Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter Walkthrough

3. Prey Tell

As soon as you start the game, you'll be given the choice of difficulty between Keen Detective and Master Sleuth. There are no difficulty related Achievements, so for the sake of the walkthrough, pick Keen Detective.

You'll now be loading up the first case of the game, Prey Tell. The Case will start with a cutscene which takes place near the end of the case. After the scene, you will go back 48 hours earlier.

Alice De'Bouvier, your neighbor, will knock on your door and bring in a child named Tom who wants your help. You will be given the option to press cn_X to "Create a Portrait" of Tom, which will help you deduce information about him when you question him in a moment. While creating a portrait, you will need to identify a few things about the person in question, these can range from jewellery to marks on the body. If you look closely on the right side of the screen, you will notice a few words and phrases blurred out. These are the things you are trying to deduce from the portrait. When you find some of the items, they will automatically be registered, however some of them will give you two options, if you read them and compare them to the blurs, you can figure out the correct answer (or just choose what I tell you). You can hold cn_LB or cn_RB to scroll up and down the persons body to locate the items.

Press cn_X to start creating Tom's Portrait:

  • Red Eyes - Recently Weeping
  • Chin/Neck - Malnutrition
  • Necklace - Tom is 8 years old
  • Patching near his shoulder - Caring parents
  • Lame Arm - Malformation
  • Paper in his lower coat pocket - Can read and use a map
  • Press cn_Y to finish

Once you finish the portrait, ask Tom every subject that appears on screen to gather information. When you ask "Missing?" press cn_X when prompted to mention Tom's "Caring parents". When you ask "Three long weeks" hit the prompt to mention "Tom is 8 years old".

Once you gain control of Holmes, face the fireplace and you will notice two doors on either side. Enter the right side door to enter Holmes' Room where you can put on disguises at the Wardrobe and change your hat and facial hair at the Make-Up Table. These are optional for now, but will be required for certain cases, once finished press cn_X to open your Casebook, then press cn_RB to get to the 2nd tab and travel to Whitechapel. Here you will ride in a carriage which is actually a disguised loading screen between areas, you can look through your Casebook or Deductions while waiting, then press cn_A when it loads. When you arrive, head forward through the archway to reach North Street, take a right and head down the road. Take the first left to turn onto Dorset Street, then continue down it and enter building #12 on the right hand side. Head upstairs and enter door "E" to arrive at Tom's house.

Speak with Tom, then press cn_RB to activate Sherlock Talent. Search the jackets behind the door you came in to find a Leaflet. Click on the front of the leaflet, then rotate the leaflet and click on the back to collect it as evidence. Head up the ladder and you'll notice it's too dark before automatically heading back down. Search the table next to Tom and pick up the Candle, then head back up the ladder. You will automatically place the candle, move the box on the right and pick up the leather satchel, then open the satchel to find the Letter to George Hurst, Tom's father. Head back down the ladder and over to the table in the back of the room to pick up George's Bills (You'll have to click on them a few times to look through them first).

Leave Tom's House via the way you came and get back onto the street. Go left and you will see a short cutscene with Wiggins. Once you regain control, head left to the dead end and enter the door with the red sign above it, the Old Tabard Pub. Sit down at the table to the right of the door and click on the two men near you to eavesdrop on their conversation. To eavesdrop, you'll need to move both the Right and Left sticks and keep them in the circle for a moment. After hearing them, head over and lean on the column between the two groups on the right, then eavesdrop on the left group. Head towards the door and sit on the bar stool to "Portrait" the man by the windows. Click on his Ear/Face to notice his "Whiskers", then click on his glass to notice that it's "Water". Afterwards, click on him again and choose to fast forward time when you get the option. Once the man leaves, you'll automatically pick up the balled up paper he drops to get the document "Missing Mr. Strowbridge".

Head back outside and you'll see a cutscene where you'll take control of Wiggins and must follow the man without being seen. If he sees you, the arrows on screen will fill red and you will fail if you stay exposed long enough, however you will simply be taken back to the last checkpoint and you have infinite tries so don't worry. You will never need to peek out from cover since you can move the camera to see the mans position instead, peeking will only get you spotted. Follow behind the man, and you will see "Cover" along walls and behind objects where you can hide. The man will occasionally turn around to see if you are following him, so make sure you are in cover when he does (use the Video Walkthrough for reference if needed). Eventually the police will show up and cut you off, turn left and run (cn_RT) through the alley to catch up to him. Follow him to the next corner and you will be stopped by a gang of boys, head through the building next to you instead and over to the fireplace to offer to clean it yourself. Push forward to climb up and every so often you'll have to stop and clean the soot off the walls by clicking on the individual pieces until you reach the top. You'll see the man below you once again, cross the wooden bridge and knock over the large wooden board on the other side and around the corner. Cross the board and run straight forward up the short section of roof to find a small beam that you must balance walk across. To balance you'll have to keep the Left and Right Sticks inside their circles until Wiggins reaches the other side. Once you reach the other side, follow the wooden platforms, and cross over the rooftops at the end of them until you come to a dead end, look up to see a hook and click on it to be lowered to the ground. You will be dropped into cover and will see the man walk into a tunnel. Follow him through the tunnel and wait until we walks around the corner of a wooden fence. When you try following him, Wiggins will say "No place to hide here... I'd better go through the yard."

