2. Slayaway Camp: Butcher's Cut General hints and tips

Getting the 100% achievement in this game is pretty straightforward. Even if you played through all of the levels legit you would still need to grind out victim kills anyway. I find the method in this guide to be the absolutely fastest way to finish off this game. With this method you will not play all of the levels in the game. If you'd like to do that, please, by all means do so. Like I said before, there are already a lot of guides out with all of the level solutions that you can look up if you get stuck on a level and need some help.

Most Important: If you are looking to just finish this game as soon as possible then please don't spend any of your coins earned right away. There are achievements tied to unlocking Killers from a Mystery Box and purchasing a bunch of the gorepacks. In the Killers and Gorepacks Achievement page of this guide I outline a super easy way of purchasing all of the items you need in the game with the least amount of effort. Seriously this can save you a few hours of grinding for coins. So don't spend any of your hard earned coins until you read that section of the guide.

With that being said, there are basically 4 types of achievements to be earned in this game.

The first type is for completing videos.

The second type is for killing victims in certain ways.

The third type is for grinding kills (dumb cops and victims).

The last and fourth type is for purchasing a bunch of different items (mystery killers and gorepacks).

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