Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter Walkthrough

2. General hints and tips

In order to complete each Case, you'll need to complete all of your objectives, you can see the objectives in your Casebook (cn_X). If an objective isn't marked as complete, you still have something left to do and may need to use Imagination Mode or Sherlock Talent to find what you're missing.

For your benefit, I will be listing the 6 primary buttons you will be using and their uses.

cn_A - The A Button will allow you to "click" on things and interact with them, whether it involves, doors, items, or people.

cn_X - The X Button will allow you to open your Casebook. This will allow you to see your evidence, objectives, as well as fast travel to other locations as you unlock them. You will need to switch between tabs using cn_LB and cn_RB though.

cn_Y - The Y Button will bring you into Deduction Mode. In this mode, you will make your possible deductions based on the evidence you have gathered thus far. Your evidence will take the form of a word or words in a sort of web, and you will need to click on two of them in order to see if they relate or not. You cannot ruin anything by taking random guesses, so feel free if you'd like, I will be guiding you regardless. Once you match two pieces of evidence, they will create a white bubble which you can click on to get some information, if you make a deduction, the bubble will light up Blue, but if your deduction clashes with another deduction you made, it will light up Red and you'll have to change one of them. Some bubbles will be one way bubbles and automatically light up Blue, where as others will give you a choice between two options. You can change your choice as many times as you like and once you have enough evidence, you can convict a suspect which will end the Case. All in all, it's not as hard as it sounds, you have two choices, read through your clues like you're supposed to and make careful deduction, or...just do everything I do and say what I say to skip so much wasted time.

cn_LB - The Left Bumper launches Imagination Mode. During specific moments through the game, you'll use Imagination mode to setup events according to how Holmes thinks they happened or can happen.

cn_RB - The Right Bumper launches Sherlock Talent. During specific moments through the game, you'll need to look for evidence and Sherlock Talent will allow you to see some well hidden ones by having them glow golden.

cn_RT - The Right Trigger will allow you to run or walk fast when you are able to.

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