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Posted on 28 July 10 at 22:33, Edited on 01 August 10 at 23:58
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Singularity ($59.82 / £38.3)
For Fans Of: BioShock, Dead Space, Metro 2033, Prey and "Great story-lines!"
Offline Achievements: 33 (685)
Online Achievements: 17 (315)

(Graphics) 5 / 5
I'm sure this has been said many times before but the graphics of this game remind me a lot of BioShock. These very delicate environments are well done and serve a treat to the eyes. I feel like this game is a piece of art and the great graphics are just one detail that add to the big picture on how great of a game Singularity is. Let's face it, you've got to admit aging and de-aging an object for the first time is pretty awesome looking. ;)

(Singleplayer) 5 / 5
I was pretty excited for the release of this game after reading the magazine OXM's preview earlier this year. Let me start by saying that Raven Software fully lived up to my expectations. Where to start, where to start? Singularity is a great game it delivers in every area you would want a great game to. It offers innovative gameplay mixed with great gun play and one of the most important aspects a game should offer a great storyline / ending.

Don't let Singularity's similarity to other games throw you off. This game is very unique even though it is so very similar to other games like BioShock, Dead Space, Metro 2033 and Prey. The storyline is very engaging and keeps you on the edge wanting to know what is going to happen next. The singleplayer campaign will have you traveling back and forth through time and manipulating time in many ways as well! The only down side to the singleplayer is how short the game is. Like most FPS campaigns this game can be finished within five to ten hours.

This game offers up to three different ending similar to games like Fable II. When you reach the end of the game you will encounter a game changing decision where you decide the fate of everything. With each ending having a different achievement related to it, you can just continue from the main menu after the credits to start at the end of the game and pick a different ending. My personal favorite was the "good" ending which has you do something that is insanely breath taking.

I would say the game is worth replaying maybe to pick up the achievements you missed your first time around but all the achievements can be picked up in a single playthrough.

(Multiplayer) 5 / 5
I was pretty blown away on how well Raven Software managed the multiplayer. To be honest the multiplayer reminds me of many other games. It has aspects from games like ShadowRun, Left 4 Dead and BioShock 2.

There are two game modes, Soldiers vs. Creatures which is pretty much a team deathmatch and Extermination. Extermination is an offense / defense gametype similar in ways to headquarters in the game Call of Duty. The most interesting aspect of multiplayer is how each side (humans or creatures) both have unique classes with special abilities and perks you can choose from.

Singularity's multiplayer achievements were not very time consuming. Most if not all of them can be obtained without boosting. I pretty much knocked out all of the achievements in one night; With the exception of the "play / win" a certain amount of matches achievements. It might be harder to obtain these achievements if the online multiplayer loses popularity this fall so try to knock out as many as you can, while you can. ;)

The multiplayer is very unique and well done, but with the game not having very good sales I don't see it surviving with all of the great multiplayer games coming out this fall.

+ Innovative story and great ending(s)!
+ Singleplayer and multiplayer are equally fun!
? How long will the great multiplayer survive with other games coming out this fall?

OVERALL SCORE: 5 Stars / 5
Rent the game or wait for a price drop, but I would say Singularity is a good game to have in your collection.
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Posted on 13 July 12 at 23:44, Edited on 30 June 14 at 14:54
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Ahh..Singularity. What a beauty. I'll start off by saying that I love this game. Truly a master piece. I remember seeing almost 30 copies of this on sale at my local Gamestop wondering if it was good or not. I didn't know what to expect but I sure am glad I bought it.

Concept/Story: The concept of a Singularity is that you are a Marine who is crashes on an island called Katorga 12 in Russia. On this Island you find out that scientists have discovered a new element that can manipulate time and the story develops very well from there. 9/10

Graphics/Visuals: The looks of this game are nothing short of great but they aren't exactly astounding either just good. Also some of things you see in the game are somewhat gruesome but I like that sort of thing. 9/10

Gameplay: The gameplay is extremely similar to Bioshock except instead of plasmids you have TMD powers. I like to call them the left hand/right hand weapons. Your right hand weapons are your guns. You can hold two guns at a time but you keep whatever weapons you've once picked up, for they are transferred into your weapons locker. These Lockers appear many times through out the game. Your left hand weapons are your TMD powers. you receive a few of these through out the game and they are very helpful and just fun to use.

