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    So, Silent Hill finally makes its way to the Xbox360. "Oh, sweet!", I hear you exclaim, but is it really? Well, yes...mostly. As a die-hard veteran of the Silent Hill franchise on PC, this game was a must have for me and I bought it on release day. Read on to see if you should rent it instead.

    The story revolves around Alex Shepherd, the town of Shepherd's Glen and, of course, Silent Hill. Alex returns to Shepherd's Glen guessed it...find his creepy kid brother who keeps running off ahead of him throughout the game. So if you're ready, dear reader, let's break it down.

    ***Game Bug/Glitch Alert***
    This game on the Xbox360 is buggier than a porch light on a hot June night in Georgia. Provided below is a link to a most excellent walkthrough by Berserker_Kev and is provided with his permission. I take no credit for this guide, but I can guarantee you that it will not only help you through the game, but help you avoid any known or suspected bugs/glitches as well.

    Survival Horror

    As you might expect, you control Alex from the third-person and he moves just lethargically enough to keep your teeth on edge during monster encounters. Speaking of which, there are a whole bevy of new and dementedly twisted monsters for you to encounter, as well as some old favorites that have been revamped a bit (can you say "Nurses"?) The story is detailed and quite good, although stretched a bit thin in places, but hey, this is Silent Hill we're talking about, right? The story flows smoothly, as does the gameplay. There are five possible endings to the game, and all are dependent on various choices you make during the game. The game is a bit short for a title of this nature and can be completed in 4 to 6 hours. The bugs and glitches also bring the gameplay down quite a lot. Also, I don't really know how to put this, and I can't even put a finger on why, but this game just doesn't give me that feeling of impending terror that I got from the PC titles. Don't get me wrong, there a few points during the game that may cause you to wet your pants. I just don't get that overwhelming sense of dread that I got from the other games. I really wanted that feeling of an icy hand closing around your heart and ripping it out between your ribs while...never mind. Suffice it to say that, as a long-time fan, it's just a bit of a let down.
    Rating: 3/5 stars

    The control scheme for the game is very basic and intuitive, and works exceedingly well for melee combat, which is most of what you will be doing. You'll have a choice of a knife, a pipe, and a fire axe, all of which can be upgraded later. For firearms, you'll come across the standard pistol, shotgun and rifle, upgradable as well. You'll also be equipped with the by now standard flashlight and monstrosity-detecting radio. After completing the game once, and depending on which ending you get, you'll also be able to acquire a ginormous Circular Saw (Sweet!) and a Laser Pistol (it rocks, trust me). The game is a bit picky, however, about displaying the button prompts for climbing ladders/ledges, opening doors and interacting in general.
    Rating: 4/5 stars

    The musical score for the game, by Akira Yamaoka, is outstanding and does an excellent job of conveying mood, tension, etc. Sound effects are well done and very creepy, especially the one you hear occasionally of an enormous blade being dragged across the floor by...he who's pyramid-shaped head shall not be named.
    Rating: 4/5 stars

    The graphics are well done with no obvious technical flaws, but beware of bugs/glitches unless you just really want to play the entirety of the game in near-total darkness despite your flashlight. The game does not, however, exploit the capabilities of the Xbox360, and facial graphics are a bit poor. My wife says everyone looks like they are wearing over-sized dentures...and she's pretty much right. I will say that the real-time changes to Hell-state are very cool, and the new batch of monsters were designed by a very unwell mind, indeed.
    Rating: 3/5 stars



    There is a bit of replayability here due to the multiple endings, although these can be obtained more quickly by playing from a saved game just before your first critical choice. You can also have a bit of fun with the new weapons and such, but realistically, there's just not much to keep you going beyond a couple of playthroughs.
    Rating: 2/5 stars

    ScoHo Info:
    There are a nice number of achievements (32) in the game with no grinds or really difficult tasks, etc. This game is definitely a quick and easy 1,000 gs. I highly recommend doing your first playthrough on Normal difficulty and be sure to get Ending 5 (the UFO ending). This will give you the Laser Pistol early on in your second playthrough. The Laser Pistol makes even Hard difficulty embarrassingly easy. All achievements are obtainable through gameplay as well. There are three collection achievements, but they are very easy and you won't have to go out of your way to complete them.
    Rating: 5/5 stars

    What you really end up with here is a decent game, albeit a short and buggy one. While it is a Silent Hill game, it somehow just isn't quite the Silent Hill I remember so fondly from my many nights sitting in front of my PC with the lights the pitch black...alone.

