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When The Sims was first released on PC it was a big hit, it ended up being the best selling life simulator of all time. With three different versions and a ton of expansion packs, the Sims community has grown and grown. The Sims 3 was released on PC last year and is without doubt the best in the series. For the first time ever you could travel to an open world town. You no longer had to read a newspaper to get a job as you could now go and look for one yourself. This was just one new change that made The Sims 3 even bigger. The Sims 3 has now made it's way to next generation consoles and isn't a washed down port like previous versions. Some changes have been made but everything the PC version offers is here along with some exclusive new features.

The Sims 3 has all the enjoyable experiences what makes the PC versions. You can create your family, get a job, buy the perfect house, have kids and even send you sims to the toilet. Some of you may be cruel, like selling all the doors so they become trapped or take away the ladder in the swimming pool. You control your sims life, the possabilities are endless. After settling in with your sims you can explore the town, meeting new Sims, going fishing, or just a relaxing time on the beach. Whilst the open world isn't as big as i imagined, theres still alot of fun exploring to do.

The main worry I had with the Sims coming to console was the controls. They take a while getting used to but with the easy tutorial for you to follow, you will have it in no time. There a perfect fit for the console.

The first new addition to the console is "Karma Powers". These really let you take control of your sims for the better or for worse. For example, bless the mess power repairs and cleans anything broken in your home instantly. If you feel a bit mischievous you could use the polteguist power, which lets you choose any house and haunt the sims. Remember some of these powers must be used wisely, you don't know what the outcome could be. Karma powers are not unlimited but Karma is rewarded to you every night at midnight. You can also earn more by completing challenges and fullfilling your sims wishes. Wishes are prompted as you play, you can choose which wishes you want to fullfill. Wishes can be from buying a new TV or learning a new skill. Once a wish is fullfilled you are given lifetime happiness points and karma. Lifetime happiness points can be spent at the challenge shop were you can purchase new karma powers, discounts and traits for your sims. Challenges are also new to The Sims 3, there are 300 in total and will have you traveling throught the town to complete them. Completing challenges not only rewards you with karma but allows you to purchase rewards that unlock new items in Build Mode, Buy Mode and Create-A-Sim.

The Sims 3 does suffer from some loading times and slight pauses. Switching through menus can take a few seconds and jumping to different areas with the map takes far to long than it should. If you can overcome this slight problem you will enjoy your time here. The Sims has always fit better on the PC but this is the best version on console to date. It has beautiful graphics and everything you would expect from a sims game. There's bound to be downloadable content in the future, making the fun even bigger. This is a game sims fans will be playing for quite sometime.

Overall Score 9/10
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Albino Bob 325
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Albino Bob 325
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Posted on 04 May 11 at 03:39, Edited on 04 May 11 at 13:54
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It is a nice change of pace from all the other types of games. (Its a life Simulation game)

positive points:
1) It is not hard and is relatively relaxing. You can choose the speed at which the game runs (pause, normal speed, 2x, 3x, fast until next event). You can basically choose your difficulty by how many people are in your family and having to keep up with all of them.

2) It is relatively easy to get the achievements, although it does take quite a bit of time.
There is only one achievement that is truly timed(I don't like timed achievements because i feel rushed and get stressed when I feel rushed), the child prodigy achievement where you have to get a life-time wish before becoming a young adult but you can just look up how to do this. I got it on my first try.

3) I liked the graphics but I'm not very picky about graphics.

4) There are a lot of goals created from challenges and wishes so there are many things to strive for. So if you enjoy creating/setting your own goals then this is a good game for you.

negative points:
1) There is no overall main goal/series of levels to complete leading to a define end. (But this can be a positive if you enjoy just playing games for the fun of it and don't really care about the ending)

2) The normal controls (not in build mode) take a little getting used to and there is a lot of menu changing. There is a separate menu for mood, happiness meters, job, wishes, relationships, etc that must be cycled through pretty much constantly to keep up with the status of your sim.

3)The building/buying is very slow(because of the menus and controls) and the controls are a little more confusing.

4) There is no story/plot, so if you like your games to tell a story then this might not be the game for you. Although, you can create biographies for your sims.

