Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter Walkthrough

6. Chain Reaction

After completing Infamy, you'll automatically start up Case #4, Chain Reaction.

Once the Case starts, you'll be riding with Watson aboard a carriage. You'll suddenly come to a stop due to a huge accident and quite a few people are injured and in need of help, so you'll have to move fast:

  • You'll start as Watson and must revive a man who has stopped breathing, a mini-game will begin (just like the one in Case #2) where you will have to press the buttons on screen as they pass through the circle. After saving the man you will unlock...

Breathe Easy

Breathe life into one in need

Breathe Easy
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  • You will now be in control of Holmes and can press cn_LT to switch back to Watson, you'll be needing to switch between in order to save everyone.
  • As Holmes, you'll see a man in a Top Hat standing in the road and a beam will be dangling above his head, click on the man to speak to him and ask him to move. The beam will fall and you must click on the red circle to push the man aside and save him.
  • Run over to the burning building and click to enter. Examine the Fallen Cupboard in front of you, notice the flames to your left as it is Too hot to enter, notice the man trapped behind the cupboard as he Requires evacuation, then notice the bucket directly next to you outside the building for Short term heat protection. Click on the bucket to soak yourself and then run into the building, rapidly press the button on screen to move the cupboard aside, lastly click on the man and hold down on the left stick to pull him to safety.
  • Run over to the unconscious man in the carriage in front of the burning building. Notice he Requires Evacuation, you Cannot open the door due to the missing handle, the door hinges Could be broken, then notice the Construction Axe on the ground behind you. Pick up the Axe and click on the red circle on the carriage door to begin chopping at the hinges, you will get stuck and must rapidly press the button on screen to get free. Repeat until you break down the door.
  • Head to the left of the burning building to find a man trapped under his carriage. Click on him to see he is Not injured, notice his Trapped leg, the carriage has a Heavy weight, then look to the right to see a pole that Could be used as a lever. Grab the pole and click on the red circle to rapidly press the button on screen and free the man's foot. Then click on the man and hold down on the left stick to pull him to safety.
  • Run over to the other side of the road behind you and notice a man who is trapped under his horse. Click on him to see the Bleeding will stop naturally, notice his Trapped Legs, the Scaffolding press on horse, and that the handsaw on the left Can cut scaffolds. Grab the handsaw and click on the scaffold. Push up and down alternatively on the left stick to saw off the scaffold, then click on the man and hold down on the left stick to pull him to safety.
  • Press cn_LT to switch to Watson and speak to the man leaning against the street light nearby. Check the point of injury, then check his bone integrity. Click on the two pieces of wood that Watson will get to place them on the man's leg, then click on the rope to make a makeshift splint.
  • Head to the right side of the burning building and click on the person on the ground. Examine them, then attempt to wake them and Watson will suggest using ammonia, so do so.
  • Click on the man behind you and he'll tell you he is okay.
  • Click on the last man with the Top Hat and you'll need to set his shoulder back into place. Press cn_LT to pull on the man's arm, turn the man's arm until none of the three red dots are large, then press cn_RT to shove it back in place.

Talk to the police and you will begin analyzing the accident to see how it happened. In order to begin, you must run around and examine the 13 Elements involved:

  • The destroyed carriage close to the police
  • The carriage sitting on top of the electrical current (Click on the fallen street light, then click on the base of it to open it, grab the tool and use it to remove the two power sources and cut the electricity)
  • Pass the street light and examine the cart with pumpkins
  • Speak with the man in front of the pumpkin cart and ask him all the questions
  • Examine the fallen wardrobes between the pumpkin cart and the cart next to it
  • Speak to the man in front cart by the wardrobes
  • Examine the carriage in front of the burning building
  • Click on the flag hanging from the left side window of the burning building, look inside to see the horse was blinded
  • Examine the carriage attached to the horse that was blinded
  • Examine the carriage next to the scaffold in the center of the area
  • Examine the mechanism with the wooden beam on it near the pumpkin cart
  • Put together the mechanism scene using Imagination Mode (cn_LB): Pumpkin, Balk, Lifting Mechanism, counterweight, platform. You will witness an axe sent flying.
  • Lastly, examine the torn rope of flags across the street from the police

Press cn_LT to begin mapping out the accident, use the picture below to click on each of the Elements in the order they occurred. Press cn_X to go to the past first.


