Shining Resonance Refrain Walkthrough

2. General hints and tips

Not too much to talk about on this page, everything is explained as it comes in the game. A few notes though.


cn_A = Confirm/run or dash (in battle)
cn_B = Cancel or regular attack (in battle)
cn_X = Defend
cn_Y = Changes map to gone, minimap, full or Break attack (in battle)
cn_RT = Lock onto an enemy
cn_RB = BAND (when unlocked)
cn_LT = Nothing
cn_LB = Hold and press a face button to use force abilities
cn_start = Menu
cn_back = World Map
cn_dpad = Gives orders during battle depending on what face button you press. You can hold UP to give commands to your entire party, or hold a specific direction to only order one party member. No attacking means they won't attack, but will heal. Healing first means they will attack, but concentrate on healing first. Act Freely makes them do as they want. Offense means they spam skills with no regards to their MP.

Missables - Only one achievement is missable, and that's Wheel of Fortune. After your first date with Excella and Jinas, they'll each give you a sigil, which is an item you can use with the grimoire. YOU MUST NOT USE THEM. You then need to finish the game, get both of their endings, and then talk to a girl in town to get Wheel of Fortune. They aren't given as part of the story, so what I did was not date them until after the story was done, that way I wouldn't have their sigils. Once I was in post-game, I dated them and then did their endings, and got this.

Another important thing is that holding the cn_A button is your run button. The only method of fast travel is using a Marga Stone to return to town. That means you have to walk everywhere you need to go, and can only save yourself the return trip. So running is pretty important because you're going to be doing an absolutely stupid amount of it. I hate it.

Sadly, on top of not having a fast travel system, this game also has no way to switch characters without going into the menu and moving them into the leader position. It reallllly sucks.

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