Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter Walkthrough

5. Infamy

After completing A Study in Green, you'll automatically start up Case #3, Infamy.

When the case starts, you'll speak with your daughter and learn that a man named Orson Wilde is coming to stay with you and that he is in Theater. Say whatever you like to your daughter as the end result is the same and Orson will arrive in your room. Begin making a Portrait of Orson:

  • Blue Scarf around neck - Follows fashion trends
  • American flag brooch on collar - American Pride
  • Cigarettes in jacket pocket - Tobacco - Holmes preferred brand
  • Orson's name on Boots - Personalized Boots
  • Pocket-mirror on waist - Self-affected
  • Press cn_Y to finish.

After creating the Portrait, your daughter and Orson will leave the room, so enter Orson's room (left of the fireplace). Examine the disguise kit on the desk and examine the greasepaint, the brushes (icon on golden section), and the tin of face powder. A cutscene will occur and afterwords you'll be solving a mini-case for Mary Sutherland. Before talking to her, create her Portrait:

  • Red mark on nose - Often wears Spectacles
  • Brooch on collar - She is rich
  • Ring on finger - Engagement Ring
  • Boots - Didn't notice boots
  • Press cn_Y to finish

Once complete, ask Mary all of the questions available. Head over to the desk next to you and pick up the newspaper to get an Advertisement, then pick up the letter underneath it. After reading the letter, click on it to realize it was written with a typewriter, then enter Sherlock Talent (cn_RB) to examine the yellow text at the bottom, the ink used, the two highlightable sentences, and his signature. Holmes will bring out a monocle and begin to study more closely. Examine the very first letter "M" to notice the defects, then examine the letter Mary will give you from her father.

Repeat what you did with Hosmer's Letter by clicking on it, activating Sherlock Talent, examining the yellow text, the ink used, the one highlightable sentence, and his signature. Examine the "M" in Mary to begin checking the defects in both letters at once. Click on the defected "M" in both letters, the defected "k" in both letters, and the defected "&" in both letters to deduce both letters were written on the same typewriter. With all the information gathered it's now time for the deduction (there are three possible outcomes and all of them are acceptable, so you can freely choose what you like or copy me), so press cn_Y to begin:

  • Dints + Different Boots = Bad Eyesight
  • Mary's Income + Keep at home = Profit
  • Work Travels + Keep at home = Opportunity
  • Work Travels + Secretive Character = Strange behavior
  • Big Bubble appears = Liar
  • Stepfather's Letter + Hosmer Angel's Letter = One Typewriter
  • Mr. Windibank is Mr. Angel

Once done, you can choose to tell Mary the truth or hide it from her, the outcome will not change anything (I personally tell her the truth). This completes the mini-case and unlocks...


Solve Mary Sutherland's Case

2 guides

After the mini-case is solved, Holmes will be alerted by an object being thrown through his window. Head over and click on it. Once you get closer to it you will be introduced to a new mechanic the game is using, multiple choice clicks. You can now press left or right on the D-Pad to choose between two options while hovering over something. Hover over the lid and choose "Examine" as choosing move away will detonate the bomb and kill you. After choosing "Examine", choose "Bend aside" to open the lid slightly, then click on the bomb to pull it out of the container. Pick up the tool and begin by cutting the botton-right most blue wire, then cut all of the wires going counterclockwise (in a reverse rainbow if you will) within the two minute time limit. Once the two minutes are up you will unlock...

Unwanted Attention

Deal with a gift from a secret admirer

Unwanted Attention
2 guides

Orson will run into the room, and Wiggins will arrive to give you the jacket of the bomb thrower. Ask Wiggins all of the questions. After the cutscene, click on the jacket and examine the journal in the right pocket to have Orson burn evidence, as well as discover a Poem. Afterwards, examine the knife in his other pocket, and examine the initials "J.T.".

Head over to your Archives. Click on any book and press cn_RB to get to the "Encyclopedia" tab, then click "History" and "Green Dragon Tavern" then click to continue. You will then automatically go to sleep.