    Overall Rating: 3.5/5 stars

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    Kbeau73Really good review. I didn't actually read this until finishing the game but was curious what other gamers had to say on it. I don't think I've ever played any of the Silent Hills games but I believe your review was spot on. I've enjoyed it and it definitely creeped me out at time. I'm going to replay it for the achievements but from what I've read, it's going to be really easy with the laser pistol. Once again, job well done. Great review.
    Posted by Kbeau73 on 11 Nov 13 at 19:43
    WeisGuy9Thanks! I always welcome and appreciate comments. Especially the good ones! laugh
    Posted by WeisGuy9 on 12 Nov 13 at 17:52
    HerrKätzchen"The story flows smoothly, as does the gameplay." This is where I stopped reading and downvoted.
    Posted by HerrKätzchen on 02 Sep 14 at 21:33
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    It all sounds very tempting doesn't it. Silent Hill ( Home-Coming ) on the XBOX 360.

    This game can be finished 100% within a week with no rush.

    Alex Shepherd has returned home in search of his missing brother but to find him Alex will have to journey into the heart of evil and survive the horrors of Silent Hill.

    So nothing has changed from the old S.Hs like constantly chasing kids through misty graveyards and such except for the real time world interchanges.

    Oh!! and the all-new music from acclaimed composer Akira Yamaoka (stated proudly on the back casing)? Don't ask i have never heard of this dude and i live in Japan.

    At first i was very excited about playing this and set myself up offline and in the dark. Don't get me wrong there were moments when i jumped and got cold chills but it wasn't long before i treated the game just like any other game. I think F.E.A.R. is the scariest game to play but that doesn't let you get 1000Gs.

    "So is it a good game or not?" i hear you cry !

    Yes it grows on you and once you know what your doing it's actually quite fun. The best feature is the story and all the little bits and bobs they add. If you are a Silent Hill fan then you are going to cream every little crook and cranny in this game.

    Puzzles are a pain as usual but there isn't as many as in the old games and the achievements are frequent enough to keep you wanting more. All achievements can be done off-line.

    There are 5 different endings all worth 50Gs plus finishing on Hard will net you 100Gs and Hard can be done from the off-set. (although not advised) Incidentally you don't have to play the whole game 5 times as you can save well past half way before any decisions are made and reload your saves.

    One of the endings will award you a laser gun with unlimited ammo that you will get on your next play through. (U.F.O. ending) i have added the details of how to obtain this in the solutions.

    Is it worth buying? or renting?

    Well that's pretty obvious as once you get 1000Gs it's curtains and the show is over so renting is good but when i sold this i got good cash for it.

    I would like to add that using a guide for the 3 sets of collectables isn't such a dumb idea but i would play it once without just for fun. 4 hours for a whole play-through.

    Have fun and watch those corners !!

    Berserker Kev has a guide on Game spot and game/faq. Trust me his guides are really funny and well written and are a pleasure to read. Even if you just use his guide for the puzzles you will enjoy the way he portraits everything.
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    Since its inception, I have always followed the Silent Hill franchise. Pixelated zombie children and convoluted puzzles that made you scramble to find a walkthrough were the epitome of survival horror for me. With the exception of part four, the creators have consistently built upon every portion of the series from the storyline to the combat. This is the culmination of that improvement.

    Alex Shepherd is going home to Shepherd's Glenn. Unfortunately for him, he won't be greeted with Rice Krispie squares and Tang but a terrible town secret of which he has no clue. Thus the story begins. The good news, though, is that the rough and tumble lifestyle he has acquired from the military has prepared him, mostly, for what he is about to encounter.

    The combat system has evolved drastically since the last few entries. It seems as though cues have been taken from more recent games such as God of War and Force Unleashed. There are now two types of attacks: a strong attack and weak attack. These can be chained together to form combos, as well. If Alex should become caught in the grasp of an enemy it triggers a button-mashing sequence. When this is all combined with comprehensible evasion techniques, the result works incredibly well but can feel wooden at times.

