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A quick reminder before you get started: the 100% speedrun requires you to collect all letters, all caves, and all objects in the game in one playthrough. In other words, you need to collect everything mentioned, so read carefully. Only kill things if you have to. Only collect the coins that are already on your path. Don't go out of your way for either.

Most of the letters are placed along the obvious path to the right. Details on their location will be given when they are in trickier locations, but otherwise just continue right to find them.


  1. S and I are obvious on the path to the right.
  2. Immediately after I, you'll encounter Melusina for the first time.
  3. Continue across the water to get G and I before the end.

Level 1

  1. Collect S.
  2. Be careful when you spot I. The first Cave (1/15) is on the ledge to its right and you can't drop below the I before you clear the cave. Destroy the plant on that ledge and then break the right wall to get inside.
  3. Continue right for G and I before completing the level.

Level 2

  1. Collect S.
  2. A little while after, you'll see a sign that says "Weenies". Drop into the pit right before it and attack the right wall at the bottom for a Cave (2/15).
  3. Get I inside the cave as you clear it.
  4. Continue for G and I before the end.

Level 3

  1. Collect S, I, and G.
  2. Right next to G, you'll see another "Weenies" sign. Drop down to the left of it and then break the right wall for a Cave (3/15).
  3. The second I is right above you after you enter the cave. Clear it.
  4. Use the platforms on the left side of the pit outside to get back on the path to the end of the level.

Level 4

  1. Pick up S, I, and G.
  2. When you get to the point where you can see the second I on the right side of the screen, break the left wall under a lantern for a this level's Cave (4/15). Clear it.
  3. Collect I before ending the level.

Level 5 (Boss)

The first boss, Blind John, can only be hit from behind. Use the tire to get to one of the lower two platforms and stay there to avoid his shot and charge. Right after he passes under you, drop down and keep hitting his back when he crashes into the wall. When he turns around, return to one of the platforms. Repeat until he's finished. There will be a few other enemies that join in during the fight; quickly take them out when they get in your way. Remember that there are no letters or caves in boss levels.

Level 6

  1. Collect S and I.
  2. When you get to the single tire on a platform moving vertically, use it to bounce up to the top left ledge. Break the left wall for the Cave (5/15).
  3. G is above you when you enter the cave.
  4. Outside, move to the right of the "Weenies" sign. You'll see an orange glow at the base of the nearby tree. Break it and then collect the golden grail that drops.
  5. Continue for I, then reach the end of the level.

Level 7

  1. Get S and I.
  2. Continue until you see a small platform moving vertically. Break the wall on the ledge on the right for the Cave (6/15). Navigate this cave carefully.
  3. Once you're through, ride the moving platform all the way to the top for some raised platforms where you'll find G.
  4. Make your way across the clouds to the right to drop through I and then finish the level.

Level 8

  1. When you see S, drop to the lower left ledge and break the right wall for the Cave (7/15). Clear it carefully.
  2. Collect all four easily-spotted letters on the way to the end.

Level 9

  1. Collect S.
  2. When you see the next letter, you need to go left to hop into a cannon.
  3. Pick up the I and then drop off the right side and break the left wall for the Cave (8/15). Clear it with a well-timed jump.
  4. Get G and I (I is on your last cannon jump) on your way to the finish.

Level 10 (Boss)

This boss battle is just as easy as the first. You can only damage the Steel Horse by jumping and hitting the top of its chimney. You'll need to get really close to it for your attacks to connect. After it backs up all the way to the right, it will start charging toward you. When it's about to do so, move all the way to the left and stand next to the water. It can't run into you here. Start attacking again as soon as he stops. A few fireballs will come at you, but they aren't hard to dodge. Once again, additional foes will annoy you, but they are easily dealt with.

Level 11

  1. Collect the S.
  2. A little bit after, you'll come across a moving platform next to a skull-topped tombstone shooting bones at you. Destroy it and then jump over to the clouds above the moving platform to find the I.
  3. Right after jumping into the I and falling, drop down into the ditch left of the tombstone below and destroy the right wall for the Cave (9/15). Clear it.
  4. Continue right for the G and the I before the end.

Level 12

  1. Pick up the S and I while avoiding several traps.
  2. After all the swinging pendulum traps, you'll drop down to a ledge with a tombstone. DO NOT jump over to the "Weenies" sign yet. Break the wall to the left of you for the Cave (10/15) and pass through for G.
  3. Grab the I on the way to the end.

