Shenmue I & II (Win 10) Walkthrough

5. Shenmue II: Kowloon and Guilin


You arrive at Dragon St. Just walk forward to meet Cool Z, he takes you to Ren for some talking.

After, just follow Ren to the Great View Building in Thousand White Qr - don't run ahead of him.

Inside the building, go to the 2nd floor and into Great View Herbs. Ring the bell on the counter.

After the cutscene, you will be outside with Ren. Go left and under the archway, turn left and go up the steps into Dimsum Qr.

Keep to your right and then go left. On the right, you should see the Stand Qr. and the Dancing Dragon Building. Go into it.

Go left and talk to the suited guard.

Choose the option "Dragons" and then "Don't Sleep". He should point you towards the stairs.

Go up the stairs until you come to a guard where the corridor in front of him doesn't have a gate. Tell him the same password and he'll let you pass.

Go on up the stairs doing the same every time you're stopped until you find a door with the dragons on either side. Enter and watch the scene.

After it's over, three days will have passed and you're in a cell with Ren. When the guard opens the door, be ready for a sequence QTE cn_Xcn_A.

Now a series of QTE will happen while they escape. I won't list all of them because they're fairly easy and if you fail they can just be retried.

After all the scenes and QTEs, you're back outside the hideout. Follow Ren to Great View Herbs. After the scene, go behind the Great View Building and into Dimsum Qr.

A little further along there will be an open-fronted cafe with a woman in a kimono. In the back, you will find the entrance to Tea Break Building. Go inside and take the elevator up to the 9th floor. Turn around and go down the corridor to find room 902.

Inside, turn on the light switch and lift the cardboard box that's on top of a trash can. Ryo will take the trash can full of tapes back to Ren's hideout.

When you take control of Ryo again, fast forward the tape to 591 seconds. Play it and listen all the way. If you hear a bell chime and a parrot talking you've got the right part.

Head for Thousand White Qr and you'll have a scene with a blind street musician. Choose the right option to listen to his song, then he'll tell you that he's heard a bell like the one on the tape in the Moon Child Building.

Go to Stand Qr and into the Moon Child Building. Go to the right of the entrance and talk to the woman on the food stall about a bell.

Take the elevator to 8F and talk to the girl in red outside the orphanage. Go inside and talk to Ren, then talk to the boy standing on the chair. After you give him the Afterburner toy as a bribe, ask the bottom option.

Talk to the teacher again after the cutscene.

Take the elevator down to 1F and talk to the food stall woman again.

Go to Dimsum Qr and into 3 Birds Building. Go up to the 6F. Talk to any of the store owners and they'll tell you to go to 9 Birds Shop on the roof.

Go up to the roof and talk to the owner of 9 Birds Shop. Choose to pass the time until 7PM.

After the cutscene, you'll be behind Yuan. Stay behind her but follow her to the end of the corridor (this part can be tedious).

Take the elevator after her to 1F. Be careful when she reaches the front door as she'll look behind herself - so keep your distance.

Stay behind her through Dimsum Qr and Thousand White Qr until you reach Thousand White Building.

Inside there will be a cutscene at the knife shop. When Ryo steps out from behind the wall, be ready for a quick QTE, press cn_left. Follow her to Cafe Anna, then onto Stand Qr.

After a cutscene, Yuan will go into the Moon Child Building.

Follow her and when she starts heading towards your hiding place you'll have to press cn_downcn_Y in a sequence QTE to avoid being seen.

Take the elevator up to 4F. Follow Yuan to her room. In the following scene, Ryo will always lose the coin toss, and when Yuan opens the door, you have to press cn_leftcn_rightcn_A in a sequence QTE.

Inside go behind the left screen to find Zhang Shu tied up.

You'll hear someone coming and have to hide somewhere, just choose one of the screens. When Dou Niu looks in the closet you'll have to press cn_upcn_A in a sequence QTE and then press cn_right in a QTE. After all is done you get:

Shenmue II: Under Your Nose in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Catch Yuan and rescue Zhang Shu Qin
  • Unlocked by 38 tracked gamers (12% - TA Ratio = 2.91) 322

The next day at Ren's hideout you learn that Yuanda Zhu is at the 10F of the Ghost Hall Building. It's located to the left of Thousand White Qr.