    Like most others of its genre, the ending is dependent upon moral choices made within the game. These can range from regaining your faith in humanity to just plain insulting. The best part about this is that all of the choices that need to be made occur toward the end of the game allowing you to save and retry for a different ending.

    Fans of survival horror will probably find a comfortable niche in this installment with the exception of the combat system, but those who prefer more action and less adventure should stick to Resident Evil 5 and its DLC.
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    Silent Hill: Homecoming is the latest title in the popular Silent Hill survival-horror series and is the first home console version to be developed outside of Japan. While its heavier focus on action as opposed to psychological horror may annoy longtime Silent Hill fans, Homecoming has enough worthwhile stuff in it to make it worth a play or two.

    Homecoming starts off with your character, Alex Shepherd, waking up in a creepy abandoned hospital with no idea how he got there. Shepherd, a former soldier (or is he?) soon finds himself trying to track down his younger brother. The trail leads back to the very foggy Shepherd's Glen, Alex's hometown. The sleepy burg has seen better days: most of its citizens are missing, and monsters are crawling around the streets. From this jumping off point, Alex sets out in search of answers.

    What follows is a very linear trek through a variety of abandoned and spooky locales, like graveyards, old hotels, a prison, a police station, and so on. Puzzles pop up from time to time; dark secrets are revealed; a radio crackles to signify the presence of evil; film grain plays across the screen; there are more locked and stuck doors than there were in Undying; and the entire game makes Doom 3 look overlit.

    And despite the title, most of the game doesn't even take place in Silent Hill, but rather Shepherd's Glen. You do pay a visit to the fog-enshrouded titular town towards the end of the game, though.

    Silent Hill: Homecoming's plot takes a while to get going, not really picking up steam until the second half of the game. The story is decent, but fairly predictable and there's not much ambiguity to it; most of the time the designers are content to just spell everything out for the player. To make up for this, there are lots of fan-service moments and gratuitous cameos from the earlier games, as well as some references to the Silent Hill movie.

    Since Silent Hill: Homecoming is a horror game, it needs monsters and boss creatures to fight/run away from. The beasties in Homecoming are impressively-designed, if not particularly original in appearance; most of them look like they'd be more at home in The Thing. Combat is well-handled in Homecoming, with players being able to lock onto enemies with the left trigger and strike, evade, and counter-attack easily. Most of the fighting is done via melee weapons; Homecoming has numerous guns, but not many bullets. All the monsters have obvious attack patterns, which makes the fighting rote after a while. Still, the combat controls are fairly fluid and intuitive, and the real-time damage that appears on enemies is a nice touch.

    One other note about the controls: while on the whole Homecoming's control scheme is solid, for some reason you can invert the aiming camera, but not the free-look camera. This is dumb, especially if you're used to inverting the Y-axis in all your games.

    Homecoming hits most of the right survival-horror notes but the game isn't scary, even though it works extra-hard with disturbing ambient sound effects; ominous music; some jump scares; fog-cloaked streets; and lots and lots of darkness. What doesn't help is the fact that the monsters are really easy to defeat once you figure out the their individual "tells." Still, the game is atmospheric and the climatic moments are effective.

    All told, it will take about a dozen hours to get through Silent Hill: Homecoming on the Normal difficulty setting. There are five different endings, all based on a few decisions you make late in the game. Fortunately, if you save your game at the right place (the second save spot in the prison) you can experience them all - and get the achievements for seeing them - without having to play the game from start to finish five times. Each ending also features unlockables like costumes for Alex and a couple of weapons, one of which totally takes all the challenge out of the combat and turns the game into a cakewalk on even the hardest difficulty setting.

    Silent Hill: Homecoming has 32 Xbox 360 achievements, and most players will get around 25 on their first playthrough. The achievements consist mostly of finding collectibles; defeating bosses; seeing all the endings; discovering certain weapons; and completing the game. Most of them are pretty easy to pick up.

    Silent Hill: Homecoming is a fairly good survival-horror game that does a respectable job of maintaining the standards of the series without really trying to improve on them in any major way. This makes it more of a sideways step than a step forward, but the game is still worth a try.
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    I have played almost every Silent Hill game, the only games that i still don´t play is Origins and Shattered Memories, and the arcades...