5) There are a lot menus and sub-menus. For example, to buy an item, you go through 3 menus to get to a list of item (and some items have pages of options)

6) Your sims will all get old and die unless you plant life plants. It can be a little confusing to plant them at first, but once you figure it out then it is not bad. (You need the gardening skill and then you will eventually be able to find "special seeds" which have a chance to be a life plant. The "special seeds" always spawn in the same place in each area (but they are not always in the same area every time, you will have to search through the different areas to find them. They seem to re-spawn frequently probably daily) and you can explore the areas while the game is paused)
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Posted on 24 March 14 at 23:01
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As a personal fan of The Sims franchise, I could not express enough how excited I am to write the review for this game no matter how late it is to this entry. All players, console or Pc gamers, have either play, seen or heard of this massive accomplishment in which EA has proudly stood for years giving extensive content to feed our artificial addiction. But the real exciting questions is: Does this amazing world makes the transaction into the console properly? Or have we been disappointed by EA once again? Let's find out!

Life of a Sim:
There is no real story in The Sims. In any of their games. Is all about your choices and how you control your Sim. Make him happy and he/she will prosper in life. Neglect them and expect misery and tough choices throughout. You can select their traits to shape them to have the personalities you like. Change their gender, race, even add their biography! The choices on costumization are endless, and, with EA store backing up what was already an extensive catalog, its easy to spend even the first few hours just creating your perfect Sim.

Selecting their life choices and wishes plays a great part of the game. Your Sim will ask you for wishes constantly. From buying items to your home, to a simple visit to the library, their desires will be have to be filled. But EA gives you the flexibility to devide which wishes and desires you promise them. Eventually, leading to moodlets, which can all be manipulated by your choices.

Like all Sims games, you have those fun addictive status bars to fill up. Going to the bathroom, sleeping, eating, fun, even social bar status all need attention. You fill them up by interacting with the world around you. At the same time you fill thier wishes and flexibly costumize your life with hundreds of choices. It's easy to spend long hours in this game.

You also have skills. These skills are learned through reading books and performing activities. For example, you can read a book to increase your cooking skill, which allows you to prepare better meals which fill your Sims easier for a longer periods of time. Triple win!
Filling these stats to the max level is addictive, but it can become a slight grind at later levels when you have to juggle between work, your social life, and your skills.

The Transaction:
EA understood that transfering such massive game would come with consequences, but they didn't dissapoint. In fact, it's well made. The menus are slightly changed to be more adaptable to the console. You're no longer using the mouse, instead, they have been simplified to that you gain quick access with a few buttons. The graphics are very similar. Unless you have been following the series for years, you won't see the difference. The "Green cursor from heaven" is what you use to move your Sim and interact with the world around you. And to make it better, there are a lot of new ineresting choices with objects as well as for your interactions with other Sims that were not there on PC. It's a great concept, but they are still very limited compared to the amount of content EA has put for extensions to the past entries on PC. The map has also changed with new locations to explore. So it will keep you busy for a while.

The best new feature is the karma powers. You have a bar which uses points that are filled at midnight for you. The powers are either to better your own Sim or to ruin their lives as well as those around you. You can use Good Karma to give yourself a good boost for the day. Giving you more energy or you can even revive a dead family member! But you can also use the Bad Karma powers too. You can create and earthquake and see all other sims panic around in central park to your powers. The choice is limitless!

Not everything is perfect though. The game suffers lag consistently. Sometimes when you issue a simple comand to your Sim, they will stand around for no reason till the comand is registered. This can be frustrating after becoming repetitive. The worst of things, unlike the computer version, time does not go super fast. You can fast foward time if you don't like waiting, but it's nowhere near the speed as in PC. In fact, its half of it, making you wait longer for activities such as sleeping or going to work. As any other game, you will encounter glitches, but they ars not game breakers and it won't stop you from getting your achievements. There is no DLC, which considered the amount of extensions to PC, it feels weird. So weird that when you send your Sim to work and they enter a specific building, it won't show you their activities inside, giving you the sensation that at times you're in a empty world. At this late in the series, EA could have defenetly put a bit more effort into those details.

To summarize my review, the game is well transfered into the console without too many problems. There are hundreds of challanges to complete with your Sim (which I didn't mention) that will keep you busy and addicted for countless of hours. All fair said, I personally replayed it just to see how far I could get the next sim to try everything out! I defenetly recommend this title. Fan or not, is not one of those game to pass.
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S1TH M4357R0
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S1TH M4357R0
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Posted on 18 September 18 at 10:55, Edited on 18 September 18 at 10:57
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I have always been intrigued by the Sims, but I never had a computer that would run it at a good enough rate for me to want to play it as I was always a console fanatic and didn't care too much about purchasing a powerful gaming PC.

