Ski-Doo Snowmobile Challenge Reviews

  • DJ KroniikZDJ KroniikZ66,804
    08 Jan 2012
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    Walking around in EB games one day I was looking for some games to buy. This being a few years ago, my mom was getting tired of me buying shooters so I opted to go and look for something I've never really played before. This game jumped right out at me as being something that I have never played before but I figured i would give it a try. Other than padding my gamerscore, this game disappointed me more than I had expected.

    The gameplay goes like this. You are a professional snowmobile driver and you have to compete in races around the world at different venues and compete in a various number of events. That is it. The races overall are difficult to do unless you become use to the awful handling that even the best sleds in the game have. These handle a lot more like cars than snowmobiles. Sure throughout the course of the game you unlock new sleds, parts, etc. to make your ride look cooler but really, it is not worth the effort in the end.

    The graphics are not up to par for the system standard at the time of release. They are an eyesore, and are laggy at parts of the game. The weather effects are lackluster as well and could have probably been done a bit better.

    What IS worth the effort though are the achievements. You can get 1000G pretty easy and rack up about 800G in a few hours. Unfortunately, you cannot boost for this game, as all the achievements are unable to be won in split screen (except the ones that require you to earn money). They are really easy to get though, so you should have no problem getting all 1000G.

    Overall I would give this game a 2/5. This was a $30 purchase brand new so right there you can tell that it was a low budget game. The graphics are not up to date, the career mode is lackluster, tedious, and towards the end of your career, frustrating. The best part about this game is the achievements of course, I mean who doesn't like a nice, easy 1000G boost? An unfortunate thing though, this is one of the only (if not THE only) snowmobile racers on the 360, so you are limited to your options. I would only recommend you rent this game and get the 1000G and buy it only if you are really itching to race snowmobiles.