    Well i´ve played this game almost 100%, i still dont unlock the costume with the konami code, but i have the 32 achievements by the time i make this review, so here i go...

    Homecoming is the sequel of the horror series Silent Hill, you take control of Alex Sheperd, a soldier who is wounded in combat and is going home, to only discover that his disturbing dreams are coming true, his brother Josh is missing, is up to Alex (the player, means you) to find him and find out what is going on.

    First lets talk about the good things...


    What makes a Silent Hill game a game, is the story, in the other entries even the gameplay doesn´t matter, but actually a true classic has everything good, even the loading screens!!!, so many Silent Hill core fans don´t like this game because of the story, because the game was developed by a non-japanese developer, the story unfolds different from the other entries, many talked about that the series got too western like, but in a matter of fact, it is a good story.


    Homecoming has a good gameplay, there are some action cutscenes, where the player have to type very fast a button in order to progress in the game, the combat is well implemented, you will kick ass in no time because of that, but if you let the enemy take a breath, it will kick your butt in no time, so you will have to time your moves perfectly,but dont worry even that can be done with practice.


    The game have good graphics but it has some bugs, like getting darken in some areas, i was thinking about another review ( that it was poor descicion of desing, but in a matter of fact, its more like a bug and i´m writting this because i´ve reloaded some other saves in other areas and then reloaded the areas that have the problem and then i can see perfectly well. The scenarios are too dark, it was to mean to be dark, but with the bug, you cant see a thing, neither the character and get ambushed by the enemies, without the bug, you can see places that are scary and distant silouttes that move in the dark, and you can see what is going on and where are you going to.


    The game has 32 achievements in total, all of them are easily to get, if you play the game just because of the achievements, you will spare like 2 or 3 weeks to get all of them. But Silent Hill is more than just the achievements, is about the story, the monsters, the analisys of the plot, etc.

    With that wrote, let´s write about the nasty things, the bad things...

    1) The story is a bit different of the other, it perfoms well, but not like the others, and here is why: many details in the story are related to the main character, like the monsters, the bosses, etc. In Homecoming that doesn´t happen.

    2) The story is very solid, it doesn´t left anything on loose, but if you´re going to put the Silent Hill name on the package, you have to let something for the player to think about, didn´t you watch “2001: a Space Oddisey”?. Silent Hill doesn´t finish when you get the game disc out of the console, it gives you something to think about and make some reflections. Even in subsecuent playthroughs you discover more things and make yourself an opinion of the story or even change your perspective about the story.

    3) The gameplay here is good, this game and SH1, have a good combat mechanics, but the hardcore fans belive that this is not a good thing, it´s a BAD thing, why?, because some of them argue that the other kind of gameplay, make feel the player very vulnerable to the monsters, but actually i found it pretty annoying, in Homecoming you can get an instant revenge on the monster who attack you, but only if you master the combat system of the game, so if you think that you are a killing machine on your first playthrough, you will be dissapointed, yes you will kill some enemies very fast, but some others like the Siams, requieres at least save ammo for a combat with them and think about a strategy when it comes a fight. With the other and older system you can get killed even by insects!!!, so Homecoming have solved that.

    4) The Music is not as memmorable as other entries, it´s okay, sometimes you can feel it is out of place or situation, but it has one or two good tunes.

    5) It´s a Silent Hill game, if you noted the above points, you will realize that this game have very little to do with Silent Hill, perhaps just the name on the package is the only thing that has truly something to do with Silent Hill, still it´s a nice game, but it could be better called: Shepherd´s Glenn´s Nightmare or maybe Deadly Search, Deadly Sins or even just Homecoming, and leave the Silent Hill reference in the story as is in the game could be pretty cool.

    6) But the worst thing of the game and maybe the reason to think to stay away from this title is the technical dificulties, we are talking about a software, console software, wich is easy to develop compared to the PC, so a bug in the consoles are not easy to forgive, the last thing you will wait about a console game are technical difficulties, and that´s because you don´t have to worry about requirements or outdated hardware, you just put your game in the console and play until you say "enough", even patches are garbage, why?, because you don´t have to think about how your software will perfom in most of the machines out there, in consoles, patches to fix problems are just an excuse for the publishers and developers to release software that can even not work with the system... In my opinion this is the only bad thing of the game and that is because the developer never worried about a patch to fix this game, no matter if their product didn´t sell well, it´s about ethic, if you are going to do something, you have to make it good.

