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Singularity Achievements

Most Earned

Workers' District
Workers' District25 (25)Completed the Workers' District Mission
Double Barrel
Double Barrel11 (10)30 Volk S4 kills in single player campaign
A Salt and Battery
A Salt and Battery11 (10)40 AR9 Valkyrie kills in single player campaign
Drive By
Drive By22 (20)15 Seeker kills in single player campaign

Least Earned

Extermination Addict
Extermination Addict163 (40)Play 100 public matches of Extermination
CvS Master
CvS Master102 (25)Win 25 public matches of Creatures Vs. Soldiers
Extermination Master
Extermination Master93 (25)Win 25 public matches of Extermination
Creature Hater
Creature Hater34 (10)Renew 25 beacons in Extermination (public match)
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