Once you wake up, head into your main room to talk to your daughter. Say anything you like to Katelyn, but she will leave upset regardless of your choice. Head back into your room and out onto the balcony, turn right and click to hop over to Alice's balcony. You'll have to pick the lock to get inside, so do so and use Lockpick #1 for the outer lock, then Lockpick #3 for the inner lock. Press cn_Y to remove unneeded Lockpicks. Next, use Lockpick #3 for the outer lock and Lockpick #4 for the inner lock to unlock the door and enter.

Click on the desk with the sewing machine and pick up the Letter to Seamstress, then head over to the table near the bed and interact with the box. You'll need to solve the puzzle lock to open it, and you can do so by making your box look like this:

Box Lock

Once you get the box open, take the three documents: Alice's Notes, letter from Alice's friend, old letter from Alice's Aunt, and then take the Key. Lastly, take the Cylinder next to the box. Head back towards the balcony to the small table. Pick up the book and examine the tag on the other side of it. Pick up the vial and pop off the cork to both smell and taste it. Once done, go through the door further into the apartment.

In the next room, head over to the table on your left and examine the picture of Sarah De'Bouvier, the book, the Reply to Ms. Alice De'Bouvier, and the note next to it. Afterwards, go downstairs and use the Key to open the door on the right.

Once inside the room, move in and head over to the table with the Gramophone. Examine it to use the nearby Cylinder 320 on it to hear about Zacharias Greystoke, then use the Cylinder we found (821) to hear about William Hamilton. Afterwards, open the right side drawer to get a newspaper and enough evidence to learn Alice's real name is Alice Hamilton, click on the photos of William Hamilton, and your ancestor. From here, backtrack upstairs and jump back across the balconies to get back to your apartment.

Head back to your main room and access your Archives. Select "Newspapers", "1880", and "William Hamilton's Death", then click to continue.

Head back into your room and get dressed in your Bandit Clothes with some facial hair of any kind to disguise yourself, then fast travel to the Greed Dragon Tavern.

When you arrive, head straight forward and head through the large gate ahead. Enter the building on the left and begin eavesdropping on conversations, just like the first case, you'll have to keep the Left and Right Sticks inside the circle. Start by leaning against the pillar near the bar to listen to the three men, then head over to the fireplace and lean against it to eavesdrop on the man next to you. Next, sit at the table behind the man smoking to listen to him, then sit at the bar stool near the bartender to listen to him. Head out the doorway next to the man and the bartender, then lean against the wall next to the little window to eavesdrop on them.

Follow the man outside and click on his pocket to begin pickpocketing him. Keep the Stick in the circle and then press the buttons that appears on screen to pickpocket him. Open his wallet and turn it enough to take out the pass, then put his wallet back in his pocket using the same pickpocketing method. Head back inside and over to the door leading behind the bar, click it to be let in and enter the door.

Head upstairs and you'll see a short cutscene of the man you're looking for. Head to the left and then enter the door on your immidiate right to enter a gambling room. Head to the far right and look out the window before talking to the man next to you. You will need to find a way to distract the man, so head over to the lone man gambling and examine his hat and the knife, then head over to the group near him and use Sherlock Talent (cn_RB) to see a man is cheating. Examine the three pieces of equipment he is using, and you will automatically enter Imagination Mode. Click on the new device and Holmes will explain how to deal with the cheating man, so enter Imagination Mode again and choose the following path:

  • Divert Attention
  • Take Knife
  • Cut Rope
  • Fight starts
  • Guard moves
  • Press cn_LT to set the events in motion and get through the door.

Once outside you will unlock...

Ace of Spades

Let the cards fall where they may

Ace of Spades
1 guide

Afterwards, walk towards the metal beam and click on it to begin balancing across, as usual you'll have to keep both Sticks in their circles until Holmes makes it across. Head forward down a staircase and then up another. Before going up the other set of stairs, turn and follow the pier over to a pair of cranes. Access the cranes and turn them so that they're both facing the buildings opposite the water. Now head over and up the other set of stairs and click on the chains to swing across them. You'll have to press up and down to build momentum, then press the button on screen to jump across them as you did back in Case #2.

