Disney Sing It: High School Musical 3 Reviews

  • Mystic Typh00nMystic Typh00n451,096
    06 Jun 2012
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    High School Musical is a trilogy of movies by Disney. Mainly enjoyed by tweens, it's pretty cheesy but entertaining (possibly?)

    The game covers songs in High School Musicals 1,2, and 3. I've not seen 2 and 3, but I did watch the first way back in 2007. From the memory of that, I do remember the songs but not too much. They can be catchy most of the time, but when going for the full 1000 you're going to grow tired of the game.

    There are 3 difficulties you can choose from (Easy, Normal, and Hard), as well as choosing what part you sing. You may choose from the cast the entire game, a character (depending on if it has two people singing), or a part if it's just a solitary character singing.

    When you're playing as a duet you'll be able to harmonize at times which can be tricky. You won't have the cast as an option, just the characters or parts. The game pull of duets quite nicely actually, but it could be better.

    You also have a versus mode, which is okay. If you have some friends and want some competition, you could pull this out ,but there are other games with much better versus modes.

    Looking at it as an easy completion and a singing game as a whole, it pretty much works how it's supposed to. Even when not knowing the songs I could somewhat sing it just by listening to the cast while the song is being played.

    As for achievements, they aren't that difficult and are why most people will buy this game. There's a good variety here, and some can be challenging when you first come across them. I found that while going for achievements, whether it be duets or solo, that singing on normal will yield you achievements more often than playing on hard.

    The only problem I have with the game is that it doesn't provide talking parts when it seems to need them. It's tough trying to find a pitch during a yelling, or talking section which usually will break your multiplier.

    All in all, it's a solid game. The vocals aren't the best around, but they're very passable and decent. It's an easy completion, and won't take much of your time.