objectives for the story missions are omnisent and vague. there's this one mission im stuck on in this amusement park where you have to destroy robots that make you depressed and junk. the only help the game gives is "reach level 2 flow" or "hit them". i've looked everywhere on the internet for any kind of walthrough for help but no one seems to have one up, even though 1,000+ are recorded to have the achievement for that part of the storyline. i think my entire review is based upon the fact that this one part sucks balls and i need help on it.

    now to the multiplayer.. i dont really have enough experience with the multiplayer to comment on it other than the fact that the achievments for it shouldn't be since no one plays it. they aren't even possible to get offline so ubisoft totally screwed us on that. from the small offline match i played, the multiplayer graphics are horrible compared to the enviroment of the single player world.