Once you reach the other side, climb in through the window. Examine the table in the center of the room and look at the glass, then use Sherlock Talent (cn_RB) to notice you can flip it over, do so and click again to open the table. Examine the document: Accounting, and then pick up the Key and examine the "X" shape of it. Head over to the fireplace and examine the deck of cards and the cheating accessory. Next head over to the busted up bookcase and activate Sherlock Talent to notice the crack in it, then look at the piece on the wall to move it aside and insert the Key unlocking the secret room. Head downstairs and look at the loot on the left side table before looking at the briefcase further in. Open the case and examine more stolen loot, the picture (front and back), and the document: Butler's Pawn Shop (click on the paper as well as the street address at the top).

Afterwards you'll hear that things are louder and Holmes will ask what's going on. Head to the far end of the room and look through the wooden window to see into the bar. Orson will enter the bar disguised as Holmes and anger the patrons. You will have a time limit here, so quickly run back up the stairs, run froward through the room and around the corner through the closed door, then turn left and run down the stairs to click on the door. When you arrive you will enter a bar fight to defend Orson and must perform many actions, if you fail an action you will be attacked and must start over:

  • Hover over the bar stool and choose "Overturn"
  • Click on the bottle behind you.
  • Hover over the man and "Take hat"
  • Hover over the same man and "Push aside"
  • Click on the hat above you.
  • Click on the wooden beam to the right of the doorway.

Once complete you will both escape and return to 221B Baker Street as well as unlock...

Tavern Tangle

Come to fisticuffs, but for good reason

Tavern Tangle
1 guide

Once you arrive, you will confront Alice and deal with Orson's ignorance. Enter your apartment and access your Archives. Select Newspapers, 1892, and Police Raid on Westminster Gang. Once you find it, fast travel to Lambeth Street.

Once you arrive, press cn_X and you'll take a look at the picture from before again and can see a lamp above the door (no need to click), put the picture away with cn_X. Head down the street and look for an apartment with a lamp above the door, you'll find the correct one on the left side of the road with a wagon and ladder leaning against it. Head inside and up the stairs to knock on the door and meet a woman. Begin building her Portrait:

  • Spectacles - Poor Eyesight
  • Book on chair - Bible
  • Picture on wall - Religious Image
  • Cross on wall - Protestant
  • Press cn_Y to finish

Jeremiah's Mother will refuse to speak with you and will send you away. So fast travel back home to 221B Baker Street and change into you Pastor Clothes with a facial hair/glasses disguise, walk to the main room's window and call for Wiggins, and return to Jeremiah's Mother. When you arrive, click on the door to find out someone closed it and that you'll have to get her attention from the window somehow. Click on a rock in the middle of the road and throw it through her window to gain access to her apartment (your power will need to be around late yellow and early orange).

Once you enter, ask the mother all of the questions and offer to search for the "demon" in the house. You'll need to click on a few things and then press the buttons that appear on screen to "exorcise" the area:

  • Bookcase across from the door
  • Door you came in
  • Fireplace
  • Pots on the kitchen wall
  • Window

Afterwards you will gain access to Jeremiah's room and unlock...

Exorcism 2.5

Banish devilry

Exorcism 2.5
1 guide

Examine the suitcase on his bed, the schematic, picture, and solenoid on his desk, then pick up the torn up letter from his trashcan using Sherlock Talent. Reassemble the letter (starting with the border to make it easier, below is a picture to assist), then click on the letter to read it.


Once done you will leave the room and speak with the woman.

Fast travel back home to 221B Baker Street and go to your Archives. Go to the Newspapers and click on 1888 and "The Dart" in Prison. Once done, fast travel to Scotland Yard.

