Shining Resonance Refrain Walkthrough

11. Materials

This page is for all the materials in the game. Some are collected from harvest points, but most come from monster drops.

Monster Drops
Insect WingDragonfly
Facet EyesDragonfly and Cave Gosoku
Insect FluidDragonfly
Scale PowderCave Gosoku
Vampire SerumBloodsucker
Buzzing WingBloodsucker
Goblin CharmGoblin, Hobgoblin and Masked Goblin
Goblin KukriGoblin, Hobgoblin, Goblin Thief, Goblin Ranger, Masked Goblin, Masked Hobgoblin
Goblin LoinclothGoblin, Hobgoblin
Goblin ShoeGoblin Thief, Goblin Ranger, Masked Thief, Masked Ranger
Brave HeartGoblin Champion, Masked Champion
Goblin MaskMasked Hobgoblin
Thief MaskMasked Thief
Hunter MaskHunter Mask
Brave MaskMasked Champion
Goblin PillGoblin Champion, Masked Goblin, Masked Champion
TopazTopaz Crystal
EmeraldEmerald Crystal
OnyxDark Crystal
SapphireSapphire Crystal
OpalLight Crystal
RubyRuby Crystal
Paste CoreGreen/Red/Blue/Yellow/Purple Paste
Green JigglyGreen Paste
Yellow BouncyYellow Paste
Purple WigglyPurple Paste
Blue SquishyBlue Paste
Red WobblyRed Paste
Silver StiffySilver Paste
Rainbow JigglyRed/Blue/Purple/Silver Paste
Enduring FireTorch, Charcoal, Pearl
Imp WingTorch
Luring KandelaarTorch
Devilish CandleCharcoal
Cursed LampPearl
Hell EmberCharcoal, Pearl
Empty HuskLantern, Cold Lantern
Lantern RingLantern, Cold Lantern
Light RockLantern
Frigid RockCold Lantern
Wind RockWind Lantern
Invisible SkinWind Lantern
Fish LensSharpfin, Sandripper
Fish OilSharpfin, Sandripper
Flying Fish FinSharpfin
Sand Fish FinSandripper
Gold FinGoldenhead
Hihiiro ScaleGoldenhead
Vocal SacFrogger
Frog TongueFrogger
Frog OilFrogger, Poison Frogger
Poison LiverPoison Frogger
Fire SkinBlaze Frogger
ThyroxineBlaze Frogger
Sticky FluidCrawler/Thunder Crawler
Hard ExoCrawler
Insulated ExoThunder Crawler
Poison TuskEvil Worm
Antibacterial ExoEvil Worm
Hound TailTwin Head
Hound CollarTwin Head
Hell ChainHell Hound
Flame FangHell Hound
Twin-Colored HornConflictor
Twin-Colored FurConflictor
Hound LegConflictor
Sharp BeakCassowary, Simurgh
Bird LegsCassowary, Simurgh
Red Bird FeatherCassowary
White Bird FeatherSimurgh
Thunderbird CombsThunderbird
Thunderbird FeatherThunderbird
Chicken HeartThunderbird
Big PetalBreedershell, Withershell
Shell PollenBreedershell, Witchershell
Large ShellBreedershell
Sand ShellWithershell
Immobile ShellBlastershell
Steel ShellBlastershell
Lizard TailLizard Man, Lizard Leader
Lizard LiverLizard Man, Lizard Leader
Lizard SkinLizard Man
Lizard ScalesLizard Leader
Lizard HeaddressLizard King
Lizard EdgeLizard King
Fungus SporesMarasmius, Psilocybe
CordycepsMarasmius, Psilocybe
Fungus HyphaMarasmius, Psilcoybe
Poison SporesDark Spore
Cactus LeafDahlia
Thousand SpinesDahlia
Cactus FlowerDahlia
Mistletoe SeedDaisy
Spirit MistletoeDaisy, Cold Lily
Tree SeedlingDaisy
Soothing BarkCold Lily
MandragoraEmpress Rose
Miracle HerbEmpress Rose
Statue FragmentStatue
Statue MossStatue
Ash of LifeGargoyle
Warding TalismanStatue
Protecting TalismanGargoyle
Demon TalismanHeart Snatcher
Forbidden TalismanHeart Snatcher
Cracked SkullFighter Skeleton, Archer Skeleton
SkullciumFighter Skeleton, Archer Skeleton
Broken BoneFighter Skeleton, Archer Skeleton
