Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter Walkthrough

7. Fever Dreams

After completing Chain Reaction, you'll automatically start up Case #5, Fever Dreams.

Once the Case starts, you will find out that Katelyn has gone missing. Head into Katelyn's Room (left side of the fireplace in your apartment) and click on the small table next to her bed to build a Portrait:

  • Ink on Bed - Diary Taken
  • Dresser - Suitcase Taken
  • Wardrobe behind you - Dresses Missing

Head back into your main room to find yourself in a graveyard, run forward and around the bend to the left to find a crypt/building and click on the door. You will pull out an Axe and must click on the red circle to chop down the door. You will arrive in Alice's secret room from Case #3, speak to Alice.

Ask Alice all of the questions, then slap her to satisfy the urge you've been building for 4 cases now, afterwards speak with her again to build a new Portrait of her:

  • Face - Angry
  • Hat - Mourning Clothes
  • Train Ticket in hand - Visited Highgate Station
  • White marks on dress waist - Used Chalk

Move around the room and click on the fallen chair to notice the room has changed and something was taken. Activate Imagination Mode (cn_LB) and deactivate it in different spots in the room to see where items used to be, and find where they are now. The following items are missing entirely and should be clicked on in Imagination Mode:

  • William Hamilton's Portrait
  • Candles near chair
  • Grimoire (Book) on the stand by the chair
  • Table of Practice against the wall near the chair
  • Phonograph that we used in Case #3

With everything ready, press cn_Y to enter Deduction Mode:

  • Portrait of Alice's Father + Spiritual Seance Items = Seance with Father
  • Ticket to Highgate + Mourning Clothes = Cemetery Visit
  • Big Bubble appears = Family Crypt

With this deduced, leave Alice's Room to be taken to the Cemetery.

You will appear in front of the Crypt door you chopped down earlier. Head down inside and examine William Hamilton's Portrait on the wall, the Grimoire (Book) on the ground, the candles next to the book, all eight inscriptions written on the floor in chalk, Katelyn's Suitcase on the ground, and Katelyn's Diary. Once youve found everything Holmes will say the words create a guide. Click on the wooden door nearby to ram it open and find the body of Alice's Father. Take the document: Snakes Nest and Conspiracy from the table, then head over and click on the chest.

Examine the name Madame Destiny at the top, the map of British Rivers, and the Storm Lamp. Lastly examine the bed to find out you need to go deeper into the Cemetery.

Exit the Crypt the way you came and head left. Go through the open gate to enter the Old Cemetery and you will begin looking for 4 specific Crypts. The Cemetery is a giant loop so you can't get lost. Use Imagination Mode near the doors and click on the following Crypts:

  • William Fitz Clarence
  • Henry Anthony Evans
  • Archibald Irwin
  • William Shaw

Once you've clicked on all four Crypts, you will see they all lead to one crypt in the center, this is your destination. Use Imagination Mode as you run if you forget where to go and head inside it. Once you arrive inside the new crypt, you will find out it belongs to Moriarty, Sherlock Holmes' archenemy and true father of Katelyn. Head over to the altar and examine the book, the picture, the metal star, and pick up the document: Moriarty's Notes. Look at the ground next to Moriarty's Coffin and examine Kate's Poem and her Ribbon.

Attempt to leave the crypt the way you came in and click on the door, but Alice will lock you in.

Examine the wall on the left side of the Crypt to see a constellation puzzle you will have to solve. Head back to the altar and pick up the Metal Star. Return to the puzzle and stick the Metal Star in the holes in order to draw the constellation shown in Moriarty's Notes (you will have to use the Star on the same holes multiple times), you can also use the picture below for reference:

Constellation Solution

Once you complete the puzzle you will unlock...

It's All in the Stars

Let the stars lead you out of danger

It's All in the Stars
1 guide

You will also unlock a hidden passageway at the base of Moriarty's Coffin, so head down through it. Once you emerge from the other side you will reunite with Watson.

Head forward along the path and towards the burning boat out in the river. Walk onto the pier and click on the rowboat to the side to board it and cross over to the burning boat. Once on board, head left up the stairs, then immediately right through the door. You will encounter Katelyn and Alice in the burning ship, follow these instructions:

  • Kate will begin to fall, click on the red circle to get her to back away
  • When speaking to Katelyn, tell her Cursed?!
  • To protect you!
  • No! You are not Alice!
  • The door will burst open and an anchor will fly at you, click the red circle to dodge it
  • A barrel will roll towards Katelyn, click the red circle on the right side of the screen to grab the knife and stop it
  • It's not your life!
  • No! It's my fault...
  • A beam will begin to fall on you, press the button on screen to dodge it
  • Steam will force you across another beam, press the button on screen to jump to safety
  • Yes, I can! I care about you!
  • He had to be eliminated!
  • And what about your childhood?
  • No! Alice wants to kill you!
  • We're family!
  • Katelyn will begin to fall, click on the red circle to use the hook
  • Click on the red circle to grab Katelyn and save her

Afterwards, you will both escape with Watson and row away from the burning boat, thus completing the game! While watching the credits, you will unlock:

The Greatest Test of All

Have the last dance with "Madame Destiny"

The Greatest Test of All
1 guide

Madame Destiny

Finish Fever Dreams Case

Madame Destiny
1 guide

The Drawn Curtain

Complete the game

The Drawn Curtain
1 guide

Life of a Consulting Detective

Collect all possible in-game achievements

Life of a Consulting Detective
1 guide

You now have all 1000G, thank you for using my Text Walkthrough, or my Video Walkthrough, I'm happy to be of assistance!

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