When you arrive head down the hall and through the last door on the left before the jailing area to enter Lestrade's office. Speak with him and ask him to Apprehend both suspects. Leave the office and head right to get to a door with metal bars being the Evidence Room and go inside. Search the drawer on the right side to examine the cane, the notepad with encrypted records, and the backside of the small spintria. Next look at the left drawer and examine the back side of the brass knuckles, and the case of cigarettes. Afterwards, leave the room and go right, go through the jailed area and speak with the man on the right side behind bars to begin interrogating and creating a Portrait of Percy Flemming a.k.a. "The Dart":

  • Scars on his Ear - Gang Warfare
  • Blue Handkerchief in chest pocket - Fashion
  • Buttons on vest - Expensive and eccentric clothes
  • Tattoo on left hand - Westgate Prison Tattoo
  • Rings on right hand - Ostentations
  • Press cn_Y to finish.

Ask Percy all of the questions, when you ask him about Jeremiah, say The Dart threatened Jeremiah. Afterwards speak with the man in jail on the left side to begin interrogating and creating a Portrait of Jack Cole a.k.a. "The Hammer":

  • Scar on eyebrow - Fight
  • Chain Necklace - Expensive
  • Tattoo on left arm - Bandit's Tattoo
  • Ring on left hand - Self-affected
  • Clenched right hand - Box Training
  • Presscn_Y to finish.

Ask Jack all of the questions, when you ask about the Suitcase, say Valuable Loot. When finished, fast travel back home to 221B Baker Street and go to your Archives.

As you click on them, you'll pull out the Notepad from Flemming's Evidence. Click on the page to see that it is encrypted, then activate Imagination Mode (cn_LB). Sort through the codes until the words on the page are in English, then click on Jeremiah's name to underline it. Afterwards, you will see a small cutscene of Orson being kidnapped and will chase after him.

When you arrive you will be in a graveyard and must navigate it to the end without being seen. Use Sherlock Talent to see where the nearby guards are moving and keep out of their lines of sight or else you'll have to restart. Start by heading past the angel statue in front of you (keep an eye out for guards!), then head into the next area and around the corner to the right. You'll see a metal gate in front of you and a wooden back at your back, head through the hole in the wall nearest the metal gate and follow the path up and around to reach a short cliff you can climb down. Cross over the fallen tree and examine the carriage in the back to find blood on the seat, scratch marks on the seat, and a broken window in the corner.

Note: The following section may get confusing, please see the Video Walkthrough if you are having difficulty.

Head forward (the way the horse is facing) to find a path in the corner you can enter. You'll see a small cutscene of Orson being shut behind a door. Head around the corner and work your way towards the door while continuing to avoid the guards. Start by going right at the first guard to climb up a ladder, then head right along the upper wooden path and climb down the next ladder. Wait for the guard to move, then follow after him and hide on the left side of the boxes near him. Once he passes back, loop around the boxes and take the right path before heading immediately left towards a gong and a ladder. Click on the gong to attract the guard near the door, then quickly climb up the ladder and move along the upper area. Climb down the next ladder and enter the big door Orson went through to unlock...

Agent 221B

Become a shadow unseen

Agent 221B
1 guide

You will see a cutscene, once it ends, speak with Orson to get your last bit of evidence, then press cn_Y to enter Deduction Mode. As usual combine your two hints to make bubbles, then press cn_RB to continue with more hints:

  • Destroyed Evidence + Analysis Table = Coincidence
  • Tavern + Unexpected = Help
  • Disguise + Reporters = Actor
  • Big Bubble appears = Just an Actor
  • Visit + Tavern Owner = Visitor
  • Components + Homemade Bomb = Bomb maker
  • Attacker + Visit = One Person
  • Big Bubble appears = Stolen Items
  • Injury + Blame = Cole's Motive
  • Imprisoned + Income Problems = Flemming's Motive
  • Jeremiah's Death + Orson and Jeremiah = Fright
  • Testimonial + Orson and Jeremiah = The Truth
  • Threats + Debts = Control
  • Percy Flemming is guilty

Once you convict Percy, you can choose his fate and watch the cutscene to complete this Case and unlock...

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