But first, a detour. Go back to the first floor of Thousand White Building (one of the buildings you followed Yuan into) - there are two stores here; Tiger's Eye Military Surplus and B.C. Military Surplus. They both sell scrolls. Just buy any two scrolls and read them (moves 14-15/15 - if you missed any of the moves you can buy more, but keep in mind that the money we have only allows for two, so you might need more later on) to unlock:

Shenmue II: Master in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Learn 15 combat skills
  • Unlocked by 33 tracked gamers (10% - TA Ratio = 3.12) 322

Leave the building and go inside Ghost Hall Building. In here save often, because if you fail any of the plank QTEs you have to restart from the beginning.

Make your way to the 10th floor - take the elevator to the Third Floor and then navigate your way through the floors and planks up to the 10th floor - if you need help with the plank QTEs, I'll list them in the order they occur:

(Remember to save, even between sections)








(The last one has to be done as soon as Ryo jumps)


Next you meet Ren (who took the elevator) and enter the Five Star Corp.

Look inside the right drawer on the front desk for a diagram of the Four Divine Beasts.

Go to the cabinet with the Buddha in it and open the hatch. Inside is a Hazuki Gi and the Tiger stick.

Between the statue of the Buddha and the window, there are some shelves with a big blue pot on it. Pick up the pot to find the Phoenix stick.

For the fourth and final Divine Beast stick, look behind the 'Eight Principles of Yin and Yang' calligraphy on the wall behind the desk.

Look at the instructions that you found in the drawer and arrange the sticks in the corresponding holes in the Buddha's face. This will open a secret room.

Inside you'll finally find Yuanda Zhu and unlock the achievement:

Shenmue II: 5 Star General in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Find Yuanda Zhu
  • Unlocked by 38 tracked gamers (12% - TA Ratio = 2.91) 322

After the cutscene, you'll have to free battle four thugs and Dou Niu will join in the middle of the battle. Just avoid him until the screen starts turning black.

After the scene, you wake up at the White Thousand Convent with Xiuying and a nun.

When you go out Wong will be waiting to take you back to Ren's hideout. There will be a cutscene.

Go to the Yellow Head Building, you'll be stopped when you try to enter.

Walk around the building trying to enter every door, there's one in each Qr. Ren will appear at the last one.

Go to Dimsum Qr and into Nihao Tea. There will be some cups to arrange, make the usual sign.

You'll get a note from Zhang that tells you to go to room 503 of the Moon Child Building. Go there, up to 5F, and into room 503.

Spar with the man, but you won't be able to hit him. When the room goes pitch black, wait for him to lunge in and press the cn_right towards him and cn_X to learn a new move.

After the conversation Ryo is tasked with impressing the scout, so follow the path to Star Gazing Point and win the fight here.

In Stand Qr, look for Small Dragon Garden and go inside. Fight Whenyuan Ma - you only have to hit once with the attack just before he hits you.

Go to Thousand White Qr and look for a street fight. Win the fight and the scout will approach you.

After the talk, choose to go to Dragon Street and then to wait until 7PM, then walk down toward Ren's hideout and you'll be stopped by the scout.

Go back to the street fight and show the topless guy in the green pants all three photos. He tells you their names and where to find them.

Go to Tea Break Building through Nihao Tea and talk to the wrestler guy guarding the door. You need HK$500 to get in and you should already have the money because of the setup we did earlier in the game. He'll let you into the Phoenix Building.

On this floor be sure to play Afterburner (arcade machine 3/4), remember to get a game over screen - also a very cool setup).

Take the stairs to 4F, then the elevator to B1F. Go down the stairs to the street fight and fight Rod Stunt in the best of three rounds. Make sure to constantly dodge around him in order to find an opening and hopefully knock him out of the ring.

After winning you get HK$1000. Now head to the Blue Dragon Garden (next to Small Dragon Garden) and pay the HK$1000 entry fee.

As you enter, a scene with Ren will play out. After that beat the wrestler here to win HK$2000.

Go to the Black Heaven Building in Stand Qr and take the elevator to 11F, then the stairs to 12F.

Go through the gate opposite the elevator and pay the guy at the top of the stairs HK$2000.

Go down and fight Chunyan. In this fight - before you deliver the final blow - a QTE will happen. The combination is cn_leftcn_B. You'll win HK$3000.

As you leave the scout will tell you to meet him at Dragon Street again. Choose to go there and then to wait until 7PM.

