Shining Resonance Refrain Walkthrough

15. Affection

In order to get a character's ending, you have to raise their affection and go out on 4-5 dates with them. To raise affection you can either fight a battle with them, correctly answer a prompt given every opus or get a random question during a night event correct. As their affection rises, you can invite them to a night event. Here you'll have a conversation and potentially get a prompt to give an answer. At the end of the night event, you might be asked on a date. This just requires visiting 3 random places and then the date ends. Each of the "real" characters get a title when their ending is unlocked. Once the ending is unlocked, you talk to them before the final battle of the story and you'll get their ending (and their achievement) after the scenes end. In post-game there is a "Power of Love" aspect that increases the affection gain from battle, make sure you use it when the time comes.

As for the night events, the questions given seem to be semi-random. It's either based on affection level, what opus you're in, or both. I had a lot of trouble getting all the events to show up for me, so while I've included the per-opus answers here, for the night events you'll want to mosey on over to this webpage, which is not mine and I did not make it :

Basically a night event will work like this. The start of the conversation will be some small talk After that the text window will disappear and then come back, and the random event is started. If there's going to be a question prompt, the test box will disappear and reappear again after a few windows of text and the text that shows is the text you need to match with the answer on the website. After the prompt, either there will be a good night said, or you will be invited on a date. Here's an example.

Kirika : giggle Good evening, Yuma. I was hoping you would come by for a chat.

Yuma : Of course! But I'll have to be careful. I keep losing track of time when we talk.

Kirika : Yes, it is the same with me. We need to make sure we get enough sleep!

"text window disappears and comes back*

Kirika : What do you ant to do when the war is over, Yuma?

Yuma : What do I want to do? Hmm... I've never really though about it. I never had the chance...

"text window disappears and comes back"

Kirika : Well, you have your chance. What would you like to do?

When you press A, the prompt will appear. The correct answer in this case is "See the world".

After this you may have another block of text, and then the text window will disappear and come back. Either they will say good night, or invite you on a date. Bear in mind that failing the prompt will not ruin your chances at the achievement, it will just take a little longer. After 4-5 dates you'll get a title for everyone but Excella and Jinas. When you reach the final battle, you'll be able to choose someone to talk to. The characters with their ending unlocked with have a heart above them. Here's the titles. Bear in mind Excella and Jinas do not have one, so you just have to do 4-5 dates (5 to be safe) and that should be enough.

Kirika - Dream to Reality
Sonia - Princess's Feelings
Rinna - Cuddly
Agnum - Traveling Bandman
Marion - Fluttering Maiden
Lestin - Elise's Disciple

Opus 2

Kirika : Nothing, really. I just wanted to talk to you.
Sonia : I don't feel comfortable here yet...
Rinna : You don't need to thank me.
Agnum : I'm feeling like fish today.
Excella : I'm kay. Are you sure you're fine?
Jinas : You look worse than me, Jinas.

Opus 3

Kirika : I'm not angry.
Sonia : Do you want me to go look for him?
Rinna : I want you to like me.
Agnum : Yours of course, Agnum.
Excella : I want to get stronger.
Jinas : He does seem cheerful and reliable.

Opus 4

Kirika : You'll get used to it eventually.
Sonia : I train every day.
Rinna : I feel exactly the same way.
Agnum : Yeah, ghosts don't exist!
Marion : You'll get used to it in no time.
Excella : I feel better after seeing you.
Jinas : How'd you know I'd be able to control it?

Opus 5

Kirika : I still don't really know.
Sonia : We have to stay strong.
Rinna : That's what I thought.
Agnum : Okay, thanks.
Marion : She meant you don't like hot things.
Lestin : Resting.
Excella : Why don't we think of something together?
Jinas : Okay, I'll remember.

Opus 6

Kirika : Uh, apparently it's true...
Sonia : But that doesn't change what they've done.
Rinna : Do you want me to go?
Agnum : I like the heat.
Marion : I don't think this is what he meant.
Lestin : The Seagull Inn.
Excella : I'd rescue you, of course!
Jinas : You're not weak. You're here by my side.

Opus 7

Kirika : It hasn't really sunk in yet...
Sonia : I still have a lot to learn.
Rinna : It's thanks to you, Rinna.
Agnum : I think the Blazing Pyromaestro is fine.
Marion : It's nothing. I'm all right.
Lestin : Yeah, I think so.
Excella : I finally can stand next to you.
Jinas : Don't say your role is coming to an end.

Opus 8

Kirika : It's okay, I'm here for you.
Sonia : We can stop him!
Rinna : I'm scared, too...
Agnum : Skewers for good luck!
Marion : I should be thanking you.
Lestin : My friends.
Excella : When it's over, let's have fun together.
Jinas : I say the exact same thing to you, Jinas.

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