    As you can see this games could be a great one, at least it deserves your attention, you probably think about a rental before buy it. All in all, i find this game enjoyable, the technicals difficulties almost ruin my experience, but i heard from other people that this problem is not for everyone and it has something to do with your TV, so maybe you have luck and don´t have any technical problem with this game.

    I give it 4 stars just because the technical issues...

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    Silent Hill: Homecoming is the fifth console game in the franchise and shares only a passing resemblance to the previous entries.

    SH:H takes heavy influence from the 2006 film, including enemy design, needless appearance of Pyramid Head and even some of the back story worked into the game itself.

    As opposed to the puzzle solving, run from the monsters, and tension of the previous games, SH:H focused on combat with light puzzle solving. The puzzles themselves are few and fare between and easily solved, with most needed items not more then a few steps in your immediate area.

    Enemies themselves are plentiful and generally require you to dispatch them as the majority will pursue you without fail. (and in smaller areas you don't even have the option of fleeing). Boss battles however are challenging and require you to think about the setting and situation before engaging in combat.

    The graphics are average and really look almost last gen in points. Character designs are ok, despite very creepy teeth and eyes, but they serve the job though some odd glitches are noticeable at times.

    There are a few killer bugs scattered thoughout so it is sometimes worthwhile to refer to a FAQ to know areas to save before proceeding into. (the Hell House is notorious for game breakers)

    The story itself isn't bad however, with a nice twist at the end, though admittingly one which causes a massive plot hole as to some explanations for certain character traits. The voice work is above average though and the music is sufficiently creepy.

    The game is a bit short, with all five endings possible within 12 hours. It is still a fun game though and worth taking a few hours to play, the fact it has hit the discount rack is also a bonus.
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    You are Alex Shepherd, a soldier whose return home uncovers that his little brother and father are both missing. The game is about searching for them, particularly the brother (who is seen constantly by Alex but is ever out-of-reach), first in Shepherd's Grove (Alex's home town) and later in Silent Hill.

    Now, this is the first Silent Hill game I've ever played. My only other experience with Silent Hill was the movie. As such, I cannot and will not be comparing this game to the previous incarnations. My review is exclusively focused on how Homecoming holds up as a standalone game.

    Graphics/Sound (9/10)
    Graphically, this game is top-notch. The production values really show throughout the game, from the suffocating fog effects to the chilling real-time transition from the real world to "Otherworld"...much as the movie had done. The monstrosities encountered are diverse and creepy. All-in-all, this game looks horrific, and really puts one in the mood of a survival horror. My only real fault to the graphics is sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish monster from background. I don't mean in proper areas, such as thick fog, I mean literally the colors just look too similar. It was a very minor frustration, though.

    Audio quality was excellent. The entire tenor is chilling and very atmospheric. It's subtle and it executes its job well, and that's all I ask of audio.

    Controls (3/10)
    The 360 controls are laid out in a pretty standard format, and most gamers won't have any issue with button layout and the like. I found targeting monsters somewhat frustrating at times, that Alex was a bit "clunky", but I think it was walking a tightrope between precision and a sort of realism (for lack of a better word), and most of the time it walked that line just fine.

    I do, however, substantially down-rate the controls for one key reason: no Y-axis inversion. Many gamers, such as myself, always use Y-axis inversion (it comes from flight sims and FPS games on the PC for many of us). The 360 is great in that we can set the machine to tell all games we default to an inverted Y-axis. It didn't work for Homecoming. I figured the game just didn't support the default command for some reason, and went into the controls to change it manually. There was no option to do so.

    Checking with the developer, it came to light that no one who play-tested it used Y-inversion, and so they neglected to put it in. That's fine...except they also refused to patch it in. That's just lazy. This game will turn off a lot of players over the control setup; I even tried playing with the controller upside-down. In this day and age, there's just no excuse for the lack of inversion, especially when patching on consoles is viable. Very disappointing.

    Story (7/10)
    I don't know how well this story fits in to the entire Silent Hill mythos, but as a stand-alone story I thought it was good, albeit somewhat generic with several elements. I felt pretty adrift early on (as I assume the intention was), very unclear as to why everything was happening like it did. Alex wasn't nonplussed at the monsters he was meeting, which I found odd. The story really improves towards the second half of the game, however, where all the answers start to come rapid-fire and the real, horrific truth of it all finally confronts the player.

