2. Sigi - A Fart for Melusina General hints and tipsUpdate notes

To help you complete the speedrun as fast as possible, the walkthrough itself will be limited to the required items for 100% completion. All other gameplay information is found here.

You jump with cn_A and throw your weapon with cn_X. You can kill enemies with a thrown weapon or by jumping on top of them. Picking up a tile with a golden border (except for the letter tiles) will change the kind of projectile you throw.

The small tombstones that light up with Sigi's coat of arms when you touch them are checkpoints. You will respawn at the most recent checkpoint when you die. You will probably die often, which is no cause for concern. You'll have many more lives than you need because there are several easy ways to get additional lives:

  • Grab a shield bearing Sigi's coat of arms
  • Collect 100 coins
  • Collect all 4 letters in a level

The enemies aren't anything fancy. They either walk, fly, or stay still and shoot. Spam cn_X and take them out from a distance. Snakes and spiders are too short to be hit by your base weapon so jump on or over them if you need to. There's an achievement for killing 100 zombies, but other than that, you only need to kill the baddies that are in your way. Saw blades, spikes, pendulums, and other traps will get in your way as well. They can't be destroyed so pass them carefully. Falling into water or a bottomless pit is an instant death. Everything else takes away one heart.

A few more random tips:

  • Wooden platforms and clouds will disappear quickly and permanently after you land on them. Kill yourself to reset them if they're needed to get to a letter you missed.
  • The most difficult part of the speedrun is not dying in the caves. If you do, you won't be able to go back inside and clear them. If this happens, go to level select, restart the level, and do everything all over again. You should have enough time in your speedrun to do this 2-3 times in case of emergency.
  • Don't worry about treasure chests. What's inside is usually helpful, but there's a chance an awful drumstick weapon will be inside and you don't want to accidentally pick it up. There will be plenty of food, weapons, and lives outside of chests.
  • Hitting a lantern will cause it to explode, which is great against large groups. You'll probably make use of this unintentionally more often than not.
  • Ghosts are invulnerable so just run past them

Lastly, pausing the game has been known to affect the timer differently after different updates. Currently, it seems that pausing the game will pause the timer so feel free to pause as you read from the guide.

On to the walkthrough!

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