Shenmue I & II (Win 10) Walkthrough

4. Shenmue II: Hong Kong


As you gain control of Ryo, press cn_Y, go to your inventory and read Master Chen's Letter.

Walk forward a little and a cutscene will play where some musicians will ask you for money, agree to give them HK$10 to unlock your first achievement, which is missable:

Shenmue II: Money For Nothing in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Give money to musicians at the beginning of the game
  • Unlocked by 112 tracked gamers (35% - TA Ratio = 1.69) 322

Continue and another scene with a photographer will play. After it's over, continue forward just a little and you'll see a woman in a blue dress to your left. Talk to her and agree to have your fortune read to unlock:

Shenmue II: Unexpected Visit in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Visit a fortune teller in Shenmue II
  • Unlocked by 55 tracked gamers (17% - TA Ratio = 2.43) 322

Exit to the right to enter Workers Pier. Move forward and another scene will play where you are challenged to an arm wrestling match - agree to the match and pay HK$10 to go up against Jimenez Garcia.

To win, basically, you have to repeatedly press cn_A Some times there will be a QTE for you to press cn_left or cn_right.

After winning your first match you'll unlock:

Shenmue II: Challenger in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Win an arm wrestling match
  • Unlocked by 58 tracked gamers (18% - TA Ratio = 2.36) 322

After the match you can already unlock the achievement for winning five arm wrestling matches, the hard part is that the matches get progressively harder.

What I did was win three matches against Jimenez Garcia and then two more matches at the arm wrestling place located in the alley between the two stands at the waterfront, not far from where you challenged Jimenez.

After winning five matches you get:

Shenmue II: Strongarm in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Win 5 arm wrestling matches
  • Unlocked by 41 tracked gamers (13% - TA Ratio = 2.82) 322

Now, still at the same area, locate a map stand and buy a map - this will allow you to use the minimap of the area. You can do this in any area by buying the specific map of each area and it helps a lot with navigation. Now that you've bought the map, press cn_B and place a marker with (cn_X,cn_A or cn_Y) to unlock:

Shenmue II: Cartographer in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Place a map marker
  • Unlocked by 56 tracked gamers (17% - TA Ratio = 2.41) 322

Now we have to prepare for another missable achievement. Still, at Workers Pier (do not progress further), you need to spend all of your money so you have less than HK$50 left. The easiest way to do this is by buying as many lighters as you can from one of the stands at the waterfront. Once you have bought them all, back out and look at the stall again to make more available for purchase.

After you do this slow task, continue past the fountain to Queen's St. As you enter a scene will play and your bag will be stolen. If you did the previous step, another achievement will unlock:

Shenmue II: Big Spender in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Have less than 50 dollars when your bag is stolen
  • Unlocked by 46 tracked gamers (14% - TA Ratio = 2.66) 322

Continue over through Queen's St until a scene plays out with two drunks. After, go back to the fountain at Workers Pier to look for Wong. When you find him another scene will play and a QTE will ensue - the sequence is cn_A cn_left cn_right cn_A cn_B cn_left cn_left cn_right cn_A cn_right cn_down cn_A, this unlocks two achievements:

Shenmue II: Slippery Like An Eel in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Chase and catch Wong in QTE
  • Unlocked by 57 tracked gamers (18% - TA Ratio = 2.39) 322

Shenmue II: Baggage Claim in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Get your bag back after it is stolen
  • Unlocked by 59 tracked gamers (18% - TA Ratio = 2.34) 322

Note that if you fail this QTE twice the achievement "Slippery Like an Eel" will be lost, reload if so.

Now go all the way through Queen's St, over the bridge and take the left at the end of it. Continue until you get to Green Market Qr.

Our goal is to reach the Come Over Guest House. To get there, take a left on the next two intersections and it will be on your right further ahead. On the way, a scene with Joy will play out.

Enter, get your room key (203) and go up to your room to put your bag away.

If you're following this walkthrough without divergence it will still be early, so go out to the street and backtrack a little to the Paradise Tea Manor. At the corner, a scene will play where a guy asks for your help straightening a sign. Agree to help and press cn_down five times to align the sign and unlock:

Shenmue II: Good Samaritan in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Straighten the man's sign near the Come Over Guest House in Wan Chai
  • Unlocked by 48 tracked gamers (15% - TA Ratio = 2.60) 322

Note that if you're too late getting to the Come Over Guest House, this scene will play out again the next day.