Replay Value: Although this game is entirely linear. I could replay it a ton of times. I've beaten the game three times now and I don't regret a single play through. For most people I'd say they'd most likely only playthrough once but it's one fun play through.


+My absolute favorite thing about this game is the fact that there are absolutely zero collectibles.
+Fun/Interesting Gameplay.
+Something new to experience.
+less than 20$

- There is only one Con in this game in my opinion and it's the difficulty. This game is too easy. Needless to say that its better to be too easy than too hard but I usually look for a great challenge in games and Singularity lacked that. But I still enjoyed the game Tremendously.
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Posted on 13 July 10 at 10:06, Edited on 13 July 10 at 12:10
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This game is EPIC and very underestimated! First time when i heard about this game i thought "ok, another middle level shooter, maybe i'l try it if chevos will be easy", but when i tried the game i was shocked!

The single player is awesome, its has deep and gloom story, stunning graphics, amazing gameplay, and shooting part are very cool! For me, its compilation of "Dark Sector", "Bioshock", "Half-Life2", and "Metro 2033", but this game not copies those games, this game take best from them and adding a lot of personal great ideas. Sometimes Singularity is very creepy game (especially if you following a story line and listening and reading a messages from those who lived on island), sometimes its stunning with graphics and effects, sometimes its very intense in action, sometimes it force you to think, but Singularity is always great and it will not let you down till credits! The TMD (Time Manipulating Device) is amazing tool, with this thing you can control time, moving objects, kill enemy's, solve riddles and more... Game have three different endings and they all great and explained!

Multiplayer in this game is not bad, but and not something special and addictive. Its have two modes Soldiers vs Creatures (Team Death Match) and Extermination (very unusual concept of stealing beacons from human side and defending beacons from creatures side).

At the end i can say that this game is great and its must buy for gamers who like deep gloom story lines in post apocalyptic style, great shooters mechanic, beautiful graphics, and most important soul in the games.
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Posted on 28 March 11 at 23:52, Edited on 30 March 11 at 04:04
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It's BioShock meets Portal meets Metro 2033 but without the awesomeness of any of them. I'm only reviewing the single player campaign since I didn't play the multiplayer.

In 1955 the Russians discovered a new element, E-99. The element promised unlimited clean energy and so they dedicated an entire island codenamed Katorga-12 to the secret study of and exploration of possible uses for E-99.

The game begins in 2010. You play a mute American soldier sent as part a small squad whose mission is to check out this island (I believe there was a spike in radiation or something). As you approach the island a massive EMP knocks your helicopter out of the sky and you wake on an island that looks as though it's been abandoned for the last 50 years.

There are a few notes to read, a videos to watch, microphones that will repeat the last thing said, telephones that will give you a dial tone and old school typewriters that will ding as though they've reached the end of the line. Like BioShock, there are also tapes left lying around where residents and important NPCs have recorded messages that give you an idea about daily life and what might have happened to cause the island to be abandoned.

The first section of the game lacks any kind of navigation tool so if, like me, you have a poor sense of direction you may find that frustrating if you're not sure where to go or how to get back to a previous position. After you get the TMD (Time Manipulation Device) you can send out a ping that will show footsteps that point in the right direction but they can be misleading since you occasionally need to solve some sort of obstacle before you can more forward and the footsteps don't take that into account.

Eventually you discover that one of the properties of E-99 is that it can manipulate time. Unfortunately, this means that Russia was able to use it to destroy the USA so now the timeline is that the world is under the control of one of the two scientific leaders on Katorga-12. Naturally, it's up to you to find the TMD and put right all the changes to the timeline.

While the TMD does allow you to open a few rifts in the time continuum, the primary purpose is to age or revert (de-age) objects that have been infused with E-99 and living things. When you get something that can be manipulated you'll get blue and orange half circles, just like in Portal. However, you never get to choose which action to perform, something can only be aged or reverted. For objects that makes a certain amount of sense but it's never made clear why people can only be aged and some creatures can only be reverted. (Presumably they didn't want players making babies they would then kill or abandon but it would be nice to have an actual reason).