Follow the fence back the way you came and go through the opening into a lady's backyard. Ignore her and climb onto the box against the inner fence to hop the fence into another yard. Once in this yard, move through the hole in the fence to get into the final yard. Once in the final yard, head towards the right side fence and wait for the man to pass by the hole and around the corner before emerging from the hole yourself. Wait at the corner of the fence until the man finishes checking, then wait at the entrance to the tunnel for the same. Move forward and you will see a cutscene where the man will enter a building and you will ask another child to use his shoe shining booth. Whether you manage to clean his shoes or not won't affect this but will raise your alarm to 3 arrows. Once you more than likely fail (If you want to succeed watch the Video Walkthrough, the outcome doesn't matter as said), hide behind the boxes on the right until the man stops to check, then move forward and hide behind the next set of boxes to see the man talking to a cabbie and a few dogs blocking the way. Run across the street and through the alley to find the man passing you by in the carriage. Move towards the carriage and tap the button quickly to catch up and jump onto the carriage. After the loading screen you will hop off the carriage and unlock...

On the Trail

Don't let the suspicious man out of your sight

On the Trail
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Move along the stone wall going left to find a hole in the top of it, use this hole to hop the fence. Look through the window closest to you to notice that only two people live here and that they have bags of food, then head to the left and through the gate leading around the building. Once in the back, look through the first window to see into a room with a few guns on the wall. Notice the Coat-of-Arms (shield looking object) on the center of the wall and Wiggins will automatically make a sketch of it. Then look at the desk to notice it has a lot of "expensive stuff". Head back the way you came and hop back over the wall to return to Holmes.

Now playing as Holmes again, pick up the drawing Wiggins made which is sitting on the table in front of you. You'll need to look at your Archives to decipher the Coat-of-Arms, so click on any of the books surrounding your fireplace. While under the initial "Research" tab, click on "Marks and Symbols", then click on "English Coat of Arms", click once more to continue. You'll find out that the house belongs to Lord Marsh and will make plans to visit him. A moment later Holmes will be visited by his daughter Katelyn and Watson will give up his room to her so she may stay at your home. From here open your Casebook and fast travel to Marsh's House.

Once you arrive, you will see a short scene with Holmes and Watson. When you regain control, knock on the front door to gain access to the Marsh House. You will be tasked with Creating Portraits of Lord Marsh and the other man:

  • Red Eyes - Feels unwell
  • Ring on his hand - Man of wealth
  • Blanket on him - He is ill
  • Box on the table next to him - Strong painkiller
  • Notebook to the left of the men - Lord Marsh's personal assistant
  • Emblem on the assistant's vest - Member of a hunting club
  • Aassistant's Stethoscope on his shoulder - Physician
  • Press cn_Y to finish

You will find out that the assistant's name is Dr. Ruben Fisher. Speak with Lord Marsh and ask all of the questions. When you mention "Marsh's disease", hit the prompt when it appears and mention the "Painkiller". Once you've finished asking questions and regain control, turn around and interact with the table. Activate your Sherlock Talent (cn_RB) and notice the paper sticking out on the left. Look at the document and underline the name "John Strowbridge" the same man who went missing. Look at the newspapers and the picture before exiting. From here open your Casebook and fast Travel to Hurst's House.

Speak with Tom to learn he has found a wooden box. Take the Key inside then check the Military Badge before taking it. Activate Sherlock Talent and look at the wooden bucket in the room to notice a cloth coated in oil inside of it to deduce someone was cleaning a gun. Open your Casebook and fast travel back home to 221B Baker Street. Access your Archives, in the initial "Research" tab, click on "Badges and Medals", then "Wolfjack, Je Suis Prest" to identify the Military Badge, then click to continue. Talk to your dog Toby over by the window, then fast travel back to Hurst's House. Once you arrive, you will have Toby smell the cloth and will take control of Toby. Follow the scent (which will be colored on screen) all the way outside, once you come to a fork with two decisions, continue following the road, then when approaching a 2nd fork, continue through the wooden gate. You will arrive in front of a basement door and begin barking before regaining control of Holmes. As Holmes, click on the door to both unlock it with the Key, and also unlock...

