Shining Resonance Refrain Walkthrough

9. Opus 7 : Fairy Elegy

After a bunch of scenes, you'll get the "Shining Knight" trait for Yuma. Head to Clavalle Crags - Lost Garden and go to the event for a boss fight. He is harder to break than usual, so you'll probably just want to use dragon form to kill him easily. You'll get a Shining Score when you beat him. From here go to Ulde Desert - Ancient Graveyard. Take the northwest exit.

Ulde Desert - Shattered Dam

Ruby Crystal
Hell Hound
Blaze Frogger

Malta Fruit
Burning Peppermint
Ulde Scorpion
Moon Dust

Follow the south wall all the way to the southwest exit. You'll run straight into a chest with a Demon Talisman, and then further west on the right you'll see a chest with a Heal Blessing. Now go through the southwest exit.

Ulde Desert - Blessed Oasis

Blaze Frogger
Red Paste

Ulde Scorpion
Sea Remnant
Ulde Water
Burning Peppermint

Head south and you should see a chest on top of a ridge to the right, it has a Refresh Bottle. Go to the event, then camp for the night and choose rest. When you wake up, go back to the Shattered Damn area and go to the event. Next go to Clavalle Crags - Thirsting Wastes and go to the event here for a fight. Kill the soldiers and then take down the dragon. It's not too deadly but it can be hard to break, so you may just want to use dragon form. Next head to Ladlum Caverns, you'll get an event when you enter. You'll get the "Bond of Devotion" trait, and then more scenes. Run back to Marga now, you have to walk. When you get there you'll have a bunch of scenes, and unlock the "Protector of Life" trait. The next part is a long area that ends the Opus, so do the usual. Yeah, short opus.

Kirika - "It hasn't really sunk in yet..."
Sonia - "I still have a lot to learn."
Rinna - "It's thanks to you, Rinna."
Agnum - "I think the Blazing Pyromaestro is fine..."
Marion - "It's nothing. I'm all right."
Lestin - "Yeah, I think so."
Excella - "I finally can stand next to you."
Jinas - "Don't say your role is coming to an end!"

For whatever reason, Fernando has no quest in this Opus. Rapple's quest is called "Exceeding Limits". You need 1 Broken Cannon. You get them from the Shadowgear enemies in Shattered Damn, but they might not be there until we do the story there, so don't worry about it until you reach opus 8. Just take the quest for now. Once you're ready stock up on healing stuff and head back to Ulde Desert - Shattered Dam. Note that you'll lose two characters for the duration of this dungeon, and you also have to fight a rather tough battle with just those two. Go to the event for a scene, you'll get the "Burning Battleaxe" and "Composed Spear" traits. You'll have 2 groups of basic soldiers, and then the last one will have a Knightgear. I spammed Agnum's Blaze Burst. It does AoE damage and can be done from range, so I'd let them gather up on Lestin and then start casting it. If need be you can use BAND, the Prelude to Spring to reduce damage taken wouldn't be a bad idea at all. Once you get it down to the Knightgear you can just spam Agnum's spell until it dies from afar to win. After that you'll have control of your main party and get the achievement for visiting every area. Fort Garahl has no search points, by the way.

Continental Round Trip! in Shining Resonance Refrain
Visit every location on the map.
  • Unlocked by 322 tracked gamers (16% - TA Ratio = 2.47) 1,987

Fort Garahl - Fort:First Floor


No search points in this dungeon, just chests. Head to the southeast alcove (not the one in the corner, the one above it) to find a chest with a Luck Apple. Head to the southwest corner for a chest with a Spirit Seedling. Then take the west exit.

Fort Garahl - Sentinel's Gallery


Head to the southwest corner to find a chest with the "Mysterious" trait. Return to the first area and take the east exit now.

Fort Garahl - Knight's Gallery


The chest in the southeast corner has a Refresh Bottle. By the northwest exit, there's a dead-end that has a chest with the "Overly Helpful" trait. Take the northwest exit.

Fort Garahl - Fort:Second Floor


There's a chest with a Spirit Tonic north of you. In the southwest corner is a chest with a Life Soma. Take the north exit for a boss fight. The boss isn't too hard until he uses his Conquerer attack. He charges up for a super long time and then shoots a beam, and then spins around the room. It does massive damage and also leaves behind a damage over time effect. However as with most fights, simply go into dragon form and mash cn_B, and use Prelude to Spring if necessary. You'll get a Dark Score for winning. You'll have a scene, and you'll get the trait "Marion's Will" after it, then another boss fight. This fight is easier, the boss seems to stagger easily from attacks for most of the fight. Use break attacks when he casts, and you should be able to break him during most of his big attacks. His regular attacks don't do much damage, so Kirika and Rinna should have no trouble keeping up. You'll have a bunch of scenes, and then Opus 7 will end.

Fairy Elegy in Shining Resonance Refrain
Complete Opus 7.
  • Unlocked by 311 tracked gamers (16% - TA Ratio = 2.52) 1,987

I got 200 materials during this opus, giving me an achievement. You should be close as well.

Pioneer of Alfheim in Shining Resonance Refrain
Collect 200 different Materials.
  • Unlocked by 281 tracked gamers (14% - TA Ratio = 2.66) 1,987

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