Skulls of the Shogun (WP)

Windows Phone

Skulls of the Shogun (WP) Achievements

Most Earned

Devil Inside
Devil Inside5 (5)Power up your General to a Demon.
Out of Line
Out of Line14 (10)Complete the Shores of the Dead on Normal difficulty.
Were you using that?
Were you using that?9 (5)Defeat an enemy Monk by haunting its Shrine.
Victor of Victorious...Victory
Victor of Victorious...Victory21 (10)Complete the Land of Eternal Blossoms on Normal difficulty.

Least Earned

Lightning Storm
Lightning Storm31 (10)Defeat 5 foes at once with a Salamander Monk's Lightning Storm spell.
Gone with the Wind
Gone with the Wind31 (10)Knock 3 foes off a ledge at once with a Demon Crow Monk's Typhoon spell.
Speed Kills
Speed Kills29 (10)Win a multiplayer match with a 20-second-per-turn time limit.
Team Player
Team Player14 (5)Win a team deathmatch game with your teammate still alive.
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