Then, I got an Xbox and they released the three (four) separate Sims games for it: The Sims, The Sims Bustin' Out, The Sims 2 (and Urbz: Sims in the City). As you can probably tell I only count three of these.
The games were varied, funny and had "Get a Life" modes which helps implement a story around which you would progress from loser living with his parents to millionaire.
Sure they had limited items, the buildings were constrained to a single floor so everyone lived in massive bungalows and character customization left a lot to be desired.
But the console games had something else, something that set them apart from the PC games, something that I could rebuttal against PC elitists when they said the Sims could never compare on a console: they had local multiplayer.

I have played the original Xbox Sims games for days on end with a friend or a partner, the multiplayer aspect really makes the game more involving, helping you keep focus, competing or helping each other in your careers and aspirations.
Then when the Sims 2 came out they introduced third person direct control of Sims which had a couple of little problems with focusing on the particular object you wanted to interact with but on the whole worked really well with the controls giving you full control over the actions of your character. Also, if you really didn't like it then you always had the option of reverting back to original Sim controls issuing commands in the queue like fashion disconnected from the actual character.

This is where The Sims 3 slips up, the first Sims game for the Xbox 360 decided not have either of these features, cutting out the direct control and co-op in one fell swoop. Given that the PC and Xbox 360 version of this game were released on the same day it is evident that it is a literal port with nothing added for the console gamers.

The game itself is feature rich:
The customization is mind boggling, designing your own textures and applying them to any furniture/clothes/hair you feel like. Having the options to save your custom creations for future use.
The Sims can age, have children and the career paths are varied and the job challenges add an extra edge.
The neighborhoods look great and its possible to send your Sim free roaming the city to do all kinds of activities.

Karma Powers was the new console bonus, special abilities that allow for easy boosts or funny detriments that come with a warning that what goes around comes around and abusing these powers can increase the chance of earthquakes and the likes. And, of course, achievements are present but the Sims always felt like it had an achievement focus as the point of the game was to achieve the best career etc.

Without the aforementioned co-op/direct control the game will unfortunately not be able to compare to the PC version. Which has all but the Karma Powers mentioned above and can boast 11 expansion packs, 9 stuff packs and 11 world packs for extra content when the game gets stale.
The point and click character controls will always better suit a mouse and keyboard input and the interfaces are better navigated via a mouse too.

It's a good game, but if you have a PC then just buy the PC version.
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Fright Knight
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Fright Knight
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Posted on 14 May 12 at 04:08
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The Sims 3 for xbox is still the same old quirky/silly game it always was. The only difference from the old games and the current games are that the newer games are a little bit more silly.

The game runs quite smoothly. But I did how ever run into a little bit of lag when to many neighbours would walk past my house at once or when a car pool for my sim would show up. This also could just be my xbox getting old.

The graphics are great . The environments look outstanding. I find the little things like adding ripples to the water when the fish jump out of it add a lot to the look of the game.

The character customization is quite limited in its own ways. There aren't as many hair stiles and cloths that I liked but that could be attributed to the fact that this is a console version of the game and not for pc. I also always found the full beards and other facial hair to never look quite right.

The achievements are very simple to get. A few of them do require a lot of grinding such as the complete 1000 wishes achievement. There is also one achievement that I found to be more up to dumb luck than anything else called "But it's Inflammable!" and you get it for extinguishing a Sim on fire. The only reason I got this was because my sim was dumb enough to attempt to upgrade his fireplace while it was still lit and lucky for me his son was in the room to save him.
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beast of 91
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beast of 91
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Posted on 26 June 11 at 21:51
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OK so as far as i'm aware the Sims 3 is the first Sims game to hit the Xbox 360 and to be honest its a pretty damn good game. The controls have been tweecked slightly since previous console titles and various new features have been added.

I don't know if its just me but i find The Sims games highly addictive and would there for advise leaving yourself large blocks of time to play this as you can often lose track of real world time when playing.

Now, to the important part.....ACHIEVEMENTS!

The achievements vary quiet dramatically, from small easy achievements picked up in the first 5-10 minutes of playing, to longer, more grinding achievements that can take a good few hours of game play time. Over all the achievements are all achievable and there are a few sneaky shortcuts to some of the longer achievements, so for all you 100%er's out there i would highly recommend this game.

Well thats about it for my review you. If u like you can leave comments with any points you'd like to add or even just your favorite achievement?

Anyway Happy hunting everyone! :D
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