Slender: The Arrival (Xbox 360) Achievements

Full list of all 20 Slender: The Arrival achievements worth 400 gamerscore. It takes around 6-8 hours to unlock all of the achievements on Xbox 360.

  • Master Pianist

    Play the piano until the first notes from "No Friends" is played

    2 guides
  • Tangled

    Get ensnared by Slender Man’s tentacles

    1 guide
  • Cry Baby

    Disrupt Charlie while he's crying at least 3 times

    4 guides
  • Retro Fan

    Beat the Genesis level on "Hardcore" difficulty

    2 guides
  • I'm Free!

    Beat the game on normal difficulty

    2 guides
  • Fearless

    Beat the game on "Hardcore" difficulty

    5 guides
  • Fire Proof

    Make it through the forest fire without catching on fire once

    2 guides
  • Walking Simulator

    Surpass 10,000 total steps taken

    6 guides
  • Insta-Killed

    We're sorry about that... Here's a cookie!

    2 guides
  • I'll just take this..I guess?

    Pick up an oversized sign and somehow manage to fit it in your scrapbook

    2 guides