Sim Hospital (Win 10)

Release date: 14 Nov 17Sim Hospital (Win 10)

Miracle Games
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Sim Hospital (Win 10) Store Description

Sim Hospital (Win 10)
《Sim Hospital》 is a game of simulation of the hospital operation,published by Miracle Games,where the patients you have never met before and you have to handle some odd questions. As a manager (the Dean)you are going to build the hospital,and hire staff members with super ability,then run it well.Obviously it is not an easy job to run the unique hospital well,you willconfront with the issues of patients complaints,resignation as long as you haven't paid much attention on it.However you would be highly happy with your team fighting against emergency case,donation and good reputation from patients.

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Miracle Games is an important partner of Microsoft Global Independent Software Vendor(ISV).
《Sim Hospital》is supported by Microsoft Azure,Maintain a seamless experience for gamers without having to worry about downtime or interruptions

As dean, your task is to carry forward the hospital. To know that running a good hospital is not an easy task. A word of disagreement on the staff presented was to stay? Ignited in the hospital patients, catch or not catch? In addition to intense excitement, there is a sense of accomplishment that saves time from the sickle's sickle, and the sense of satisfaction of the thank-you letter sent by the cured patient.

Here you will find wonderful patients you have never seen before. You can recruit magical medical staff to work for you. Your task is to create a unique hospital and its carry forward, race against time first aid task challenge your nerves, life-saving help you a sense of accomplishment burst!

Daily opening, the beginning of a busy, who can operate this hospital in good order? Come try it! Ultimately create your own themed hospital!

★ Dear Microsoft fans, Miracle Games is a group with happiness, has been focused on publishing Windows platform games for five years.Do remember there are many people with your peers.Innovation always faces challenges.The relentless pursuit of perfection,let's make things better!