Once you're sure you've got all 13 in order, press the cn_Y button to confirm and unlock...

Domino Effect

Reconstruct a deadly chain of events

Domino Effect
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Head over to the cart that previously had electricity flowing underneath it. Go to the back side and examine the man inside:

  • Neck - Dog Tattoo
  • Left Hand - Electrical Burn
  • Black substance on pants - Sticky Liquorice
  • Foot - Pungent Mud
  • Right Hand - "Rasco" Tattoo

Afterwards, notice the hammer underneath him, the solvent and cloth drenched in solvent in the crate, and the mud on the floor to the left of the hammer. Walk around to the street light side of the carriage and examine the side of it to see something was painted over, then use Sherlock Talent (cn_RB) to notice there is some text. Look back inside the carriage and grab the Solvent, then head back over and use the Solvent to wipe away the fresh paint and reveal "Underground Electric Railways Company of London", then click it to continue. Next run over to the man in the front of the carriage and examine him:

  • Neck - Dog Tattoo
  • Left Hand - Electrical Burn
  • Gun on waist - Revolver
  • Foot - Pungent Mud

Head over to the left side of the carriage and use Sherlock Talent to notice something under the carriage by the sewer lid. Click to find a wire and follow it into the nearby building. Head upstairs and to the right to the 2nd door down. You'll need to pick the lock to get inside and you'll be given some new locks to use at that, though you can simply use Lockpick #3/4 twice to get inside easily.

Once inside walk over to the device on the table and examine it. Flip up levers 1 and 3 then use the upper lever. Then flip down lever 1, and flip up levers 2, 3, and 4, then use the upper lever again. Head over and take the document: Smoke on the water, then look out the window.

Head back outside and speak with the police. You'll have to locate five men that could be potential suspects, use Sherlock Talent to "scan" them:

  • The man accused by the police
  • The two carriage drivers standing by the mechanism in the center
  • The man leaning against the building behind the above two men
  • The man standing near the building with the electrical device

You will then open the Map of the Accident with cn_LT and choose all 3 of the men who are NOT carriage drivers as "Suspect", and the two drivers as "Not a Suspect". Use the picture below for reference.


Report your findings to the police.

You will now be tasked with finding out where the carriage that was electrocuted came from, so head over to the carriage but go further down the street. Activate Sherlock Talent and you will notice mud on the sidewalk, a collision with the barrels, and paint on the pole nearby. Enter this shop and notice more mud on the ground, then pick up the document: Snake Nests and Conspiracy from the desk. Try to enter the backroom and you'll have to pick the lock, use Lockpick 2/4 on the inside lock and Lockpick 2 on the outside. Next use Lockpick 3/4 on the inside lock and Lockpick 3 on the outside to enter the room.

Examine more mud on the ground, them use Sherlock Talent to notice the carpet was moved. Move the carpet aside to find a secret passage leading to the Sewers. Head down into them.

Head right and follow the tunnel (there is only one path you can take as everything else leads to a dead end), you'll find a forked path, go left and cross the bridge, then continue left. Take a right further ahead into another tunnel, then go left and up the steps to examine a blue machine. This machine (and another one nearby) controls the water in the sewer, you'll be using it to solve a puzzle so do the following:

  • Set the water level to 0
  • Turn the wheel on the right to open the door
  • Climb down the ladder
  • Push the crate/barrels straight forward (away from the ladder) as far as it will go
  • Climb back up the ladder
  • Set the water level to 1/2
  • Jump across to the other side using the crate/barrels as a platform
  • Click on the pipe in the center to balance walk across it, you'll have to do the usual and keep the Left and Right Sticks inside their circles
  • Use the new blue mechanism to set the water to 0
  • Use the lever to the right to move the ladder to the far left
  • Climb down the ladder (near the lever)
  • Push the crate straight forward (towards the ladder you just moved left)
  • Climb back up the ladder you climbed down
  • Set the water level to 1/2
  • Use the lever on the left to lower the bridge (no need to balance anymore)
  • Cross the bridge to the other side
  • Go down the small ladder
  • Jump across the crates and onto the ladder you moved left
  • Climb up said ladder
  • Turn the wheel to open the door

Completing this will bring you to a new room and also unlock...