Now is also a good time to find a pawn shop - there's one next to the Come Over Guest House. Go inside and sell all of those lighters you bought earlier for 40% of your cash back.

Go back to the Guest House and sleep. The next morning Joy will take you to Fortune's Pier for a morning of work carrying crates. Follow the QTEs to earn HK$10 for each crate.

Go back all the way to Green Market Qr (there's probably going to be a scene with a photographer on the way), take the first right past the martial arts school to South Carmain Qr.

Take the right to Lotus Park and talk to Jianmin under the tree for a scene and a spar session.

Jianmin directs you to Yan Tin Apartments. Just continue down the street, taking the right at the fork. When you get there, Ryo will stop and make a remark.

Enter the building for another scene. When it's over go upstairs to apartment 205, knock on the door and go through the dialogue, giving the man HK$50 for the information.

Head outside and follow the signs to Wise Man Qr.

Go all the way to the back of Wise Man Qr in the direction of Scarlet Hills, ask any passerby for directions if needed. Climb the steps leading there and to your left will be the entrance to the Man Mo Temple. Enter it to meet Xiuying and Hanhui, following some dialogue. Now you're tasked with finding out about the four Wu.

Leave the temple and head in the direction of Wise Man Qr. Once there enter Wise Man's Kung Fu Shop which is straight ahead, and ask the owner about Wu.

Leave after the talk and head to Green Market Qr. through South Carmain Qr and Guang Martial Arts School will be on your right. Enter and talk to Master Zhoushan and ask about Wu.

Now head to Golden Qr. (northernmost exit) and head to the mall (head right and you can't miss it). Enter it and look for a homeless man - when you approach him a scene will play and you'll have to perform a QTE (just press A when the bar is filled).

When you're done the man will give you a letter, take it back to the Guang Martial Arts School and give it to Master Zhoushan, who will teach your first Wu.

Now go to Lotus Park in South Carmain Qr and talk to Jianmin. He'll teach a new move, Iron Palm (X+A) (move 1/15), unlocking:

Shenmue II: Apprentice in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Learn your first combat skill
  • Unlocked by 45 tracked gamers (14% - TA Ratio = 2.69) 322

Now you'll be tasked with covering the floor with leaves. Just perform Iron Palm when the circle is full. Do it enough times and Jianmin will talk about the second Wu.

Go back to Master Zhoushan, ask him again about a Martial Artist, and he'll direct you to Zhangyu's Barber at 3 Blade Street, in Lucky Charm Qr. You can get there through Wise Man Qr and just ask for directions on 3 Blade Street. If it's too late and the barbershop is closed you can go back to the Come Over Guest House, sleep and come back the next day.

Inside, talk to Zhangyu and he agrees to teach you. During the conversation there will be a QTE, DO NOT press anything, just keep your cool and learn about the third Wu.

Go outside and head down the street to the Bloom Tailor and talk to the owner, who directs you to Guixhang, the old lady from Yan Tin Apartments. Head all the way back there for a scene and a free fight against some thugs.

Afterwards, go back to Man Mo Temple in Scarlet Hills and try to go in - a guy will stop you. Choose to "break in" to divert him, then just go in.

Inside the temple go to the back and wipe the wall on the left side of the altar to reveal a sign and learn the name of the fourth Wu. This will lead to some scenes and another achievement:

Shenmue II: Never Assume in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Meet Lishao Tao
  • Unlocked by 43 tracked gamers (13% - TA Ratio = 2.76) 322

After another spar session, you get a map for Xiuying's apartment, in Wise Man Qr. Follow it to meet her there, then go inside and upstairs. This is where we'll be staying from now on.

The next day Ryo will be placed at the Man Mo Temple and tasked with taking the books outside. It's pretty easy, just take each pile outside and do a QTE, trying to fail as little as possible. The job will end at 12pm. I recommend running during the job as the QTEs aren't too hard.

At the end of the job, Hanhui will give you a move scroll, open the menu and read it for a new move (move 2/15).

Head to Wise Man Qr and talk to the lady in the Antique Shop at the bottom of the stairs about Yuanda Zhu (near the entrance coming from Scarlet Hills). She'll talk about a book, the Walinshu. Go to Wise Man's Kung Fu Shop and ask the owner about the book, to learn that the last copy is at the Man Mo Temple library.

Go there and at the library door, choose to wait until the next day.

