Shining Resonance Refrain Walkthrough

6. Opus 4 : Golden Sonata

Before we start, you should be checking the Mellow Old Lady on the bench by Kirika every time she has a quest. The one you're looking for is called "Grandma Forgot". You have to go to Elmore Greatwood - Forest of Giants and check the northwest corner by the exit for an event circle, which is a fight. You may have to use the northwest exit and then come back for the circle to spawn. The fight can be quite punishing, a ton of enemies that can cast spells will start spawning part-way through the fight and you can be overwhelmed. The fight ends when the dragon dies, so use your dragon form to kill it quickly. You'll get Egg Pouch X 2 for finishing it. Egg Pouches are quite rare. They are pretty rare drops from the different types of egg enemies, and even fighting them is quite rare to begin with. Doing this quest is much simpler, so do it every time you see it. She may offer the quest for killing pastes, so if you see that just decline. When you're doing night events I'd make sure to keep an eye on her. The other thing to keep in mind is that my first level 30 tuning occurred in this opus, which unlocks an achievement.

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So as a note from now on, when characters do hit level 30 with their tuning, they will unlock 3 tunings, one of which has concerto in the name. Equip that one. The special ability of concerto's is that they boost the effectiveness of aspects that are a certain color. The higher the level gets, the bigger the boost. So the quicker you switch over the better.

Head to the inn when you're ready. Now go to the event spots. After the one by the east exit, you'll get the "Soothing Singer" trait for Kirika. Return to the inn for another event. You'll get the "Inferno Chef" trait for Agnum during it, along with Kirika's "Carrot Hater" trait. Head to the castle for an event, then go to Lyle for another. Now head to Elmore Greatwood - Elmore Springs. Head to the event for a fight with a Troll, which works exactly like an orc. Return to Marga and talk to Lyle, then head to the castle. Time to roll out. It'll be a longer trip than usual, so stock up on healing stuff and such. Head to Sleepy Hollow.

Origin Plains NW > Breeze Field NW > Forest of Giants NE > Elmore Springs NW > Daybreak Garden NE.

Sleepy Hollow - The Gloompath

Purple Paste
Dark Spore
Archer Skeleton
Fighter Skeleton
Dark Knight

Hollow Grass
Mana Crystal
Shiny Moss

In the middle of the area you'll see a circle, you'll find a chest in the west side with the "Hero" trait. South of the northwest exit is a chest with a High Ether. Now take the northwest exit.

Sleepy Hollow - Church Ruins

Dark Crystal
Dark Spore
Archer Skeleton
Figher Skeleton

Hollow Grass
Mana Crystal
Shiny Moss

Go to the event for a boss fight. The fight is much the same, except he doesn't break quite as easily. You'll get a sea score for beating him. Take the northwest exit.

Gaelritz Prison - Gate of No Return

You may remember this is the beginning of the game. There's no search points to worry about here, just a few chests. The enemies will be mostly imperials and stay that way. Head north again, and you'll face an enemy like a boss we fought recently. He's hella hard to break and does a lot of damage compared to the boss, but shouldn't be too much trouble. He turns slowly so I'd move behind him and spam break attack. Take the north exit.

Gaelritz Prison - Cell Block 1

Follow the path north and west, then go south instead of going to the outer ring to find a chest with the "Capricious" trait. Now follow the outer ring around to the east side of the inner ring, and in the south corner you'll find a chest with a Dark Score. Then take the southeast exit.

