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Posted on 02 August 17 at 18:16
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Sometimes I don't feel like shooting people in the face, or tearing off someone's arm to beat them with it. Those are the times when a session on this game are just about perfect.

You play as one of a number of selectable and unlockable cute characters that are drawn as if made of paper, as are the environments here. The basic premise of this game is to head down the snowy slope, dodging various obstacles and collecting leaves to gain points and paper clips which are used to unlock customisations for the characters, and the characters themselves. As is to be expected, different characters have different abilities such as double jump, or the ability to not need to duck under low obstacles.

The games is split over 3 game types, Endless Slope, Checkpoint Challenge and Chill Session. In Endless Slope, you head down the slope trying not to hit anything as 2 hits will be game over. If you've gathered enough paper clips you can opt to spend these to continue with the price increasing every time. It is in this mode that you can collect gifts that appear at points down the hill that unlock stickers. These go towards a full collection, any duplicates can be sold for paper clips.

In Checkpoint Challenge, you head down the hill against the clock, with collectables and jumps adding seconds to your timer. The goal is to get to the bottom of the slope before the timer runs out. Each character successfully guided to the bottom unlocks an achievement.

In Chill Session, most obstacles are removed, and you can still collect leaves if the mood takes you. But that's it. Maybe a little too chilled to be fun.....

There are, of course, some frustrations with this game. The left, right control is limited and at times feels inaccurate, but when you get a rhythm going, it's barely noticeable. Although there are jumps, you can't pull off tricks or stunts. SSX this is not, but then it's not looking to be.

All in all, this is a cracking little game. Currently priced at £7.99 as I write this and well worth every penny. It's all beautifully drawn, sound and music is perfectly matched to the mood of the game, and it's a lovely break from the norm.
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