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    26 Feb 2010 06 Apr 2010
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    Shrek-n-Roll is a simple, family oriented XBox Live Arcade game. It is also one of the most maligned games on XBLA. Everyone seems to hate it. A lot.

    The game is actually not that bad. There is a ball on a plank-like thing similar to the contraption that window washers stand on. LS controls the rope holding the left side and RS controls the rope holding the right side. The goal is to move/balance the ball on the plank and get it into a special goal while avoiding obstacles and picking up bonus items like extra lives, bonus multiplier coins and special balls.

    The controls aren't half bad, though the ball tends to move suddenly until you get used to the physics. The graphics are fine for a kid-oriented game though the audio gets annoying really fast. I spent most of the game playing with the sound turned off. The levels are all really easy with the exception of the final Evil Queen levels which have a few more challenging goals.

    Multiplayer is a big waste of time. There are two modes - versus and co-op. Versus is just you playing split screen with a friend with the addition of special "dronkey" attacks that you can send to your buddy by picking up a potion. The biggest problem with this mode, besides the fact that it's boring, is that the screen is really zoomed out so it's hard to see what's going on. In co-op, you control one side of the plank and your buddy the other. This mode might be fun with some drunk friends but is otherwise not very exciting. You will probably only play these modes for the achievement points (um, actually you'll probably play the whole game just for the gamerscore).

    The achievements are very easy and everyone should have 200/200 assuming they don't fall asleep while boosting the MP or get driven insane by the repetitive audio. The single player achievements are all easy with the exception of Parfait (do the last 3 levels without losing a ball) which is only mildly challenging. The only semi-grindy achievement is to feed 100 balls to the ogre baby but you'll get that playing normally so it's not that bad. The MP achievements can be boosted locally with a second controller in about an hour.

    Overall, I thought Shrek-n-Roll wasn't half bad. The gameplay is different, if unremarkable, and there were a few goals in the Queen levels that were somewhat challenging. It's a bit of a rip-off at $10, though. $5 is probably a better price point for a game this simple. I recommend it for score whores looking for easy points and maybe the parents of young children. For everyone else, though, there are a lot of other games on XBLA that give you more bang for your $10.

    I was torn between giving this game 2 or 3 stars but finally went with 2. The game never pissed me off and I actually had some fun while playing the later levels but it just really isn't that great.
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