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Xbox 360 delistings: Last call before store removals begin

Loads of Xbox 360 games will be delisted from the 360 Marketplace soon, and while some will still be available to buy through the Xbox Store, others might be gone for good. Here is every game that could be delisted permanently.

Posted 1 year ago by Sean Carey

Poll: What do you think about the new Skate being free-to-play?

The team behind the new Skate have now confirmed a number of important details about the game, including that it will be free-to-play — for this week's poll, we want to know: what are your thoughts on this decision?

Posted 1 year ago by Heidi Nicholas

Skate bails on retail with new free-to-play model

The team behind the new Skate game have confirmed it will be free-to-play, featuring cross-play and cross-progression — microtransactions will feature, but the devs stress the game's "not pay-to-win."

Posted 1 year ago by Heidi Nicholas

EA responds to Skate 4 leak

The EA Skate team has responded to the footage of the new upcoming Skate game which was leaked online without EA's authorisation, and reminded players it was from an earlier version of the game "never intended for external use."

Posted 1 year ago by Heidi Nicholas

Skate 2 Servers Also Return Online

Earlier today we revealed that the online servers for Skate 3 had come back online. We're here to spread the cheer even further: all of the servers are also back online for Skate 2.

Posted 6 years ago by Rebecca Smith

Latest Skate 2 Screenshots

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