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Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Receives Its First Patch

Action RPG Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom made its mark with an April launch. Originally unveiled as a Kickstarter title, the developers have taken to their homepage to let players know about the game's first patch.

Posted 5 years ago by Kelly Packard

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Dated With Music Trailer

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom, a charming action RPG from indie studio Enigami, been dated for April 18th. The developers have released a music trailer to go along with the announcement of the release date.

Posted 5 years ago by Kelly Packard

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Overview Trailer

An overview trailer has emerged for Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom that gives gamers looking forward to Ynnis Interactive's upcoming RPG experience, a helpful preview of what's to come.

Posted 5 years ago by Ashley Woodcock

Four More Shiness Screenshots

Last time we saw Shiness, it was to take a look at some of the characters in the game. In these four new screenshots, while the characters are still there, the focus is instead on the differing locales across the game's world known as Mahera. Shiness is scheduled t

Posted 6 years ago by Andy Mills

Four New Shiness Screenshots

A month after we saw a teaser trailer for the game, four new screenshots have been released for the French-developed RPG Shiness. The new screenshots show the game's playable characters in various st

Posted 6 years ago by Andy Mills

Shiness Teaser Trailer Released

It's been awhile since we've seen something of the new action RPG Shiness. However, developer Ynnis Interactive has taken the opportunity to release a new trailer showing some of the gameplay that pl

Posted 7 years ago by Andrew Ogley

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