Shining Resonance Refrain Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough overview

So what we have here is a walkthrough for Shining Resonance Refrain. SRR is an RPG with real time combat. It's quite similar to something like Tales of Vesperia or Star Ocean : TLH. You control one character and the others are AI controlled, and you can switch to them as you wish. The story, in typical JRPG fashion, hits on quite a few cliches.

Your adventures in Alfheim will actually be pretty breezy. Unlike most RPGs there's not a ton to stress about. Your only missable achievement involves not using an item you get from two characters which is pretty easy to do, so there's not much to worry about. Only one other achievement is "missable", and it's only for a long time. With a little extra work you can get it post-game, but it takes about 1 minute to do before it becomes impossible to do for awhile and you could even get it through regular play by accident. Most everything else is a mix of story stuff and cumulative stuff you can work on as you go, like using 100 force abilities and ending 100 fight in dragon form. The main grind in this game will be doing night events and dates to get your affection up with all your party members. This unlocks their ending, and there's an achievement for each. The good news is that when you get an ending you can save and load it, and you'll be right before you choose your ending, so only one playthrough is necessary. Anyway, our path to 100% looks like this...

1. Story playthrough. We'll get most of the achievements here as we play through the game.

2. Even though we'll work on it during the story, you'll likely have to grind night events/dates to open up the ending for everyone. The endings are just choosing your lover or whatever and beating the final boss, so it can be done quite quickly.

3. Now we'll clean up anything we have left in post-game. There's rare monsters to hunt down, leveling to 100, and making 50 unique aspect pieces. There might be a few cumulative achievements left, but nothing that will take a long time if we farm them.

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