Pump It Up

Find a way to control the water

Pump It Up
1 guide

Head over to the table in the back and examine the two types of powder and the magnesium strips next to them. Go to the right of the table and through the tunnel to end up in a bank vault. Head over to the barrel with the lamp on it and pick up the hand-drawn map. Examine the deposit boxes on both sides of the room, the iron wall you came through, as well as the large safe door, then press cn_X to look at the hand-drawn map. The "$" represents where you are in the bank vault, and the red "X" represents where they hid their stash in the sewer. Follow the map and run back straight forward across the waterworks bridge, then turn left at the fork. You will click on a wooden door to break it down, then continue forward and to the right to find some barrels.

Examine them and take notice of the money on the ground, the metals rings next to them, the container of liquorice next to the lamp, the empty barrel next to the container, and the cigarettes near the hammer (examine the end of it, the brand name on the side, and smell it). Fast travel to Scotland Yard.

A cutscene will occur telling you one of the three men escaped to the hospital. By now you should know the layout of the Yard so head over to the Evidence Room. Examine the right side drawer first and look at the Book, then look at the bookmark in the book and the page it leads to, the wires, and the bank note. Examine the center drawer and look at the photograph, gloves, whiskey, cigarettes, and the letter from his Pastor. Examine the left side drawer and look at the box of candy, the two documents: letter from UERL, and letter from hospital, the pen, and the handkerchief with the initials M.B. Lastly, head over to the lone drawer and examine the items inside.

Leave the room and head down to the jail, talk to the man on the right side to create a Portrait of Benjamin Fowler:

  • Tattoo on neck - Gang Member
  • Cross necklace - Religious
  • Left Hand - Manual Worker
  • Right Hand - Smoker
  • Right Leg - Injured Leg
  • Press cn_Y to finish

Ask Benjamin all of the questions, when you ask him Victim Acquaintance, say Dog Tattoo.

When finished begin interrogating the 2nd suspect and create the Portrait of Thomas Garret:

  • Pale Face - He is ill
  • Badge on chest - Anarchist Symbol
  • Tear in arm sleeve - He is poor
  • Black liquid on lower sleeve - Silicosis
  • Left Hand - Works with electricity
  • Press cn_Y to finish

Ask Thomas all of the questions, when you ask Ill, say Black Sputum.

With all of that done, fast travel to Ormond Hospital.

When you arrive, head to the far back and left side to find the man who escaped the police with his daughter. Examine the photo near him (black ribbon) and the writing on the back of it, pick up the document: letter from Karolinska University Hospital, and examine the clipboard on the side of the bed. Begin creating the Portrait for Reginald Butcher:

  • Badge on chest - Railway Worker
  • Center of waistcoat - Was once prosperous
  • Ring on right hand - He is married
  • Right Shoe - Recently Cleaned
  • Bracelet on Left Wrist - Daughter's Gift
  • Press cn_Y to finish.

Ask Reginald all of the questions. When you ask Cure, say Treatment of Meryl Butcher. When you ask Job, say letter from Butcher's job.

You now have everything you need, so press cn_Y and enter Deduction Mode, as usual you will be combining clues to make deduction bubbles, then pressing cn_RB to combine more clues:

  • Mr. Garrett's Side Job + Electrocution = Insufficient Knowledge
  • Mr. Fowler's Work + Electrocution = Not a Specialist
  • Anarchist + Bank's Debtor = Anarchist Ideology
  • Rebirth + Difficult Life = Criminal in the past
  • Seriously Ill Daughter + Problems at Work = Butcher's Problems
  • Electrician + Electrocution = Butcher's Trap
  • Bank Robbery + Bank's Debtor = Robbed Bank
  • Big Bubble appears = Just an Anarchist
  • Bank Robbery + Rasco Gang Tattoo = Rasco Gang
  • Big Bubble appears = Fowler's New Life
  • Electrician + Bank Robbery = Underground Worker
  • Big Bubble appears = Hopelessness
  • Bank Robbery + Electrocution = Evil Plan
  • Mr. Butcher is a murderer

With everything concluded you must convict Reginald Butcher and choose to either Comdemn or Absolve him, with either choice, watch the cutscene to end Case #4 and unlock...

Disaster Strikes

Finish The Case of the Chain Reaction

Disaster Strikes
1 guide

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