During the cutscenes you'll unlock:

Shenmue II: New Kid On The Block in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Impress the Yellowhead scout, Yuandao Huo, with your fighting skills
  • Unlocked by 37 tracked gamers (11% - TA Ratio = 2.95) 322

Now you're in Ren's hideout and will be able to choose to skip the whole day. Do that.

The next day, head for Thousand White Building. Take the stairs to 3F, then the elevator to B1F. Follow the map to the stairs at the other end down to B2F and go through the metal door into the Underground.

Pass the time until noon to meet the scout who is going to take you to see some Yellow Head executives.

After the scenes, go through the sewer. There's only one possible route.

When you reach the gate Wong will unlock it and give you a map of the Yellow Head Building.

Go up the steps and go straight ahead to the elevators. They're locked.

Turn back and go up the stairs.

Inside the Yellow Head Building, follow the route around until you find some usable stairs to 2F.

In this floor look for room 222. Here you can find Hang On (arcade machine 4/4), be sure to play it for the achievement:

Shenmue II: To Be This Good Takes Ages in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Play all 4 arcade games
  • Unlocked by 33 tracked gamers (10% - TA Ratio = 3.12) 322

After that find the stairs to 3F.

On 3F you'll have your first encounter with a guard. A couple of corners later you'll have to press cn_downcn_B in a sequence QTE. On the last corner before the elevator you'll have to press cn_rightcn_Bcn_A in another sequence QTE.

There will be some more sequence QTEs on 4F:

  1. cn_Acn_upcn_A
  2. cn_Acn_leftcn_X
  3. cn_Xcn_rightcn_rightcn_X

On 5F there will be a cutscene and a free battle will ensue.

On 6F follow what Ren does when the light flickers off. If you fail you'll have to free battle. Do that until you reach the stairs to 7F.

On 7F cut through the big room for a short scene and a note. Try all the different routes to the staircases. When you try the third one, a radio message will tell the thugs that you're on another floor. Take the stairs up to 8F.

Go straight up the steps to the left to 9F.

On 9F you'll have a series of sequence QTEs:

  1. cn_upcn_A
  2. cn_rightcn_A
  3. cn_leftcn_upcn_A
  4. cn_downcn_upcn_A

On 10F simply go straight through the big room and up the stairs, then turn left and take the stairs straight up to 12F.

You'll now have to cross a plank. The QTE is cn_leftcn_upcn_downcn_rightcn_left.

When Ryo and Ren split up go left. There will be a series of short and easy QTEs and then Ren will rejoin you.

On 13F follow the building round until you find the second way into the big room. Cross the plank, the QTE is cn_leftcn_downcn_rightcn_downcn_downcn_leftcn_up.

On 14F you'll suddenly be chased by Yuan. A few short QTEs will occur and then - when given the option - go right to follow Ren.

At the end press cn_upcn_A in a sequence QTE.

On 15F Dou Niu will chase you again. If you miss any of the QTEs he will catch up, and at the end, you'll have to press cn_downcn_Y in a sequence QTE.

On 16F Yuan will chase you again. You'll have two sequence QTEs to escape:

1. cn_rightcn_A

2. cn_leftcn_X

She catches up with you on 17F. Press cn_downcn_up on the next QTE and cn_downcn_A in a sequence QTE then finally cn_right. After that, defeat her in a free battle.

On 18F head for the row of three elevators. You'll hear over the radio that you have six minutes before the guards get to you.

Enter the door on the far side of the elevator to engage in a free fight with some thugs. After beating them look inside the cabinet on the wall and take all the keys numbered 9 and 10.

Go back outside and use the key with the number 9 on the control box on the wall with the red light. Activate the elevator that goes to B1 and call it.

You'll have to free battle a bunch of suits. Defeat them and take the elevator to B1F.

On B1F, use the key with the number 10 on the control box to activate the nearest elevator to you and take it to B3F.

Now you have to fight Baihu. He can be tough, but if you rely on cheap shots and bait him into combos and dodge, it should be fine. When you've survived long enough you'll have to press cn_leftcn_X in a sequence QTE.

In round two at the end either press cn_leftcn_leftcn_B or cn_rightcn_rightcn_B in a sequence QTE, it could be one or the other.

Now press cn_rightcn_leftcn_upcn_A and finally input another sequence QTE cn_downcn_Xcn_upcn_A to defeat him.

Take the elevator Joy pointed out to 40F. Open the big door and free battle more suits. Tornado Kick can be useful (cn_left+cn_A).

