Shenmue I & II (Win 10) Walkthrough

2. General hints and tips

Please Note: This walkthrough will assume that you are using an Xbox controller connected to your computer, keyboard controls won't be listed.

General Controls

cn_LSc - Move

cn_RSc - Pan camera

cn_A - Action

cn_B - Cancel

cn_X - Open notebook

cn_Y - Open in-game menu

cn_LT - Zoom

cn_RT - Run


The fighting in the Shenmue series is modelled on the Virtua Fighter series (the game was originally intended to be a spin-off of that franchise). While you can find and learn moves during the games, we won't be doing that beyond gaining the relevant achievements. There are many moves (that are listed within the in-game menu) with different control inputs that you won't all remember and that won't even prove necessary to use. You can train these moves in the dojo or before bedtime in the first Shenmue for instance, but both of these won't be necessary. You can simply improve the effectiveness of moves by fighting goons during the story. In the menu, you can also assign a favoured move to cn_LT if you like. Spamming kicks is what worked for me across both of the games, only needing to learn to dodge backward and run around the arena to regain health during later fights.

Here are the general fighting controls:

cn_LSc - Move

cn_A - Kick

cn_B - Grab

cn_X - Punch

cn_Y - Dodge (in direction of cn_LSc)

Further Notes

  • The Shenmue series runs on a daily cycle, with each game needing to be completed within a certain deadline. Ryo will usually wake up at 8AM and can then usually only go to bed at 8PM (thus ending the day). During this roughly 12 hour in-game period, Ryo can progress the story or participate in the several activities on offer in the area he is currently in. An hour of in-game time is roughly 4 minutes in real time, so days can take a long time. Unfortunately in the first Shenmue there is no way to skip this time, meaning if you are purely focusing on the story you will have to leave the game idle for some time waiting for events to happen. Fortunately Shenmue II introduces a 'wait' mechanic for important story moments, so there is nowhere near as much waiting as in the first game.
  • Be prepared for many QTEs (quick time events), this is the game that popularised them and which are difficult to avoid in major current generation games. Shenmue II introduces sequence QTEs which are even worse, demanding inputs to be entered quickly as shown on the screen. I personally found these inconsistent and you'll sometimes fail them through no fault of your own. Thankfully though there isn't much punishment beyond restarting at the beginning of the QTE cutscene.
  • After completing Shenmue, you can transfer your progress from a completed save file to the sequel (just like during the original release). This will transfer any items you picked up (story related, gacha collection, fighting scrolls) alongside your progress in fighting moves. I would recommend that you do this, but it isn't entirely necessary.

That's all you need to know that won't be covered in the main story walkthrough. Now on with the game!

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