Rusty SwordGuard Skeleton
Broken ArrowHunter Skeleton
Rotting CrossGuard Skeleton, Hunter Skeleton
Laughing SkullGuard Skeleton, Hunter Skeleton
Muting ClothWraith, Invisible
Ghost ChokerWraith, Invisible
Cursed WordsWraith
Unseen MaliceInvisible
Dark MatterShadow
Ghost MedicineShadow
Octopus LegsFloating Octo, Buoyant Octo
Octopus PotFloating Octo
Electric SuckersFloating Octo
Octopus GasBuoyant Octo
Vitalizing FluidBuoyant Octo
Black BeltGrand Smasher
Lion-Ape BicepAssault Smasher
Smash GlovesGrand Smasher
Deadly GlovesAssault Smasher
Lion King BeltAssault Smasher
Spider JointLife Reaper, Death Legs
Spider SickleLife Reaper
Spider ExoLife Reaper
Executioner ScytheDeath Legs
Executioner FeetDeath Legs
Predator ScytheNephila
Predator StomachNephila
Orge BanisherNephila
Giant WeaponOrc, Troll
Gigantic LiquorOrc, Troll
Giant FistTroll
Giant AxeMinotaur
Berserker CastMinotaur
Enormous BoneMinotaur
Gigantic FistMinotaur
Old Magic SandGolem
Sedimentary RockGolem
Magnetized MetalElecmachina
Black Iron WallElecmachina
Chronotized SandAtlas
Perpetual BlockAtlas
Emeth CoreAtlas
Demon BloodArchdemon, Cherub
Demon WingArchdemon, Cherub
Demon FruitArchdemon
Fallen TearCherub
Demonlord CrownNot gonna lie, I have one but I'm not sure where I got it. Best guess is it comes from an advanced form of Cherub/Archdemon.
Demon ScriptureNot gonna lie, I have one but I'm not sure where I got it. Best guess is it comes from an advanced form of Cherub/Archdemon.
Crest of DarknessDark Knight
Chipped DarkbladeDark Knight
Shield of DarknessDark Knight
Night HelmetDark Knight
Abyss ArmorPhantom Knight
Black Knight ShieldPhantom Knight
Purple SpearPhantom Knight
Fluffy ManeManticore
Hybrid FluidManticore, Bloody Tail, Chimera
Ferocious FurManticore
Bloody ClawBloody Tail
Man-Eater HairChimera
Bloodstained ClawBloody Tail
Twisted HornChimera
Eagle EyeGriffon, Snow Griffon
Avian TalonGriffon
Avian WingGriffon
Ice TalonSnow Griffon
Ice WingSnow Griffon
Phantom FurHigh Griffon
Phantom TailHigh Griffon
Crescent TalonHigh Griffon
Unknown GearKnightgear, Shadowgear
Twisted ArmorKnightgear
Magic SpringKnightgear, Shadowgear
Broken CannonShadowgear
Dragon ScaleSalamander, Grendel, Ashgrimm, Sturm
Dragon HornSalamander, Grendel, Ashgrimm, Sturm
Fire EssenceSalamander
Ice EssenceGrendel
Earth EssenceAshgrimm
Wind EssenceSturm
Dragon Maw ScaleSalamander, Grendel, Ashgrimm, Sturm
Drake ScaleFlare Dragon
Drake ClawFlare Dragon, Glacier Dragon
Drake FinFlare Dragon, Glacier Dragon
Glacial BreathGlacier Dragon
Emperor FangEmperor Dragon
Drake Maw ScaleEmperor Dragon
Wyrm ScaleOzone Dragon
Wyrm WingOzone Dragon, Thunder Dragon
Thunder MarrowThunder Dragon
Wyrm SpikeThunder Dragon
Black HornVenom Dragon
Wyrm Maw ScaleVenom Dragon
Medical KitSwordsman, Elite Swordsman, Marskman, Musketeer
Imperial SwordSwordsman
Night Vision GogglesElite Swordsman
Imperial StringMarksman
Magic SightMusketeer
GuardtechHeavy Soldier
Egg FragmentEx Egg, Master Egg, Gold Egg, Million Egg, Sigil Egg, Apple Egg
Egg TailEx Egg, Master Egg, Gold Egg, Million Egg, Sigil Egg, Apple Egg
Egg PouchEx Egg, Master Egg, Gold Egg, Million Egg, Sigil Egg, Apple Egg
Egg ShellMaster Egg, Million Egg, Material Egg