Level 13

  1. Collect the S and the I.
  2. Soon after the I, you'll stumble across ledges forming a staircase of sorts. The first step above ground level has the Cave (11/15) on the right wall.
  3. The G is inside the cave.
  4. Exit the cave and catch the I up in some clouds after a large body of water, shortly before the end.

Level 14

  1. Get the S.
  2. There's a pendulum soon after it with a pit to its right. The Cave (12/15) is on the right wall at the bottom of the pit.
  3. I is inside the cave.
  4. The G and I can't be missed on your way to the finish line.

Level 15 (Boss)

The third boss showdown is only slightly more difficult. Shoot at Kolles Terrol as soon as you can. The ledge you're on will rise, at which point you need to use the moving platform to get to the opposite ledge, dodging fries all the while. Once on the other ledge, shoot at him until you are raised once again. Keep repeating until he's fried (a second time).

There is a faster method if you have lives to spare, which you likely do at this point. You can drop down onto the platform Kolles Terrol is on to shoot him at point-blank range. This will allow you to damage him faster, but there's no way to get off the platform and no room to dodge so you'll almost surely die if you can't kill him first. You can take him out more hastily this way while only losing a life or two.

Level 16

  1. Near the start of this level, you'll encounter a tree with an apple hanging from its branch. Grab it.
  2. Get the S and the I.
  3. Right next to the I will be a left wall with a saw blade running up and down. Break the wall for a Cave (13/15). Dodge the saw blade to get in.
  4. Inside the cave, get G before jumping into the cannon.
  5. Outside the cave, continue for an easy I and then the end.

Level 17

  1. When you reach the second tombstone checkpoint, you'll see clouds above and to the left. Get the S up that way.
  2. The remaining three letters are easy to see as you make your way through the level. There is no cave.

Level 18

  1. Get the S and the I.
  2. Continue until you find a house. Break the chimney for the golden talisman.
  3. Right after the house, you'll see a path of clouds leading up. DO NOT jump towards the next letter or the cannon on the right until you jump up to the higher left ledge above the clouds, enter the Cave (14/15) behind the left wall.
  4. Get the G inside the cave.
  5. Get the I outside before going through the cannon to complete the level.

Level 19

  1. Tread carefully as you collect S, I, and G.
  2. Above the G, there's a silver crown. Use the nearby tire to jump up and break the crown to reveal the golden crown, pick it up.
  3. At the bottom of the hill on the right, drop into the pit and break the left wall for the final Cave (15/15). The 'Cave Man' achievement will unlock at the end of the game.
  4. Inside the cave, don't go all the way through yet. Toward the end, you'll see a waterfall on the top right. Tire bounce up to that area to unveil a second room in the cave. Get the golden lady at the end of the path. Return to the previous room and exit.
  5. Get the I, the very last letter in the game, before the end of the level. The 'Collector at Heart' achievement will unlock at the end of the game.

Level 20 (Boss)

Now it's time to rescue Melusina. The final boss, Ivan Stinkup, can also only be hit from behind. It isn't always easy to tell which way he is facing, but generally it's the same direction he's shooting. You want to stay fairly close to him so you're ready to run under him when he jumps and start firing away at his back. When he raises his arms, he'll prepare to send some glowing saw blades your way. When this happens, back up a little bit so you can time your jumps over the whirling weapons. Be warned that touching Ivan is an instant death, but you should have more than enough lives to handle him. This fight will be longer than those previous. Hang in there until he goes down and watch out for a few enemies that might join the fight.

If you end the game with 100% completion in under 30 minutes, you'll get the 'Score 100%' achievement. If not, think of the sections that slowed you down and become more familiar with them before trying again. If it's a missed collectible or cave that kept you, you should be able to tell what you missed (or at least what type of thing you missed) by checking which achievements you didn't obtain. Make a mental note of it for your next attempt.

The only achievements left are three cumulative ones. You will have almost surely unlocked the '100 Zombies' and 'Coin Hoarder' achievements in your first run, and you should be fairly close to the 'Gold Rush' achievement even if you weren't focused on coins. Fortunately, your progress on these totals isn't limited to one playthrough. Simply replay the levels until you have what you need. Level 6 is a good one for both coins and zombies.

Congratulations on the completion! Good luck in your future achievement hunting endeavors!

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