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8. Opus 6 : Capriccio of the Strong

You'll have a bunch of scenes to start the Opus as usual. When you're ready head to Clavalle Crags - Thirsting Wastes and go to the event to fight a manticore, the fight is not special. With that head back to Mount Glanciel - Giant's Ridge. You'll have a scene, and Marion will get the "Pure Girl" trait. Move a bit forward and you'll have a scene, head to the camp. You'll have a scene, and then a boss fight. The enemy is easy to break, so the fight shouldn't take long at all. Afterward you'll have a bunch of scenes, and acquire the "Kidnapped Princess" trait. As you can guess, you're short one party member, so put in a replacement. Head east to Logos Tundra - Blue Cavern and then head to the event, and then take the northwest exit.

Logos Tundra - Gale Tunnel

Glacier Dragon
White Crystal

Melted Snow
Hammer Banana
Mountain Stone

Follow the south wall and you'll see a chest on the right with a Mana Potion. Southeast of the north exit is an alcove with a chest that has the "Eccentric" trait. Take the north exit.

Logos Tundra - Highwolf Trail

Cave Gosuku
Guard Skeleton
Hunter Skeleton
Cold Lily
Light Crystal

Hammer Banana
Mountain Stone
Melted Snow

South of the northwest exit is an alcove with a chest that has the "Boyish" trait. In the alcove west of the northwest exit is a chest with an Elixir. Take the northwest exit.

Mount Glanciel - Platina Peak

Silver Paste
Imperial enemies will always be here as well

Melted Snow
Mountain Stone

East of the northwest exit is a chest with the "Cool n' Collected" trait. Northeast of the south exit is a chest with a Sky Score. Now take the northwest exit for a boss fight. He isn't different than usual. Your main problem is you have an underleveled character in your party who will get slaughtered and you don't have your breaker. What I did was fill up Yuma's MP, go into dragon form and activate BAND, and go to town. If you run out of MP, transform back into a human and use a recovery item and go right back into it. You'll get an earth score for winning. You'll have a scene, and then get the trait "Doting Brother". Head to the inn for an event, you'll get the trait "Dragon's Joy" for Yuma. Head to the castle for an event. Exit the town for a scene. In Coral Caves we'll find the end of the Opus, along with some pain in the butt boss battles, so anything you would like to do to prepare should be done now. Stock up on healing items, make any aspects you want, and so on and so forth. Here's some aspects to consider. Make sure you read over them all before you decide what to get, there's a lot of overlap in where the materials are, so you can save yourself a few trips if you check it all now. As an aside, I'd buy the Millionaire aspect from Liselotte and equip it on someone (you can only get one). The Fusion one is also a good one for Yuma, since his concerto boosts the effectiveness. Instead of adding 20% HP and MP, it'll add 50% at max rank. You may have to do Rapple's quest to make some of these show up. His is called "Alchemy Miracle" and requires 2 Frigid Rock. You should have these, but if not you'll have to head to Coral Caves and fight the Cold Lanterns there. Fernando's quest is called "Minuet for the Future". You need 1 Glacial Breath, which you should have from a chest in Gaelritz Prison - Underground Cell Block. If not you'll have to hoof it to Logos Tundra to kill the Glacier Dragon there.

Minuet for the Future - Give 1 glacial breath - Fernando
Alchemy Miracle give 2 frigid rock - Rapple

Thief Step (Green/Nature) - This gives 10% evasion. Sonia's concerto boosts green aspects, so at max tuning rank this gives 40% evasion. Evasion doesn't work for everything, but it works for enough that it makes it much easier for her to survive. You need 2 Insect Wings from Dragonflies (Ladlum Caverns) and 2 Goblin Shoes from Goblin Thief/Ranger in the Lost Garden area.

Beckoning Incense (Green/Nature) - Chance for more enemies in a battle. Not 100% necessary but something to consider if you like grinding fights.