After airing the books again, upon leaving Hanhui will either teach you the Lunging Strike (if you aired every book over both of the days) or hand you another scroll. To perform the Lunging Strike you will need to move forward (cn_right) then press [cn_x] and [cn_a] at the same time. You will likely receive the other move after the fourth day of work (move 3/15).

Now you are free to enter the library and inspect the cabinet in the back left corner. The book is there, but the cabinet is locked.

Go outside towards the front of the temple and Xiuying will stop you, she wants Ryo to clear his head of revenge. For this, you must catch the falling leaves.

When you're in first-person mode, use the cn_RS to focus on a leaf and keep it as central as possible, and when you see motion blur on the leaf and hear a chime as you follow it down, press [cn_a]. You should catch it if you don't just try again.

Afterwards, Xiuying wants you to do it three times in a row (this can be tricky). Follow the same tactic as above but just do it three times to get:

Shenmue II: Autumn in Wan Chai in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Catch the leaves
  • Unlocked by 41 tracked gamers (13% - TA Ratio = 2.82) 322

Then she finally gives you the key, so go and open the cabinet for the book and some revelations.

Now, assuming that catching the leaves didn't take you an absurd amount of time, we have some time to kill.

First, let's go to Pine Arcade at Golden Qr (if you go there from Lucky Charm Qr, it's on your left). Once there, play Outrun (arcade 1/4) and Space Harrier (arcade 2/4), make sure you actually play them and get a game over for it to count.

Next, go to the Guang Martial Arts School, and SAVE before entering it. Speak to Master Zhoushan and he'll make you spar with a student, just use cn_B+cn_left, cn_B+cn_right, cn_B+cn_down and cn_B+cn_up to learn a new move (move 4/15), and unlock:

Shenmue II: Back To School in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Master the Wild Throw move from the Kung Fu school in Wan Chai
  • Unlocked by 40 tracked gamers (12% - TA Ratio = 2.86) 322

In case you fail (which I did), just reload and try again. You learn the move even after failing, but the achievement doesn't unlock unless you 'master' it.

Now we need to make some money, so go all the way back to Workers Pier and from there to Fortune's Pier, then follow the video below:

Video credit to WhiterValkyrie

With this method, it's easy to earn high sums of money - the goal here is to bet until you have HK$4,500. It may take a while, but with the saving system, it's just a matter of time.

After all is done, hopefully, it'll be after 7pm. If it isn't, just wait until then and go back to Xiuying's apartment for some scenes and sleeping.

More carrying books around the next day until 12 pm. After it's done, head outside the temple for another scroll from Hanhui (move 5/15) and an achievement:

Shenmue II: Adept in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Learn 5 combat skills
  • Unlocked by 41 tracked gamers (13% - TA Ratio = 2.79) 322

Now head to Wise Man's Kung Fu Shop, inside look to your right to see four scrolls for sale. With the money you made the previous day you can buy all four (moves 6-9/15), do so and read them.

Back to the main path, go to the Collect Antique Store in the south part of Wise Man's Qr. Show the owner the paper you found at the library. After getting the information you need, go to Yan Tin Apartments and knock on the door of apartment 101 for a scene.

When prompted, move the left-most cup up once and the third cup from the left down once. Press cn_A when you're finished. Remember this pattern as you'll need it later.

Go outside and head to the Man Mo Bistro in Wise Man's Qr. Inside, arrange the cups on the table in the same manner explained above and wait for a scene.

Now go back to Yan Tin Apartments. When you approach the building a scene with Guixhang should play, and you learn a new move Hind Blow (Y+B) (move 10/15), unlocking:

Shenmue II: Expert in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Learn 10 combat skills
  • Unlocked by 36 tracked gamers (11% - TA Ratio = 2.98) 322

Now go to the Come Over Guest House, go inside and choose to wait until 7 p.m. The phone will ring and you'll be instructed to go to Man Mo Park, which is next to Man Mo Bistro. Go there and SAVE before going in. Enter for a scene with a QTE, press cn_right, and a free fight (reload if you fail).

After the fight, the men will direct you to Dou Jiang Diner in Lucky Charm Qr. However you likely won't make it before 8pm, when it shuts, so end the day.

Another book airing shift will follow, with Hanhui either passing you another scroll or deciding to teach you Lunging Strike (if you missed it earlier) (move 11/15). This is the final time doing this thankfully.