Hermit's Lair

Locate the hideout

Hermit's Lair
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Once inside, head down the path and take a right once you reach the fork. Continue around the corner and click on the last door on the left side, you will notice a picture of Tom if you picked the correct door. You will now need to pick the lock on the door to get in, so here's a quick guide to Lockpicking:

To start off, you will see the lock in the center of the screen and all of your Lockpicks on the left side. Your Lockpicks will be numbered for your convenience. On the lock you will notice 3 "Slots" the lock is currently in the first slot all the way to the left, and your goal is to move it all the way to the right. You will click on a Lockpick and then click again to use it on the lock in order to determine if it works or not (don't worry I'll be listing the correct lockpicks to use). If you picked the correct Lockpick, the lock with move over to the 2nd "Slot" and you'll just need to find the correct Lockpick to move it into the final slot which automatically unlocks the door. In the future you will be introduced to using two Lockpicks at once, if you ever pick a Lockpick that is incorrect, you can press cn_Y to remove it from the lock and press cn_X to switch between your Lockpick Kit and the Lock. We'll get to that when we get there.

Read the text on screen, then click to continue. Select lockpick #1 and use it twice to unlock the door. Walk over to the desk and collect the Newspaper Article, and the Farewell Letter. Next click on the list of names on the left to compare them to the list found at Lord Marsh's House. Press cn_LT or cn_RT to switch between pages until you find a name from the list on the left. Click on the name on both pages to match and underline them, then continue doing so until you've underlined all 5 names on both lists. Look at the chest on the left and pick up the two letters "Order", and "Letter from a friend", then pick up the ammo box and click to see only a few bullets remain inside. Look at the wall mount above the chest to notice something used to be there, then use Imagination Mode (cn_LB) to find out that was where a gun once was. Turn around and look at the Map on the wall (making sure to click the name in the top left corner) to find out it's a map of Epping Forest.

With all of this evidence it's now time to make a starting deduction so press the cn_Y button to enter Deduction Mode. I think it's best to give a short tutorial on how to use this as it will likely be confusing. Once you've pressed cn_Y to open Deduction Mode, you will arrive inside Holmes' Mind in a somewhat black screen. You will see a web of sorts in the middle and each line is attached to a word(s). These words are the clues you've found so far. Underneath you will see two boxes. Click on one of the words, to see it sent to the first box, then click on another word to have it sent to the 2nd box. If these clues do not match, they will light up Red. If they do match, you will be sent to another screen and will see a White Bubble with an "!" above it. Click on this bubble to see a "Deduction" then click on the Deduction and it will become a Blue Bubble. Then press cn_RB to go back to the previous screen and start matching some more clues. Occasionally you will match clues and get a White Bubble with two choices, if you pick one and it lights up Red, that means one or more of your Deductions clash with each other and you must change something (if you follow my choices, you won't have to worry about this at all.) Once you have enough Deductions about a person, a larger Bubble will suddenly form sometimes a Double Bubble, sometimes single. Once you have all of the Deductions possible, a large orange bubble will appear for you to click on. This bubble will be used to convict that person and end the Case. So let's get started:

Below I will list the clues that need to be connected together and what they become, as well as the specific choices you need to pick if you are offered more than one:

  • Pauper's List (Clue) + Newspaper Article (Clue) = Information (Deduction)
  • Hurst's Special Job + Special Education Programme = Connection
  • Hurst's Special Job + Farewell Letter = Last Chance
  • Hurst's Special Job + Preparations = Violence
  • Pauper's List + Refused = Sneak into Lord Marsh's House (required to progress the Story!)
  • Pauper's List + Missing = Missing
  • Facts will combine to create a large Deduction Bubble = "Mr. Hurst Knew".

With this much information in hand, open your Casebook and fast travel to the Marsh House.

When you arrive, you will have Watson enter the house as a guest and keep the men busy. Open the gate on the left as you did a while ago as Wiggins and head around to the back of the house. You'll need to pick the lock to open the door.

So use Lockpick #1 on the first "Slot", then press cn_Y to remove Lockpick #1, and use Lockpick #2 to finish unlocking the door and enter. You will see a short scene of Holmes sneaking into the building and he will accidentally attract attention to himself. As Watson, aim at the vase on the table and click on it to knock it over and attract the attention back to yourself, allowing Holmes to enter Lord Marsh's office.

Look at the picture above the fireplace then head over to the desk. move the folders and books aside to uncover a few letters: Pauper's Letter, Letter to Lord Collins, and Marsh's Political Letter. Go into Sherlock Talent with cn_RB and look at the painting on the wall to remove it and reveal a safe. The moment you try to open it, Dr. Fisher will approach the room and enter it, so hide in the opposite corner of the room until he leaves. Once he leaves, access the safe again to start cracking it. Figuring out the combination is a royal pain so you can actually hit the "Skip" button and pass it altogether without being penalized. I thought I'd "safe" you the trouble (I'm so sorry for that pun). Inside pick up the two documents: A Letter from Lord Harrington, and Invitation to the Meeting, then pick up the Piece of Map and leave the room.

