1. Shred It! Walkthrough OverviewUpdate notes

Hello and welcome to my walkthrough for Shred It! This is a very simple snow boarding game, there are no fancy tricks or button combos or anything like that to complicate the game so this should be a pretty simple 1000g which I'm sure won't take too long. Because of the randomness of the stages, the order you get your achievements may differ. If you follow my guide, they will be more or less the same and my walkthrough should help you focus on what you need efficiently and likely give you a head start for other collectables.

We will only be playing two of the three game modes to get all of the achievements. These are Endless Slope and Checkpoint Challenge. There is a Chill Session mode but there aren't any achievements associated with it, so we'll ignore it. Most of the achievements will be obtained in Endless Slope mode as there is only one achievement for getting to the end of Checkpoint Challenge which should be easy enough to get in one run.

There's not really much left to say about this game, so let's get to it.

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