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    02 Nov 2009 02 Nov 2009
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    Review according to purchase from Gamestop:

    So, I was reading Game Informer one day, when I saw this game. I used to be a diehard skater, that's all I ever did, so needless to say, I was pretty stoked about this game. It's the reason why I bought an Xbox 360.

    This game, the first in its series, brought the 11-game Tony Hawk series to its knees. It also has one of the most active communities and community involved devs. The community is very strong creatively as well, there are many people making in-depth videos, logos, and teams with their editing and Photoshop skills. There is also now a graphics creator that you can use on the website. You can make things and them send them to Skate 2 and put your creation on either your hat, shirt, or deck. (Yes, the graphics creator is exclusive to Skate 2 and cannot be used with skate.)

    Now, a little about the gameplay: You should probably know by now, but if you don't, this game uses a system called "FlickIt." It's not the typical button-mashing Tony Hawk game, you do tricks by flicking the right stick in certain ways according to what trick you're trying to do. This makes it very unique, and it is much more popular with skaters such as myself since it captures skateboarding in a much more realistic way.

    It has a pretty good storyline, but that isn't the focus of the game, the innovative gameplay is. Flickit takes a little while to get used to, and quite a good amount of time to master, but it's way more fun and rewarding. You complete photoshoots, video parts, compete in competitions, and skate with pros to progress through the story which earns you more spots, clothes, boards, shoes, shirts, etc.

    I love the soundtrack as well, it consists of artists such as: ZZ Top, The Sex Pistols, The Ramones, Slayer, N.W.A, Nirvana, Motorhead, Gang Starr, Devo, David Bowie, Cheap Trick, Black Flag, Booker T & The MG's, Band of Horses, Valient Thorr,

    There's also online play, but I really don't do anything except freeskate with my friends. I only played the competitive modes for the achievements, which give you a good amount of gamerscore.

    Speaking of gamerscore, the achievements are fairly easy, but they do take time. The career is pretty easy, once you get used to Flickit. The online achievements will take the most time, even with a boosting partner.

    I always enjoyed Tony Hawk because it was the only skating game out there. Now that I have this, I seldom play my 10+ Tony Hawk games. I strongly suggest that you buy this, but if you're skeptical about the new Flickit system, rent it. The reason I suggest this one over the second, is because this one was honestly more creative in terms of how the spots are designed, and it, for the most part, is the same as the sequel, just different locations.

    So yes, definite rent, highly suggested buy, especially for the average skater.

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    matdanYou may want to alter your guide as far as I know the servers were shutdown so all online achievements cannot be earned.
    Posted by matdan on 23 Nov 11 at 23:59
  • BreadwordBreadword114,314
    16 Jun 2009
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    great game. if you've moved on with the tony hawk series and looking for the next gen skatebording game, this is the one. this game has unbelievable graphics and amazing controls, but from some people the controls is what makes the game bad. the controls of this game is what really seperates this game with tony hawk. instead of button mashing to do your tricks, you use the left and right thumbsticks to flip and rotate the board. although there are some flaws in this game, like not being able to get of your board, but those are only minor problems with the game and wont trouble your satisfaction with the game. you can buy this game pretty cheap in all stores and it will be well worth the money.
  • YoungSpicyBoyYoungSpicyBoy201,276
    08 Mar 2009
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    Keep in mind, that this game is not for everyone. People might play this game, hate the controls, and then break it in two in a blind rage. Others might see all the amazing spots and trick variety as an opporutunity to unleash their inner skater. However, you can't expect to start landing laser flips and noseblunt slides right away; this game takes practice and patience. But, when you get the hang of this game and actually start to become good, it becomes extremely rewarding. With almost infinite game replayability and tons of game content to choose from with customizing your board and skater, even tune your board however you want, this game is a great one, absolutely worth buying in my opinion. If it seems good to you but aren't sure, download the demo at the xbox live marketplace to try it out for yourself. Remember, with patience and time, you'll be hitting tre flips to boardslides in no time.
  • Straight BlazenStraight Blazen708,681
    16 Jun 2009
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    Skate is Probibly my favorite game ever and i give it a ten out of ten ( 10/10) But the sad part is that this game is not for everyone . People might find Tony Hawk better . I say No !!!! Tony Hawk is soo fake and unplayable. But skate its smooth and great online I was ranked 24 in Race but then skate 2 came out which is another amazing game by the way . Its great killing spots and using the right stick to do do all of the tricks . But skate takes practice and patience . When you get the hang of skate and all the tricks you will have a great time playing . Download the demo at the marketplace and give skate some time . hopefully you will have enjoyed skate as much as me and my friends did .