Upon leaving you will switch to Watson. After a moment Lord Marsh will set down a handkerchief and look away from you due to a noise, take this chance to click on the handkerchief and collect it. With this done you will automatically return to your house.

Talk to Watson and you will begin analyzing the handkerchief. Move the lens' zoom until it comes in clear and click it to reveal the blood on the handkerchief. Then click on the container of tools to pick up a glass rod. Click on the handkerchief to collect some blood and place it on a microscope slide. Next get a Pipette from the tool rack and use each of the colored vials from left to right. Next, pick up the slide and place it under the Microscope, then click on the Microscope to use it. Move around the screen until you find small purple lines to complete the analysis and confirm Lord Marsh is ill.

Head over to your Archives. Switch to the "Encyclopedia" tab by pressing cn_RB, then click on "Botany" and "One Hundred Legendary English Oaks", then click to continue. Next, walk over to your Map on the wall right next to the exit door to your apartment and use the Piece of Map to find the spot on your map it's identifying. It's difficult to explain it's location so use this picture to find it.

Image 1

Once you find it, you will encounter your daughter again and may say anything you like to her as the outcome will be the same. Enter Deduction Mode:

  • Lovat Scouts + Wound = Really Lovat
  • "Quatermain" Club + Inveterate Hunter = Hunters
  • Map + Invitation = Meeting (Unlocks Epping Forest Fast Travel!)

Epping Forest will be added to your fast travel section, so travel there.

Epping Forest

Note: This section is difficult to explain, so I'd advise the use of the Video Walkthrough for this if it confuses you.

When you arrive, you'll see the familiar cutscene of Holmes running through the forest that you saw at the beginning of the Case. You will see two meters on screen, the one at the top shows the distance between you and the hunter trying to kill you. The meter on the bottom shows your stamina and how long you can run before you need to stop and rest. If the hunter catches up to you, or shoots you enough, you will die and restart. When you start, keep running forward and occasionally use the back side of rocks and trees for cover to regain your stamina, but don't stick around too long or the hunter will catch up. Do your best to leave before the hunter reaches the halfway to you point, or you have 75% of your stamina. You will notice a line appearing behind you, this is the hunter aiming at you and you can move to the side at the last moment to dodge his shot, or hide behind cover to dodge it instead. Lastly, I've also had reports that at any random moment through the run, you will get caught in a bear trap and will need to rapidly press the button on screen to get out of it.

You will eventually reach an area where you will automatically activate Sherlock Talent and be given two choices for a path to run to. After a moment you will see the names of the choices and a moment longer you will see a hint such as "Heavily Obstructed" or "Trail". The Boulder Trail is the best choice, so aim for that path. Eventually you will reach a 2nd area with choices, you'll want to pick Rare Bushes Descent this time. Once you reach the bottom, you'll notice a body, examine his chest and his face, then get ready to get back into the chase!

You'll be heading left hugging the canyon wall, still dodging shots and taking cover for stamina recovery. Soon you'll reach another Sherlock Talent section, choose "Smell of the swamp, big stone". While in the swamp, you wont be able to move very fast, you will also fall in and die if you choose the wrong path. Activate Sherlock Talent while behind cover to see the correct path you need to take and run to the next section of cover before looking for your path again. Keep at this until you exit the swamp.

Once you've left the swamp, you will regain the ability to run again and must continue forward. Eventually you will come across a fallen tree and will cross over it before coming across another body and unlocking...

At Gunpoint

Become prey, to trick the hunter

At Gunpoint
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Pick up the handkerchief, turn it around, and click on it to realize this person is Lord Harrington, then click on his face. Continue a little further and you will come across a log cabin, enter it and approach the table. Click on the Gauze to patch up your wounds, then click on the photo, afterwards you will notice someone is coming and must hide in the cabinet behind you.

After the cutscene, you'll want to press cn_Y and enter Deduction Mode. You'll be combining the rest of your evidence to finish this Case, so combine the following:

  • Lord Harrington's Body + Pauper's Body = Dead Bodies
  • Click the double bubble = Lords Hunt
  • Revenge + Impingement = Revenge
  • Marsh hunts down people

Click on the Final Bubble and you will be given a decision to either put Marsh in prison or to let his disease kill him. Regardless of what you choose, Holmes will come out of the closet with his gun raised and Hurst will attempt to kill Marsh. You have the choice to shoot Marsh, shoot Hurst, or do nothing and let Hurst do what he wants. In this Case, the outcome doesn't matter and you can choose as you please. Afterwards, you can replay the ending and choose the other path if you like, or you can confirm your decision and finish the Case, unlocking...

The Hunter Becomes the Prey

Finish Prey Tell Case

The Hunter Becomes the Prey
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