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    A great buy for newcomers and fans alike.

    The Silent Hill HD Collection includes both Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3 with new voice acting and brand spanking new HD sounds and graphics. Although what confused me is that it never included the very first Silent Hill in HD.

    Released around the same time with the latest installment on the Silent Hill Franchise, Silent Hill Downpour. This is a great package that all gamers should have in their gaming collection. The two Silent Hill games that are included in this bundle are by far the greatest and scariest horror games ever made, with dark corridors, strange monsters and a host of weird, dark and quirky characters.

    Silent Hill 2.
    The story of Silent Hill 2 starts off when James gets a mysterious letter from his dead wife asking him to come and meet her in Silent Hill. Curious as to who really sent the letter, James goes to Silent Hill to investigate but finds out Silent Hill is a abandoned town with few remaining survivors left in this hellish town that is plagued by monsters.

    Silent Hill 3.
    The story of Silent Hill 3 starts off with Heather the main character in a mall. She wakes up after having a dream about monsters, she then goes to leave the mall finding it now abandoned an empty except for a cop and a woman named Claudia, with monsters infesting the mall. Claudia claims that Heather is salvation and then mysteriously disappears, the only way to find out what is going on is to go to the ghost town called Silent Hill where the mysterious Claudia awaits.

    Pro's. smile
    - Two games in one!
    - Both games have a really good powerful and emotional story behind them.
    - Two of the greatest horrors ever made.
    - Brand new voice acting. (You can still listen to the original voice acting in Silent Hill 2 but not Silent Hill 3.)
    - Revamped cult classics return.

    Cons. angry
    - The new sounds can crackle instead of sounding how their meant to sound. Example, when using the machine gun in Silent Hill 3 all your can hear is crackling instead of the machine guns sound effect.
    - Frame rate issues. When unlocking achievements the frame rate drops to about 1 - 3 frames per second, but after roughly a minute it fixes itself. It can also do it randomly whilst playing the game, and it always manages to do it on the ranking page for your stats once you've completed the game.
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    JoeCool7835While I agree that both of these games are great, this collection really is just for newcomers who don't have a PS2 in the house. The HD upgrade is almost negligible, and the redone sound and voice are poor compared to the originals.

    What surprises me is that, while I understand the original not being here (PS1 graphics on an HDTV? Talk about ugly!), they didn't include "Silent Hill 4: The Room" which was unfairly ignored when it first released. :-(
    Posted by JoeCool7835 on 17 Jun 12 at 02:01
    VoltFieberNice Review: 100% agree with the Pros & Cons!

    If you want something even more scary then Silent Hill try (Forbbiden) Siren 1-3.
    Those Games are too from TeamSilent and really giving you the creeps. ;)
    Posted by VoltFieber on 17 Jun 12 at 03:41
    xBrushedRedxAgreed.. I regret to this day trading in my PS2. It was the greatest console ever made, after N64 that is. I miss it so much and had some amazing memories and games on that thing! I still love my Xbox, don't get me wrong, but I didn't know how much I'd miss my PS2
    Posted by xBrushedRedx on 18 Jun 12 at 19:53
    NeonCthulhuCultOne of the best purchases ive ever made and never plan on trading or selling. Better than The MGS collection.
    Posted by NeonCthulhuCult on 07 Jul 12 at 22:29
    Homunculus FuryI really wish I didn't trade in my copies of Silent Hill 2 or Silent Hill 3. I'm going to end up buying them again. Great review. By the sound of it the sound and some frame rate issues are the only problems? I qualified for the exchange program from Konami and trying to decide what to do
    Posted by Homunculus Fury on 18 Aug 12 at 17:07
    Shinerbock88I've been a Silent Hill fans since the first was released on the PS1. I remember playing the demo (I *think* it came with MGS or in OPM, I can't remember) and I absolutely could not wait for the game and SH1 remains the best SH IMO. I've been a huge fan ever since, so this was a must buy for me.

    That said, does anyone else feel that absolutely nothing was done with Silent Hill 2 graphically in the HD Collection? I'd compare the 360 version with the PS2 version, but my PS2 and games are in storage at the moment. I'd go as far to even say that SH2 looks worse than the PS2 version. The cutscenes definitely look worse. The game looks terrible IMO.

    SH3 is good though. It looks about what I remember on the PS2 version. Maybe a little better. This one looks like it got the HD upgrade.

    Overall, I'd say the HD version was pretty poorly done. It's challenging to get all the achievements though and both games are great, so definitely worth buying if you haven't played them before. If you have played them before and still own the PS2 version, play that.

    The MGS HD Collection blows this one away in terms of being remastered though. I don't understand how NeonCthuluCult can say that it isn't haha. I respect everyone's opinion, but the evidence is right there before our eyes. If SH2 was as good as SH3, I wouldn't agree either, but I wouldn't argue the point. No way is this better than MGS HD in terms of upgrades. Not even close.

    Back to my 10 star run haha.
    Posted by Shinerbock88 on 15 Feb 13 at 11:00
    DovahkiinI had the Silent Hill 2 Directors Cut with the Bonus DVD when it first came out... absolutely loved in and then asked my mother to take some games to trade in for me when I was at school... she picked up the wrong one and traded it... GUTTED!!... One of my favourite games ever. SO SO SO happy they made this, even though I agree with the comments above that the new voices are AWFUL compared the the originals, can't quite understand why they bothered but jeez what a game!! 5 Stars!!
    Posted by Dovahkiin#3064 on 19 Feb 14 at 10:42
    Undead ShroomI'm cringing reading these reviews and comments of people giving this 5 stars. Easily one of the worst "HD" Collections ever made. PS2 versions of both games blow these remade editions out of the water. Even visually. The fog effect, arguably the most atmospheric and important parts of the games (particularly SH2) is completely broken. Glitches are abundant (X360 version did not receive a patch like PS3 did). The formerly gripping CG cutscenes are not retrieved in their original format, instead they opted to use the BINK format used for PC but rendered them at the wrong size so everyone's faces are stretched out and it just doesn't look good. On top of the horrific new voice acting. Which is only in the game because Konami did not want to pay the original actors royalties for their work for re-releases. The only worse released collections like this one is the Zone of the Enders HD collection that was unsurprisingly made by the same crap studio. These games were classics that should have never been messed with, Team Silent meticulously put these games together the way they did for a reason. Konami took their biggest cash cow, put it in the hands of an amateur unknown studio, allowed them to completely butcher both titles (a new script was almost written for both games ???) and released it to the public, because Konami knows Silent Hill titles sell. Just play on 1080p on PC if you want to see these games in HD, or better yet, play the originals on the PS2. This collection flat out sucks.
    Posted by Undead Shroom on 27 Mar 17 at 20:08
    HaarbergerWho the f*$^ turns on the remade voices anyway, be purists and go with how it was supposed to be to begin with.
    Posted by Haarberger on 07 Sep 17 at 20:01
    Elite Gamerfriends good afternoon blz, friend u could help me with a problem i am having with this game? the problem is this i'm playing the Silent Hill hd Collection version of the retro xbox 360 on the xbox one, in that part of the game at the hospital there is a box with several locks ... I got all the keys and the code there when I go open the box and open all the padlocks and put the code of a cg with the one without the padlocks, but it stays on this screen and the scene n continues showing the box open after that point and I have already repeated this process by returning the previous save and making several combinations different in order to open the box but simply the box n opened, I know it must be some know how to solve this? The problem is that without opening the box to get the hair I can't continue the game and I really wanted to have it reset on my xbox one relp.
    Posted by Elite Gamer on 11 Jul 20 at 18:51