Go out of the door and up the steps. You'll have to defeat a group of guards in a QTE (cn_downcn_Ycn_Bcn_Xcn_upcn_X).

On the roof, you'll have to free-battle Dou Niu. He's not too difficult if you just dodge his attacks and follow up with a kick/punch combo.

After the free-battle Dou Niu will charge at you four times:

  1. cn_leftcn_Y
  2. cn_leftcn_leftcn_Y
  3. cn_downcn_leftcn_upcn_Y
  4. cn_rightcn_X+cn_A

With this you beat Dou Niu and unlock:

Shenmue II: David And Goliath in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Defeat Dou Niu
  • Unlocked by 35 tracked gamers (11% - TA Ratio = 3.03) 322

After all of the cutscenes we conclude the third part of the story, Ryo is going to Guilin.

You'll arrive by boat in Langhuishan, Guilin. Step off the platform and talk to the fisherman in the first stall on the right.

Follow the big path that he points out to Green Field. Continue on until you reach Yingshuihe.

It will begin to rain, so Ryo will run to Muddy Stream and a scene will happen.

The next morning follow Shenhua and talk to her about her village. When you're following her, you can choose to keep talking and learn more about the story or to just hurry on, which will take you further into the road and speed things along (this part can also be very tedious).

You will reach Deep Green Way and Shenhua will begin to jog and you'll have to follow her in a QTE. It's quite easy. Watch what she does and copy it.

Eventually, you reach a cave. You'll have to find firewood - go deep inside the cave and look for wood on the ground. Focus on the piles to grab them. Grab as many as you can and go back to Shenhua, you have to do this three times.

Talk to Shenhua until the game progresses.

The next day follow Shenhua until you reach a dead end caused by a landslide.

Turn back until you reach the signpost. Take the route you haven't used.

Go left at the next fork.

Go right at the next fork, then left over a bridge until you reach a waterfall and a river.

To cross the stepping stones in the river you'll have to press cn_leftcn_rightcn_A in a sequence QTE.

Continue until you reach another set of stepping stones. Press cn_leftcn_rightcn_Acn_rightcn_left in another sequence QTE.

Go left at the next fork. At the fork after that go either way as they both lead to the same path.

Go on until Shenhua tells Ryo that they are back on the original path. Continue following her until she asks if Ryo wants to see some flowers with her. Choose 'Go' for a scene with dandelions and an achievement:

Shenmue II: Flower Power in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
See the flowers with Shenhua
  • Unlocked by 34 tracked gamers (11% - TA Ratio = 3.07) 322

After the scenes, carry on straight ahead. Keep following Shenhua, talking to her or just choosing to "hurry on", until they come to a fallen tree blocking the path and Ryo has to lead the way.

On the next forks choose the following directions:

  1. Right
  2. Left
  3. Left
  4. Left
  5. Right

You'll reach a Rocky Area. Cross the narrow paths, and if you get too close to a ledge there will be a QTE.

When you reach the broken rock bridge you'll have to press cn_upcn_upcn_A in a sequence QTE.

In the next fork Shenhua says that you're back in the path, choose any of the directions.

After the scene, follow Shenhua through the rocky area until you reach the waterfalls. You'll then head to Shenhua's house.

There will be a cutscene under the tree and you'll unlock:

Shenmue II: Tree Hugger in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Find the Shenmue Tree
  • Unlocked by 34 tracked gamers (11% - TA Ratio = 3.07) 322

You can choose to skip the conversation with Shenhua afterwards.

Go into the kitchen with Shenhua and choose to wait until dinner.

After dinner go into the bedroom and look on the desk. Ryo will find a diagram about the mirrors.

The next day go into the kitchen and wait until 10AM.

Follow Shenhua along the Cloud Bird Trail.

Follow Shenhua inside the stone pit and up the steps to the door.

Follow the path to the steps and follow them up. Read the letter on the table and get the Seven Stars Sword.

After the dialogue, go over to the stand and put the Seven Stars Sword in it. Another stand will be revealed where the Phoenix Mirror can then be placed. Placing it will cause a chain reaction which reveals two giant replicas of the mirrors.

After the scenes, the credits roll and the final achievement unlocks:

Shenmue II: Not Done Yet in Shenmue I & II (Win 10)
Complete Shenmue II
  • Unlocked by 35 tracked gamers (11% - TA Ratio = 3.03) 322

Congratulations on completing Shenmue I & II (Win 10)!

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