2. Shred It! General Hints & TipsUpdate notes

There are 5 "stages" or areas in this game. They are randomly generated and the further you progress, the more obstacles they throw at you. You'll be up against tree stumps, logs, branches, and gaping holes. You'll even come across squirrels and bears that will attempt to knock you off your board. You move using cn_LS, jump using cn_A, and slide/duck with cn_B. That's all there is for controlling.

Stages 1, 2 and 3 are very simple and shouldn't trouble you at all especially as you'll be making multiple runs and getting used to the obstacles as you go. In stage 4 there are platform jumping sections which can be tricky to begin with, but after a few runs you'll see a pattern in each section and should be able to get through them relatively easily. Stage 5 has long sections where you have to stick to the left or right hand side of the slope to stop yourself from falling down the canyon which loses you your heart piece.

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If any areas are giving you some trouble though, I'd recommend unlocking Cosmo (the astronaut looking character) who has a double jump ability. He can be unlocked by collecting 2000 leaves, 10 unique stickers and finishing Checkpoint Challenge.

The only frustrating part about this game is the sticker collection. You get stickers on Endless Slope mode only. They are in the form of a wrapped present. There are certain things to remember about collecting the stickers:

  • The sticker received will correspond to the stage you're on i.e. Stage one will give you a sticker for column one, Stage two = column two etc etc.
  • You will only receive a sticker if your heart is full. So in order to get the stickers in row 5 you'll have to get to Stage 5 with your heart intact.
  • You will receive duplicate stickers. They can be sold for paperclips (Column 1 = 10 Paperclips, column 2 = 20 paperclips, etc.)

Paperclips are the currency in this game. You will need to collect them for a couple of achievements but there are daily challenges and daily bonuses which award you paperclips too if you really need them. You will need 2600 paperclips in total to unlock a new board (100) and outfit (2500) and the rest you can do what you like with (revive or purchase other boards and outfits). Paperclips are earned by:

  • Collecting leaves, every 10 leaves gives you a paperclip
  • Jumping over an owl on a fallen log
  • Jumping just before the red lines and performing a trick at the drop
  • Jumping through the hoop at said drop
  • Grabbing the acorn before the squirrel gets there

The last thing to remember is to collect the golden feathers. There are three per Stage and collecting all of these will give you a bonus as you transition to the next stage in the form of golden leaf piles. As leaves give you paperclips its worth aiming for the feathers unless you think you'll potentially crash (i.e. Being on Endless Slope stage four and hoping for a sticker to appear on stage 5).

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