Gaelritz Prison - Underground Cell Block

Follow the path around to the east side, then head into the dead end room to the east to find a chest with a Tough Buff. Continue following the path to right before the event, continue west to find a chest with a Glacial Breath. With that you can head to the event. After that head into the door in front of you. You'll have a boss fight, and it's quite obnoxious. You'll have a new boss and one we've fought many times before. Ignore the repeat boss and go for the new one. The main objective is to follow him around as he teleports and wait for him to cast. When he does he will be easily broken, and you can get some damage in then. He recovers quickly. Repeat until he dies. The main problems are the enemies the repeat boss summons, and the special attack the new boss has. The first time it will have a cutscene. He will summon lightning down on top of himself, and lightning will shoot out in 4 places and spin around. It can wreck your whole party quite easily, so when you see him doing it (he always does it in the middle of the arena) you'll want to move away and stay out of the lightning so at the very least, you can get survive. As an alternative, you can use the BAND song Prelude to Spring you got recently. It reduces damage taken so it can make it easier to survive. As always you can use dragon form to make it simpler. You'll get a Dark Score when you win. You'll have a bunch of scenes, then head to the castle in Marga. Now head to the inn for an event.

Head to Glaucus Falls (north exit of Elmore Greatwood - Creek Path). Go to the event for a fight. He's very easy to break, so the fight isn't hard at all. Use a Marga Stone to return to town, you'll have a scene. The next part is the end of Opus 4, so let's clean up. First off talk to everyone and give the answer.

Kirika : "You'll get used to it eventually."
Sonia : "I train every day."
Rinna : "I feel exactly the same way."
Agnum : "Yeah, ghosts don't exist!"
Marion : "You'll get used to it in no time."
Excella : "I feel better after seeing you."
Jinas : "How'd you know I'd be able to control it?"

As for quests, there's a few. Fernando's is "Heroic Anthem March". You need to give him 1 Giant Fist. The Troll in Elmore Greatwood - Elmore Springs can drop it, you may have one already. If not grab one from him. While you're there, you need 5 Elmore Water, so grab that if you don't have it. That is what Rapple's first quest "The Best Water" requires. While we're here return to Sleepy Hollow - Church Ruins. In the northeast corner you'll find an Archdemon. You want to steal from him until you have 12 Demon Fruit, then you can leave. Just attack him until you get a steal then run. Rapple's second one is called "Good Medicine: Needles". You'll probably need to sleep a few times at the inn to get the 2nd one to show up. You need 5 Emperor Cactus. The best way to get these that I've found is heading to Clavalle Crags - Thirsting Wastes and checking the 2 search points by the entrance, then zoning back into Ladlum Caverns and then checking again. When you get to Clavalle Crags, you'll have a fight against a ton of the crystal type enemies. Use dragon form and BAND and go to town. If you let them stack up they'll be throwing spells around like crazy and things might get out of hand, so using the dragon form will help avoid this. Once you have the Emperor Cactus, head back to town and finish that quest. You can now make Image Training, a white color aspect that can be equipped on party members not in your combat party so they get experience too. This is important because they also get experience for their tuning, so the characters you aren't using will work toward rank 30 on their tunings too. You probably won't have enough Egg Pouches to make the 5 needed (you'll get another character in the next Opus), but make Image Training and equip them as you get enough Egg Pouches to make them.

When you're ready return to Clavalle Crags. Go to Silent Badlands and go to the event for a boss fight we've done before. He actually seems easier this time, but I don't know. He didn't move around as much and was easier to break. You'll get an Earth Score. You'll have some scenes, then you need to return to Marga, you won't be able to use a Marga Stone. As you go you'll get a few scenes. When you get to Marga you'll get a scene, and the trait "Heir of the Storm" for Sonia. Then you'll have a boss fight, the boss from the start of the game. It is much stronger now, and does silly amounts of damage. It'll start by jumping to the end of the bridge behind you and then charging some fire, I would try and get to it so you can break it, but it's hard to do. Use dragon form or Prelude to Spring if needed. Since it does so much damage it's quite imperative that you break it as often as possible. You'll get an earth score for winning. You'll have a ton of scenes, and you'll get the "Powerful Feelings" trait for Yuma. The Opus will now end, and we're off to Opus 5.

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By the end of this opus I had 2000 kills, which gave me an achievement.

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