    Replay Value (6/10)
    As this has no multiplayer, the replay value comes from ways to motivate multiple campaign play-throughs. Achievements drive this, but the job they do isn't particularly strong. Almost everything can be achieved in a single play-through. There are five endings, and which one you get depends on the combination of morality choices you are faced with (there are three choices in the game, with two possibilities each time). While seeing the impact of the choices does provide different cut-scenes during those moments, other than the endings themselves you end up seeing everything in as little as two runs (one answering one way for all the choices, the other answering the opposite for each).

    Given that all the morality choices happen after the halfway point, those interested in the achievements will look up the choices they need and use saves to cut down on time and get through it. This makes short work of the endings and dodges replaying most of the game (which doesn't change at all from play-through to play-through).

    There is a hard mode, but if one does the UFO ending then that permits subsequent runs to access a powerful weapon that turns hard-mode into a total joke (even the bosses). I played the UFO ending on my first, normal run and then did all the others on hard because it just didn't matter anymore. Hard-mode is only going to be a challenge for someone who doesn't know and access the UFO ending.

    As such, there's a bit more replay value here than the average single-player-only game, but not much, and most of it will likely be boring achievement-grinding.

    "Fun" Factor (4/10)
    Overall, the game's fun was a little below average for me. I loved the graphics and sound, and really enjoyed the story, too. The needed replaying for the other endings was just tedious and dull, and the hard setting probably wasn't worth including. Coupled with the flaw of no Y-inversion option, I just couldn't really enjoy myself very much. It's not a bad game, but I hope in a future version (should they make one) that they learn and improve off of this version.

    Overall score average: 5.8

    Score-to-Star Translation Guide:
    5 stars: 9.01 to 10 (out of 10)
    4.5 stars: 8.01 to 9
    4 stars: 7.01 to 8
    3.5 stars: 6.01 to 7
    3 stars: 5.01 to 6
    2.5 stars: 4.01 to 5
    2 stars: 3.01 to 4
    1.5 stars: 2.01 to 3
    1 star: 1.01 to 2
    0.5 stars: 0 to 1
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    SH Homecoming

    Silent Hill Homecoming ist der fünte Teil einer der beliebtesten Schocker-Game-Reihen aller Zeiten! Aber zum ersten Mal seit Beginn ist nicht mehr „Team Silent“ für das Spiel verantwortlich, sondern ein neues Studio hat sich dem Projekt angenommen. Ob es Foundation 9 Entertaiment und Double Helix geschafft haben, das Spiel so hinzukriegen, dass alle Fans und Schocker-Freunde wieder beruhigt zugreifen können, erfahrt ihr in diesem Review!

    Alt, aber trotzdem Neu…
    Vorneweg, Fans von gruseligen Horror- und Schockeffekten können beruhigt sein. Silent Hill Homecoming hat keine abwegige Neuerung und passt sich nahtlos der Reihe an! Die neuen Entwickler-Teams haben gar nicht erst versucht, etwas Eigenständiges auf die Beine zu stellen, eher das Gegenteil ist der Fall. Silent Hill Homecoming rollt gekonnt altbewährte Muster neu auf. Die Story fungiert als eigenständiger Teil führt neue Charaktere ein. Die Fans dürfen sich aber freuen, denn auch altbekannte Gesichter aus dem Silent Hill Universum werden wieder zu sehen sein!

    Willkommen in Shepherd's Glen
    Als Kriegsveteran Alex Shepherd begebt ihr euch vorwiegen im Dunkeln oder dichtem Nebel durch die Stadt auf die Suche nach eurem abgehauenen Bruder Josh. Auf diesem Horrortrip seid ihr natürlich nicht alleine! Zahlreichem, blutrünstige Insektenschwärme, untote Hunde oder gehirnlose Krankenschwester und viele weitere gruselige Gegner werden sich euch in den Weg stellen. Auf Hilfe dürft ihr aber nicht zählen… Eure Mutter ist völlig am Boden zerstört und nur noch ein Wrack und auch sonst wird euch kaum einer helfen. Die meisten Einwohner sind entweder verschwunden oder wurden in tausend Stücke zerfleischt.

