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    If you go down to the woods today you're sure for a big surprise

    Such was the massive success of the 2012 hit Slender The Eight Pages, Blue Isle decided to follow it up with a sequel, Slender The Arrival. Originally released for Windows and OS X users in Early 2013 and it didn't take long for Blue Isle to team up with Midnight City to launch it onto consoles namely the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Now mere months on Slender The Arrival has made it's way onto the next-gen consoles.

    The first noticeable thing when playing Slender The Arrival on the Xbox One are the graphics really stand out whereas on the P.C and Xbox 360 they were not as noticeable, it makes the experience of the game a much better one. It's amazing what a touch up can do for a game.

    The game begins beside your car, Lauren has arrived to visit her friend Kate who has decided to sell her mother's house after her passing. You soon find yourself running down a road leading to Kate's house and by the time you reach the outside walls daylight has transformed into total darkness. You find the front door of the house wide open, inside completely empty. Your first action is to search for a flashlight to lift the darkness and then set about investigating Kate's disappearance. The whole idea of being alone in this game can be pretty daunting especially when you know there is a faceless man stalking you.

    Slender doesn't really appear too much in the Prologue but he makes enough of an appearance to let you know he is there and watching you. You’ll be standing still and hear gravel shifting or footsteps behind you and then my personal favourite, a door shutting by itself!.

    You will find clues throughout the house in the form of scrapbook items which you can collect at any point and view via the Book in the main menu, these items give you some insight into what is going on within the game.

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    In total there are nine stages, eight of these are story related with the extra stage being a revamp of the original Eight Pages and for those not familiar with the previous game, the aim is to collect eight pages scattered around a wooded area but you have to find all eight before Slender kills you. Pages can be found tacked to objects like trees and cars and you can very quickly find yourself running in circles looking for them while praying your flashlight doesn't run out.

    The game also introduces two brand new stages namely Homestead and a secret stage only revealed after finding a secret object while in the stage Flashback which itself has been split into two stages to accommodate Homestead. Now the end of Flashback is called Escape.
    There is also a new enemy to deal with, one that does not appear in the original release and you’ll find him on the third stage.

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    Overall the game is very short and can be easily completed in less than an hour. Maybe what it needed was a longer and stronger storyline, one that wasn’t so repetitive. But seeing as it was already a well known game across the steam community it was to be expected that not much would change coming across to the consoles. Though with new content there is something to look forward to and of course there is the main protagonist Slender who without a doubt will make you jump when he randomly appears throughout the game and trust me, turning around to get a face full of him, turning my screen all distorted and full of static was enough to give me goosebumps or attempting to make my way through a burning forest with his tentacles appearing in front of me trying to grab me, made me wonder why I didn't just remain in the cave.

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    The game is a lot of fun to play, especially in a darkened room by yourself or maybe with friends I would also recommend playing it with headphones in or if you have it surround sound because it makes the experience that much scarier. If you are a fan of the games and all things Slender you shouldn't be too disappointed and if you’re someone who has only ever heard about Slender it’s definitely worth checking out. To sum it up, if you’re looking for a storyline forget it but if you love being scared senseless while wandering around in the darkness then this should suit you down to the ground. Hopefully in the future Slender will get the retail game it surely deserves.

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    Deranged AsylumNo worries, glad you liked the review! Enjoy the game! smile
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    Angels Kill TooGreat review
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    Deranged AsylumThank you! smile
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    KanchanaburiI bought it for 67% off. However if I had have known how great this game is I would have bought it for full.
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