Now head to the Dou Jiang Diner - it's opposite to Earnest Tea Shop - and inside, arrange the cups in the usual pattern.

A scene will play. After it's done, go back into the diner and choose the option to wait until 8pm the next day. A scene will start followed by a free fight.

Next, there will be a QTE with the following sequence cn_Bcn_Acn_Acn_Acn_Bcn_X. This will be followed by a new type of QTE where you have to input the shown sequence as fast as possible - the sequence is cn_downcn_downcn_X followed by a regular QTE cn_Bcn_Acn_Bcn_Bcn_Bcn_Acn_Bcn_Acn_Xcn_Acn_Bcn_X and finally another sequence QTE cn_downcn_rightcn_A. When it's all done some more scenes will play.

The next day you will be outside Man Mo Temple. Go toward Lucky Charm Qr, since the other way is blocked, and a scene with Joy will play. Next, go all the way back to Workers Pier. When there, talk to one of the boat captains near the fountain to learn that Ren and the Heavens can be found in Beverly Hills Wharf.

Go to Beverly Hills Wharf - it's near the entrance to Queen's St - and the guard won't let Ryo through.

Next go to Fortune's Pier and climb the red set of stairs to your right not far beyond where you enter, all the way to the top to enter the Blue Sky Beer Garden. Head outside and look to the right to see a woman behind the counter. Interrogate here to learn that the guy playing darts hangs around with members of the Heavens. Ask him for information and he will agree to help as long as you beat him at darts.

Even if you lose the game, he will help and ask to meet at Warehouse 8 at 7pm. Go there and choose to wait.

Free battle the Heavens and beat them to be taken to Beverly Hills Wharf for another free fight, which you'll eventually lose.

After waking up in Wong's boat and receiving the Heaven's lighter, leave the boat.

Wonder around the area and walk near large groups in order to trigger a fight. After this fight, you should hopefully receive a map of the area or some information regarding Ren.

Once you have the map, head in the direction of the bottom right to reach a scrapyard where you'll meet Cool Z. He will want HK$500 to take you to Ren. The money you made gambling earlier should be more than enough if you haven't been spending it.

He takes Ryo to a warehouse to meet Ren. During the scene a sequence QTE will play, the command is cn_leftcn_rightcn_A.

Go to Fortune's Pier to the location Ren marked on the map he gave. He takes you to Warehouse F for another free fight. After, go outside to meet Joy and Wong.

While still at Fortune's Pier, go do some work carrying crates (the work you did at the beginning of the game). To do this you need to find the man in the white hard hat, who should be stood outside of Warehouse 5. Do this now or you'll miss learning a new move. After the shift is over, Delin will teach the move Brawling Uppercut (cn_left,cn_left+cn_X) (move 12/15).

Now go to the fountain at Worker's Pier and a scene will play with the Heavens, in which they all run away. Follow Ren to Queen's St. Follow him into an alley to your left and when you catch up another QTE will ensue, the sequence is cn_downcn_Acn_left. After this will be a beam QTE where Ryo has to keep his balance (cn_rightcn_leftcn_right and lastly a sequence QTE cn_upcn_Acn_up, during the scenes you unlock:

Shenmue II: Another Fine Mess in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Fall off a building with Ren
  • Unlocked by 39 tracked gamers (12% - TA Ratio = 2.86) 322

The next day will be Ryo's last in Hong Kong, so goodbyes are in order. After waking up in Wong's boat, go talk to the following people:

  • Zhoushan at the Guang Martial Arts School in Green Market Qr.
  • Jianmin in Lotus Park in South Carmain Qr.
  • Guixiang Lee in South Carmain Qr., next to the Yan Tin Apartments door.
  • Zhangyu in Zhangyu Barber's in Lucky Charm Qr.

Make sure to exhaust all dialogue to unlock:

Shenmue II: Sweet Sorrow in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Say goodbye to the 4 wude masters before leaving Hong Kong
  • Unlocked by 35 tracked gamers (11% - TA Ratio = 3.02) 322

Next, go the the Man Mo Temple and talk to Xiuying in the back. During the scenes, she teaches the move Counter Elbow Assault (cn_leftcn_Xcn_A)(move 13/15). After all the talking Ryo leaves Hong Kong, unlocking an achievement:

Shenmue II: Nomad in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Leave Hong Kong
  • Unlocked by 39 tracked gamers (12% - TA Ratio = 2.86) 322

Now we move on to the second part of the game.

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