Search Points
Heal MintWindia Grasslands, Ladlum Caverns, Elmore Greatwood, Djingharna Ruins
Cure BasilClavalle Crags
Soothe SageSharion Coast, Coral Caves, Mount Glanciel, Logos Tundra
Mana FragmentLadlum Caverns, Elmore Greatwood, Clavalle Crags, Djingharna Ruins
Mana CrystalSleepy Hollow, Coral Caves
Moon DustUlde Desert
Elmore WaterElmore Greatwood, Djingharna Ruins
Sharion WaterSharion Coast, Coral Caves
Ulde WaterUlde Desert
Melted SnowMount Glanciel, Logos Tundra
Afterworld DewSleepy Hollow (only in foggy weather)
Cheer CarrotMarga, Windia Grasslands, Coral Caves
Rosso TomatoWindia Grasslands
Muscle PumpkinWindia Grasslands, Ladlum Caverns, Sharion Coast, Coral Caves
Bull BalmMarga, Windia Grasslands, Ladlum Caverns
Fishwort MushroomWindia Grasslands
HappyberryWindia Grasslands, Djingharna Ruins
Spirit SeedMarga, Windia Grasslands
Kaiser ShroomLadlum Caverns, Elmore Greatwood
Dynamo MushroomElmore Greatwood
Elmore AloeElmore Greatwood
Emperor CactusClavalle Crags
Bomb ConeClavalle Crags
Shiny MossSleepy Hollow
PurivineSleepy Hollow
Hollow GrassSleepy Hollow
Dragon FruitCoral Caves
Dragon AppleSharion Coast
Burning PeppermintUlde Desert
Malta FruitUlde Desert
FrozemaryLogos Tundra, Mount Glanciel
Hammer BananaLogos Tundra
Windia SwallowtailWindia Grasslands, Djingharna Ruins
Ulde ScorpionUlde Desert
AngeliteElmore Greatwood
Lavar StoneClavalle Crags
HihiirokaneClavalle Crags
Twilight AmberClavalle Crags
Star SandSharion Coast, Coral Caves
Coral ReefSharion Coast, Coral Caves
Sea RemnantUlde Desert
Mountain StoneMount Glanciel, Logos Tundra
Logos IceMount Glanciel


Shining ScoreDrop from bosses, can also get from grimoire dungeons
Dark ScoreDrop from bosses, can also get from grimoire dungeons
Earth ScoreDrop from bosses, can also get from grimoire dungeons
Sky ScoreDrop from bosses, can also get from grimoire dungeons
Sea ScoreDrop from bosses, can also get from grimoire dungeons
Shining NoteDrop from grimoire dungeons
Dark NoteDrop from grimoire dungeons
Earth NoteDrop from grimoire dungeons
Sky NoteDrop from grimoire dungeons
Sea ScoreDrop from grimoire dungeons
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