There are chalkboards which can be reverted or aged which give some insight into E-99 and the TMD. There are also notes on walls that you can bring out by aging or reverting them. While they start off enjoyably vague, by the end they very heavy-handedly foreshadow the twist at the end to the point where unless you need the achievement I suggest leaving them alone.

Unfortunately, one of the other properties of E-99 is that too much exposure (or exposure by certain methods, it's not really made clear) turns people into monsters. The very first section where you discover this is promising because the game uses audio cues to ratchet up the tension before attacks (like Metro 2033 or Dead Space) but unfortunately after the first set of encounters it abandons atmospheric cues entirely in favor of regular frontal assaults.

The guns are fine and ammunition is plentiful. I played on normal and only ran out of ammo a few times when I'd chosen to bring weapons for achievement rather than strategic purposes.

At a certain point you are able to find blueprints which can be turned into upgrades. There are three categories of upgrades which you pay for with E-99 energy you find in various locations. You can put as much energy as you want into two of the three categories but the third category requires that you pick one (or later, two) of the upgrades to equip.

The controls are a little clumsy. The same button is used for reloading and picking things up so I reloaded accidentally more than once. Eventually you can pick things up with the TMD by clicking the R stick so if you just pick up everything that way you avoid any accidental reloading.

The graphics and sound are fine. Nothing to write home about. For some reason the video for the options menu is jumpy as when you're entering a new time period which is slightly irritating because it makes the options (such as they are) more difficult to read. The soundtrack is repetitive.

The campaign doesn't offer much that's new for fans of science-fiction. It's a story you've read or watched a hundred times before. The single player campaign is short (I finished it somewhere between 10-15 hours) but that's not necessarily negative. I didn't feel like anything was left out and I'm not sure anything would be added by drawing things out. In the end I'm left feeling that the game is merely adequate. It's a fine way to spend some time but there's nothing revolutionary there.

The replay value is very low unless you're just looking to pick up some of the kill x number with y weapon achievements (although with a little effort you can get them all in one play through).

Although there are multiple endings (and attendant achievements) the game autosaves just before you make the final (and only) decision of the game so you can simply hit resume from the title screen. Normally I think if you want ending achievements you should play through legitimately but since there are no decisions to make until the end there would be no real benefit to it. Even the makers of the game seem to realize this or else the autosave would happen after you completed the game.

Feedback is welcome whether you rate the review or not.
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Posted on 24 March 11 at 11:28, Edited on 24 March 11 at 11:42
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My personal opinion of this game is that it's a creative soul in an old body, but at the very least it's a visually nice journey through mediocrity.

Plot summary
The year is 2010. A small American recon team is sent to the fictional island of Katorga-12 to discover what caused a sudden electric surge on the unhabited island. Just as they are about to land on the island from the air, a second surge causes their helicopter to spiral out of control and crash land on the island. Protagonist Nathaniel Renko escapes from the crash with only minor wounds, and makes his way through the abandoned facility while attempting to rendesvouz with his companion Devlin. While trudging through the ruins, Renko finds evidence that the Russians attempted experiments with an unknown chemical known as "E-99" during the cold war, but some kind of incident or accident disrupted their work. Suddenly, Renko finds himself in 1955, in the middle of a violent fire. Acting on impulses, he saves a man from falling to his certain fiery doom and carries him back to safety. The scenario shifts and Renko finds himself back in 2010, but the surroundings have changed. The previous statue of Lenin has been replaced by the man Renko just saved: Nikolai Demichev, who is now Chancellor of the world.

As Singularity is an obvious work of fiction, we can ignore the absurdity of the plot elements for now. Evil Russian mastermind who takes over the world with the help of singularities and time-altering devices. Perfectly normal. Jokes aside, I find the concept to be... intruiging. It's not something touched upon often (except that it reminds me a lot of Red Alert 3). Still, a great concept alone isn't enough for me to rate this game as anything better than slightly above average in quality. But why is that? Allow me to elaborate.