    Wer die Silent Hill Reihe nur durch Videos und Bilder kennt, wird kaum etwas feststellen können. Die Soundkulisse ist glücklicherweise wieder wie in den vorhergegangenen Teilen von A. Yamaoka und passt einfach super zum Spiel. Auch grafisch gesehen hat sich Silent Hill Homecoming nicht viel weiter entwickelt. Die darf aber eher negativ gesehen werden, denn für die heutigen Gameraugen ist das Spiel einfach nicht auf dem Stand eines Next-Gen-Konsolen Produktes! Das Spiel ist zwar meist sehr dunkel gehalten, was das ganze ein grafische Defizit nicht so stark auffallen lässt, sieht man aber mal wirklich genauer hin, ist das Spiel Grafik mässig eher eins der Schwächeren. Was man eher als wirkliche Neuerung nennen kann, ist das Gameplay. Alex kann per Knopfdruck ausweichen und dann sogleich auch mit einer happigen Tastenkombo einen Konterangriff starten. Ihr dürft diesmal auch zu Schusswaffen und zahlreichen anderen Gegenständen greifen um euch zu verteidigen. Das neu gemachte Gameplay macht das ganze Spiel aber nicht unbedingt leichter, auch nicht die neuen Schusswaffen! Die Tastenkombos müssen erst mal erlernt sein und Munition und Medipacks sind nur sehr selten zu finden. Wer also am Anfang mal so drauflos ballert, wird’s später ziemlich schwierig haben!

    Neue Entwickler, neues Game? Wer die Silent Hill Serie kennt oder sogar ein Fan davon ist, wird nicht viele Neuerungen finden und sich darum im altbekannten Silent Hill Universum wiederfinden, was auch gut so ist. Soundtechnisch ist das Spiel wieder mal Top, dafür happerts aber bei der Grafik etwas. Das etwas neue Gameplay ist anfänglich nicht allzu leicht und kann an teils Orten schnell zu Frustration führen! Dafür sind aber die Rätsel nicht übertrieben schwierig gestaltet, dass sich das Ganze wieder ein wenig ausgleicht. Im Grossen und Ganzen ist Silent Hill Homecoming eine gut gemachte Fortsetzung und passt trotz der neuen Entwickler perfekt in die Reihe! Schockerfans dürfen also gelassen zugreifen und sich aufs Gruseln freuen.
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    A pretty good title in the Silent Hill series, but in all honesty I don't feel it was made to it's full potential. The controls are well laid out, the gameplay is fluent and has some pretty cool cut scenes and the secret endings are enjoyable. The enemies are well made but in a lot of aspects this isn't (in my oppinion) as great as silent hill 2 and 3 but still a good game. The achievements are pretty easy to get and all that aside the game is still fun to play through at least once. Overall I give this game 4/5 (:
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    Also, for all the negative voters please post in the comments why if you feel so inclined. Thanks

    I realize I am reviewing a 4 year old game at this point, but wanted to bring it current, so you are as disappointed as I was after reading alot of the 3/4 star reviews. Maybe when the game first came out.... but I am reviewing this based on 2012 standards.

    Game Play:1/5
    Pros: The game has highlights where the atmosphere draws you in pretty well. It is obvious that something is going to happen, yet the music/atmosphere can still do a decent job of getting the pulse going.

    1- There is no "invert Y axis" to look around. I seriously coudn't believe this. I spent almost 30 minutes going through the limited setting options positive that I was missing this. I have never seen a game that didn't allow for inverted Y axis ever on the 360. I always play with inverted Y axis, so it was a completer chore to have to learn how to look around. edit: For those who don't think this is a big issue, pick any game that requires a 3rd person view to look around and shoot, then invert the Y axis to the option which is opposite of what you used to play. You will find that your enjoyment of the game is greatly diminished. In this case it is a huge design flaw in the game that reflected on my enjoyment of the game.
    2 - This is a complete linear storyline/walkthrough with no side missions/ etc. One you graduated to a new story progression there was no going back to previous areas, so you had to ensure you had checked everywhere you wanted to go before you moved on. As there are achievements for collectibles, if you missed one, you have to restart the whole game over or go back to a previous save.
    This was my first Silent Hill game played. I am not sure if playing previous games would have helped or not, but I could rarely tell what was going on in the story, so it was pretty much a go through the steps game play. There are options to "talk" to NPC's with different options, yet the choices you make all lead to the same outcome.
    3 - Combat system is brutal. Most boss fights are won through some kind of glitch/etc. More on this below...