Lightning Strike (Dark Grey/Undead) - This boosts attack speed. It's a must for Yuma, as it boosts the attack speed of his dragon form as well. You need 3 Chipped Darkblades (from the Dark Knight enemies in Sleepy Hollow), 2 Electric Suckers (the Octos in Sleepy Hollow) and 2 Insulated Exo. The Insulated Exos are the only problem, because they come from Thunder Crawlers, which only show up in Elmore Greatwood during a thunderstorm. The Grimoire presents an easier option. Save your game, use 3 crawler crests (or as many as you have) and then look for a Thunder Crawler. If you find one, steal/run for Insulated Exos. You want one for Yuma for sure. One for Sonia would be a good idea too. Rinna doesn't need one, and I didn't bother getting one for Kirika either.

Assault Groove (Purple/Dragon) - This boosts ATK and MAG by 10%. Since Yuma's concerto boosts purple aspects, it will increase it up to 30% more, for a total of 40%. It needs one Demon Fruit (the Archdemon in Sleepy Hollow) and 1 Dragon Horn. The easiest monster with that is probably the Ahsgrimm in Clavalle Crags.

Dragon Control (Purple/Dragon - This reduces the MP drain of dragon form. So uh...pretty fucking neato. It requires a Dragon Horn (again, Ashgrimm in Clavalle Crags) and 5 Lizard Scales. The Lizard Leaders in Coral Caves drop the Lizard Scales.

Drop Up (White/Other) - This boosts drop rates. It's pretty neat to have, especially when you're hunting down crests to get a material easier or level up, but the problem is the ingredients. The Egg Pouches as you know are pretty rare. If you have Egg Hunt crests, you can use them in the grimoire to have some egg enemies, then you steal pouches from them. However if you do this make sure you get at least 1 Egg Hunt crest so you can do it later if necessary. The Eagle Eye is easily acquired from the Griffon in Forest of Giants. The Star Sand is the problem. The best place to farm them is moving between Coral Caves - Drowsy Reefs and Sharion Coast - Starlight Shores. The 2 search points in Coral Caves by the entrance and the closest search point in Starlight Shores can give this. Getting the 32 required to outfit all 4 characters with it would take quite awhile. I only got enough to make one before I gave up. I'll leave that choice to you, but I don't think it's worth it.

Here's the conversations.

Kirika - Uh, apparently, it's true...
Sonia - But that doesn't change what they've done.
Rinna - Do you want me to go?
Agnum - I like the heat.
Marion - I don't think this is what he meant.
Lestin - The Seagull Inn.
Excella - I'd rescue you, of course!
Jinas -You're not weak. You're here by my side.

When you're ready, head to Coral Cave via Sharion Coast. You'll see the event marker, head there for a boss fight against 2 bosses. This fight can be quite a struggle, so my suggestion is to set everyone to Heal First! and then go into dragon form and mash that cn_B button. The bosses will hopefully start to concentrate on you, which will let Rinna/Kirika heal you and Sonia with ease. You'll get an Earth and Sky Score when you win. You'll have another boss fight after. The boss is annoyingly in the air to start, and regular attacks will not hit it. Magic is one option, the other is to go into dragon form and hover under the boss and use a break attack, which can still hit him. 3-4 should be enough to break it, which will make it fall (it may also come down on its own). When you get it down repeat the same actions as the last fight until you win. You'll get a shining score for winning. You'll have some scenes, and then the end of the Opus.

Capriccio of the Strong in Shining Resonance Refrain
Complete Opus 6.
  • Unlocked by 362 tracked gamers (18% - TA Ratio = 2.33) 1,987

I got the achievement for 100 traits in this opus, so you should be closed. Depending on the ... conversations you may already have it.

Know Others, Know Thyself in Shining Resonance Refrain
Acquire 100 different Traits.
  • Unlocked by 321 tracked gamers (16% - TA Ratio = 2.48) 1,987

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