Fight the Past. Save the Present.
Singularity is a standard first-person experience, where you move from cover to cover while progressing through linear levels, unlocking stronger weapons and enemies as you go. I'm using the term 'standard' loosely here, as this title differs from military shooters because of your special abilities. The TMD - Time Manipulating Device - attached to your hand allows you to quickly unleash a vast arsenal of powerful attacks. You can age humans into dust, create a sphere that slows down time, restore objects to their original forms and catch projectiles mid-air. My favorite is the ability to turn humans into monsters, allowing me to sit back and relax as the problem before me resolves itself.

The addition of the TMD is what causes the game to truly shine beneath the dirt known as mediocrity, but it's still a long way from perfection. I find the most apparent reason to be the lack of variety. Your powers can give you a tactical advantage in fights if done right, but since your powers recharge slowly, you will probably only get to use them once or twice per firefight. The especially costly one (turning a soldier into a monster, then rigging it to explode) will set you back to zero energy, and is not even remotely efficient as the soldiers tend to spread out. The game continously wants you to use your powers, but with a large number of buttons to press (and usually only one that would be effective against a certain type of enemy), I found using my guns to be more effective.

Creepy explosions, the ultimage combination
The story itself starts out pretty good by adding a creepy kind of atmosphere. You're alone and you have no idea what to expect. What you will see. You enter an abandoned house. A ball bounces down the stairs. You hear the cry of a baby. The laughter of children. What happened? Am I being watched? I was constantly watching my back in case I would get attacked from behind while sneaking through the rooms. And then the monsters appeared. Twisted abominations of previous inhabitants who had been mutated by the radiation caused by E-99. And then you're given guns, powers and rocket launchers. From there it's an action-orgy right to the very end. Ironically enough this makes the game anticlimatic and underwhelming for the entire duration, much like Call of Duty: Black Ops. You face two easy boss fights along the way with weak spots that even a blind man could see and repitive attacks that are easy to dodge. Then you arrive at the disappointing ending (not even a single hard fight in the last level) where suddenly the protagonist ends up with three different choices of how to resolve the story. But I don't buy the ending at all. He saves a random stranger from falling to his fiery demise, still the bad ending shows that he was completely void of any personality at all. As if he is mentally unstable.

A minor spoiler
One thing I noticed during the game is that you travel back in time a second time to save the scientist Barisov from Demichev so he can aid you in the future. And how do you save him? Why, you kill Demichev, of course. With a shotgun. His bloody corpse is sent flying out the nearby window. And what happens when you go back to 2010? They're both alive. Wait, what? Did I miss something here?

Team up for the kill
As has always been common to include in shooters with a short single player campaign, Raven Software has of course also added multiplayer. While limited, included is a mode known as "Monsters vs. Soldiers", a team death match variety with different classes and abilites, kind of like Left for Dead's "Versus" mode. I have only been able to sucessfully join three games so far, but the entertainment value is great from what I can tell. I had as much fun playing as soldier as I did monsters, but with the player base rapidly falling you'll be lucky if you can find stable servers to join at all.

Closing words
How could they have made Singularity better? For starters, they should have decided if they wanted the game to be a survival horror game or an action game, instead of trying to merge the two. They could easily have expanded on the story a bit to add more variety. Larger and harder battles would also have been prefered.
To summarize: the graphics are nice, the sound effects are top-notch and the beginning is promising. Everything else is just a sludgepit of lacking ideas and execution, and there's little to none of memorable moments to find here.
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Posted on 31 May 13 at 21:27
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I find myself struggling to present you my thoughts on Singularity simply because while there is fun to be had, nothing that the game offers is new or original, playing it actually gave me an almost constant feeling of deja-vu, "been there, done that" kind of thing.
During the course of the nine hours that it took me to finish the story, I kept thinking "Hey! This remind of x,y or z game!" simply because Singularity "borrows" most of its elements from other games.
It has an upgrade system, like in Deus Ex, System Shock or the more recent Bioshock, the upgrades are not as well balanced here since around half-way through the single player campaign you become a semi-god in a game that wasn't too difficult to begin with. Trust me, nothing will be able to stand in your way or even present a decent challenge in the last few hours of the campaign.
The game revolves around time manipulation (Timeshift and Timesplitters) and while the idea is sound the execution is flawed, so much more could have been done with this concept to spice up the gameplay, at the end of the day the time manipulation device (TMD) - presented to you in the first hour or so - is basically a better melee weapon and a tool to be used in combination with the standard weapons, it could also have been a very interesting puzzle solver....but it's not, oh, it also works as a gravity gu....device!

