Shrek Forever After

Xbox 360

Shrek Forever After Achievements

Most Earned

Ogres Rock!
Ogres Rock!20 (20)Win the training fight in the forest (primary profile)
Green And Mean
Green And Mean10 (10)Scare an enemy as Shrek (primary profile)
Swamp Sweet Swamp
Swamp Sweet Swamp21 (20)Use the magic mirror (primary profile)
Ogre Horn
Ogre Horn10 (10)Sound-shock an enemy with Fiona (primary profile)

Least Earned

Docks Complete
Docks Complete69 (50)Complete 100% of the Docks (primary profile)
Catacombs Complete
Catacombs Complete68 (50)Complete 100% of the Catacombs (primary profile)
Dragon's Keep Complete
Dragon's Keep Complete67 (50)Complete 100% of Dragon's Keep (primary profile)
Rumpel's Palace Complete
Rumpel's Palace Complete67 (50)Complete 100% of Rumpelstiltskin's Palace (primary profile)
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