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    Who doesn't like ninjas...with throwing stars!

    Shinobi is a revived arcade game from one of SEGA's best known franchises. The game was ported and sequel-ized many times, and is now one of the bigger franchises of games. The XBLA port keeps the same graphics, story, and gameplay, you just don't have to put in quarters wink .

    The original Shinobi, released in 1987, was in no way, shape, or form up to par with today's graphics. The XBLA version stays true to the '87 versions graphics, giving the game a very nostalgic feel to it. The pixels are evident, and it is in 2D form. However, this does not take away from the game and gives it a look available with only a handful of games.

    The controls are pretty easy to learn, and you shouldn't have any trouble with them. The obvious move controls take no time, and the worst part is memorizing the combat controls (takes about ten seconds at least).

    Granted I have never played the arcade version, I have played arcade games before, and I can say that the sound has been kept pretty much the same, if the original Shinobi sounded the same as other games. It gives a ninja-esque feel to the entire game, and isn't too shabby to listen to if your playing the game.

    The developers also kept the original storyline present in the game. Your name is Joe Musashi, but you go by the secretive name Shinobi. You are a ninja thrust into the world of crime when you take on the job to rescue the kidnapped children of the Oboro clan. You face off with the Zeed, an organization full of quick ninjas, beefy henchmen, and bosses with crazy powers. Five bosses exist in the Zeed, and you plan on taking every one of them down. Your battles range from warehouses to boat docks to a helipad. You will fight through three or four stages, freeing hostages, killing enemies, and ultimately, facing off with one of the five bosses. Between each set of stages is a bonus round, where you have nothing to lose.

    Given the nature of the graphics and age of the game, most people won't be apt to buy it off the XBLA. I myself had never heard of the game but enjoyed the demo enough to buy it to get the full experience (and cheevos...). At any rate, the game is worth a play just to help you realize how far we've come in gaming today.

    11/17 - updated with plot info.
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    SmedsTo whomever voted negative:
    Could you please explain your reason for voting negatively after three people voted positively? Is there any criticism you could give me or are you just being a troll?
    Posted by Smeds on 16 Nov 09 at 21:46
    Tasty PastryI voted positively, but my best educated guess as to why someone would vote negatively on this one is that you didn't give enough description of what you actually do in the game. All I know from your review is that you're a ninja who throws throwing stars. Is there a plot? It's hard to do without spoilers, but it's something a lot of people want. But that's just my opinion.
    Have a good one champ.
    Posted by Tasty Pastry on 17 Nov 09 at 12:21
    SmedsAlright, thanks for the advice Tasty, I will work on that.
    Posted by Smeds on 17 Nov 09 at 20:44
    Tasty PastryLooks really good now smeds! good improvement, though as i said i voted positively before. Good stuff. have a good one.
    Posted by Tasty Pastry on 17 Nov 09 at 23:02
    SmedsThanks again man, you too.
    Posted by Smeds on 18 Nov 09 at 00:23
    Pedle ZelnipI gave your review a thumbs up as it is well written, however you left out one of the biggest aspects of the game. It's FRUSTRATING. Not so much hard due to the save system, but FRUSTRATING.

    This is one of the most frustrating games I've played in some time now. I played the game as a kid on my SMS, but the game just hasn't aged well. Not the graphics, the gameplay. This game is cheap. EXTREMELY cheap. Enemies who fire from off screen. Who literally appear out of thin air. Who will jump in the air at you and alter their trajectory MIDFLIGHT.

    The only thing this game is good for is practicing "Quit to main menu" -> "Load Game", as that's what you're going to be doing 90% of the time while playing through this.
    Posted by Pedle Zelnip on 07 Dec 09 at 21:30
    SmedsHehe, good description. Can I lie and say that I was trying to drum up some business for Microsoft :P ? At any rate, Pedle is right, it is extremely frustrating, but sometimes it is a good break from other games (cough MW2 Online cough).
    Posted by Smeds on 08 Dec 09 at 00:41
    Case Dang ItGood review, I'm thumbing you. And yes, it's frustrating as hell.
    Posted by Case Dang It on 30 Apr 11 at 18:46
    MehanizamI gave this review positive mainly you share the same feeling toward the game as i do.
    Unlike todays games(not all) Shinobi is a game of few e,tricky placed enemies(in later levels)but everything is learnable and fairly..The last level was beyond my skills so i never could beat it in arcades tho.
    I would anytime give this game a better rating then Super Shinobi or Shadow Dancer(IMO)
    Posted by Mehanizam on 24 Aug 12 at 09:11
    draibaI do love this game, but better then Super Shinobi???
    Posted by draiba on 01 Oct 12 at 15:48