Set in 2010, players are given control of Captain Nathaniel Renko, the silent protagonist(Half-Life) sent to investigate Katorga-12, an island located in the Pacific Ocean which seems to be emitting a lot of radiation. Not much is known about this island but it seems the Russians were conducting weapon research and development there during the 50's in an effort to counter the American atom bomb.
After crash-landing and while investigating the island, Renko is somehow thrown back in time and into the 50's, altering the past along his way with disastrous consequences for the world's timeline.

Certainly not the most original story-line in the world, lacking any major plot twist or any kind of suspense, but it's competent and serves as a backdrop for the game just fine. The amount of exposure given to the cold war conflict in the first few minutes of the campaign was actually a nice touch, setting up the rest of the game quite well and leaving you wanting more. It's a shame that by the end of the game the story seems to drag a bit more than it should.
As a side-note I would like to point out that there are three endings available depending on your last decision in the game.

As any good Raven Software game, this is all about shooting guns, yes there is a TMD strapped to your wrist but it's only fun when you use it in combination with some other sort of weapon. Luckily that's where the game shines, it presents the player with a ton of options when it comes to disposing of enemies. Yes, the standard pistol, shotgun, assault rifle and sniper are present and you can probably go through the whole campaign using only these, even if that would strip Singularity of most of it's fun, using and exploring every weapon and possibility to dispose of enemies is the best part of the game, it can lead to some spectacular deaths, even just using some of Singularity's most unique weapons by themselves can produce some amazing results, it's all left to the imagination of the player and how different does he want this game to be from just another shooter.

In-between shooting you'll have some puzzle sections, they are usually simple and easy and that's the main problem of Singularity, so much more could have been done with the great time manipulation mechanics that they had at their disposal! Let the players also use their imagination in these sections, maybe providing more than one way to solve a puzzle for example.
It feels as if this was a decision on Raven's part rather than a mistake or lack of ability, their intentions must have been to focus the player as much as they could on the shooting portions of the game, making the puzzle sections more of a quick distraction that prevents the action from getting stale.


Singularity visuals while never being outstanding do their job, it shares the same problems with many other shooters that use the Unreal engine, mainly the lack of color variation and textures that take a bit of time to load.
The enemies feel pretty much the same, they either have a gun and are human or don't have a gun and are mutant, the weapons and their design on the other hand feel powerful, nothing like unloading the mighty shotgun into an enemy, cutting him(or it) in half!

The atmosphere seems to be one of the main concerns of Singularity in the first few minutes so it's a weird feeling when you hear the goofy Russian accents, they just feel out of place in a game that tries to take itself seriously. Aside from that the sound effects and music don't really stand out and are pretty forgettable.

Without being brilliant, Singularity sure is fun! At the end of the day that's why we play videogames. Yes, it doesn't do anything original or groundbreaking but it gets the gameplay basics right, what is described as wasted potential in the puzzle sections can also be seen as a way to keep the game focused on the action, it just depends on what the player prefers.

Year of Release: 2010
Plaforms: Xbox360, PC, PS3
Developer: Raven Software

7 out of 10

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Posted on 04 October 10 at 04:10, Edited on 09 October 10 at 04:24
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A lot better than anyone expects, there is a reason it is consistently scoring over a 9.0 on various user critique sites. The first couple of hours seem a bit like Wolfenstein meets Bioshock, but continuing forward reveals a strong shooter with two of the best guns I've ever used in a game... Seeker and Dethex Launcher FTW! The game quickly then turns to almost a Portal and Fallout feel, scavenging while manipulating objects through time to solve your way forward.

Play this game through to the end and you won't be let down. It's fairly easy and the story is a nice blend of previous concepts, well revised and executed Also, Nolan North!! Buy it!dance
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