    Combat System:
    1 - Did I mention that there was no inveted Y axis to look around? For some reason there was an "inverted aim" option, which just added to the confusion.
    2 - The scarcity of the ammo pick ups make one of the more enjoyable features (shooting to kill enemies quickly) a rare occurace.
    3 - Because of the ammo scarcity the majority of the fights were with mele weapons (knive, pole, axe). Each of the mele weapons have different swing times (knife= fast, axe=slow) and damage ratios (knife=light axe=high). You use the LT to lock onto the enemy and then choose a light or heavy attack. The design was fine, however in game play the pole and the axe would swing and miss many times, which leaves you open to brutal knock back attacks, while the knife was so quick it would just stun the enemies and get them out in about 10 hits. So, fights became a chore as it was just lock on with the knife and hit A.
    4 - if two enemies attacked at the same time, once I locked onto the first with the melee weapon the second would stand and watch until the first was out and then engage. No strategy needed there.
    5 - if you engage a enemy or boss too close to the wall or edge of the map the camera would move "behind" the wall many times so I couldn't even see what was happening. This was most common on boss fights.
    6 - The dodge feature didn't work. I believe it was supposed to help you strafe side to side around enemies or dodge their attacks, but most often it either dove you away from them and left you open to attack, dodged you right into them, or just didn't work. The timing of when to hit dodge must be extremely tight. This is also noted in many of the solutions for the achievements posted on this site.
    7 - if you do get hit you get knocked flat on your back. If you hit "dodge" at just the right time you are supposed to be able to jump right back up, however in two complete playthroughs, that actually worked about 5 times. Most of the time if you get hit once, you will get knocked down for a good 1-2 seconds and not be able to recover for the most part, especially later in the game when fighting "the order".
    8 - Boss fights were complete rage fests, with a guaranteed "walk through" lookups to figure out how to beat the boss. Plus, there is rarely a save feature close to the boss, so with repeated dying comes repeated cut scene watching and replays of monotonous steps.

    The combat system is what really did this game in for me.

    Sound and Graphics:4/5
    The sound is one of the only redemable features of this game. The music effects during tense moments and boss fights was actually very good and added to the mood/atmosphere quite well. The graphics are par for circa 2008 other than the numerous camera/wall glitches mentioned earlier..

    I would not classify these achievements as easy unless you have a collectible walkthrough and achievement guide with you from the start. However, do this will also spoil the story line for you later in the game.
    1 - the majority of the achievements are secret, so you aren't sure what you are supposed to be doing to get the achievements. It would have been helpful to say "story progression" or something along those lines.
    2 - You can't get all the achivements in one playthrough. It requires either 5 playthroughs for the 5 different endings, or 2 playthroughs with multiple saves to go back and redo the end choices.
    3 - as noted earlier if you miss a "collectable" in any chapter, you either need to reload to the point where you missed it and start over, or just play through from the beginning again.

    1 - There are numerous cutscenes that happen either before or after boss fights. Most are 1-2 minutes with some being closer to 3-4 minutes. Having to play through the game endings a minumum of 5 times, plus dying muliptle times I would press the start button to skip the cutscene, and about 25% of the time the game would freeze and lock up the xbox. Highly frustrating after beating a boss, then having the game freeze before you can get to a save station.
    2 - Camera wall glitch. Many times in combat the camera view would pass behind the wall and "out of play" so you couldn't see what was going on during key combat steps.

    If you want to use a walkthrough guide from the beginning and play through for the achievements and atmosphere only I would recommend it if you either rent it or payed $10 or less for it. It took me about 25 hours to complete.
    If you are looking for fun game to play and explore through AND want to get all the achievements I wouldn't recommend this as it is far too dated to be enjoyable purely for gameplay.

    Games that I would say are decendants of Silent Hill
    Alan Wake (atmosphere, combat)
    Batman Arkham Asylum (combat)
    Dead Space (atmosphere)