3. Slender: The Arrival Story walkthroughUpdate notes

First off, I should start by stating that there are a total of 50 Scrap Book items throughout the game that you will need for 2 achievements. Once you have picked up a Scrap Book, it will reappear on stages even though you no longer need to collect it. I will insert this video below to use as a reference that shows every single Scrap Book location. Although most Scrap Book items are obvious, there are a few that are very hard to find.

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Stage 1. Prologue

You will start the game beside your car. Simply make your way around the fallen tree and follow the road down as the sun begins to set. On a tree to the right past a brick wall will be Scrapbook 1/50. You will eventually come across Kate's house which you will have to enter. During your approach, the sky will darken and it will become night time.

There are 3 achievements you can get fairly quickly here, so make your way inside the house and check the shelf to the left of the stairs for Scrapbook 2/50. Locate the flashlight while you're down here, its location (as well as the location of most items in Slender) changes each playthrough. Through the door on the left of the shelf will be Scrapbook 3/50 on a table, possibly next to the light. Through the door on the right of the table is a room with a possible flashlight location, and also a piano on the left. Go up and interact with the piano a few times to receive:

Follow the path into the kitchen, where you may find the flashlight but will find Scrapbook 4/50 on the fridge. To the left, on the table, will be Scrapbook 5/50. Moving ahead into the hallway, check the door on the left for Scrapbook 6/50 sitting next to the radio. Interact with the radio a few times to obtain:

The final achievement you can get in this requires you to leave the House. So, first go upstairs and find the keys to Kate's bedroom which are located upstairs inside one of the unlocked rooms. Once you have them, unlock her door which is at the end of the hallway on the left. Check the crumpled up paper next to the trash can for Scrapbook 7/50. This opens the outside gate, allowing you to leave the House. Now, go downstairs and out the front door. Take a right and around the back of the house you'll find a Kids Play area which has a slide. Make your way up the back via the ramp, walk towards the slide, grab Scrapbook 8/50 on the left, and simply push yourself forward. You should either slide or walk down it. Either way you'll get:

If you're having any trouble with these achievements, here is a video to explain it better:

So, now you're done here and you can leave through the gate you previously unlocked. Once outside, there is one more achievement you can pick up on this stage but it requires you to restart the Prologue twice to obtain it. So, you can either do that now or wait until a later time. I did it once on this playthrough, once on Hardcore, and the final time just to improve my time for the speed run. If you wish to get it now, you need to leave the house and take a diagonal path towards a generator. These Generators will light your way. Press A to switch it on, continue down past a round wire coil, stopping to pick up Scrapbook 9/50 from on top of it, and follow the path around to the left. You may notice Slender on the hill in front of you but don't be alarmed. Follow the path around to the right and down a hill where you will see another Generator. Switch that on and you'll see a makeshift bridge in front of you. Cross the bridge and follow the path round to the right. After a few seconds, a burnt down house will appear on your left and this is where the achievement is obtained. Walk through the front door. You're going to need to look for a scary looking guy called Charlie. He will be standing facing a wall but his location within the house is random. Once you locate him, you need to approach and disturb him (he will not kill you). You need to do this 2 more times to unlock:

Now, since you're in the house, check the room in the back right for Scrapbook 10/50 and the ground in the deepest part of the house near the back door for Scrapbook 11/50. Just outside the back door to the left is Scrapbook 12/50. Consult the video for greater detail on these, as it's easy to get lost.

Note: When restarting the Prologue you don't need to pick up the collectibles you already obtained you simply need to grab the flashlight and the key and then leave.

Once you're done with Charlie, you need to exit the Stage. Leave Charlie's house and you'll see another generator outside. Turn it on and then go into the construction site, grabbing Scrapbook 13/50 from the pallet on the left. Use the path to get to Oakside which isn't too far from the burnt down house. Once inside, find the letter on the desk which gives you Scrapbook 14/50 and instantly ends the stage, welcoming you to the horrors of Slender: The Arrival.

Stage 2. The Eight Pages

Right from the start of this Stage you can grab an achievement. Leave the Oakside building and you'll find yourself in one of numerous starting locations. Thankfully, they are not too disorientating and all lead to the same place. Walk towards a shed that will have 3 collectibles on it, so be sure to grab them all for Scrapbooks 15-17/50. Taking the large wooden board will unlock:

This achievement is shown at the end of the first video.

The next achievement on this stage is to complete Eight Pages within five minutes. The time starts the moment you have control of Kate and there is a total of 10 locations where the Pages can be found:

  • The Park Map
  • The Visitor Center
  • The Portable Bathroom
  • The Canoe And Tree
  • The Water Tower
  • The Abandoned Car
  • The Tent
  • The Storage Yard
  • The Jeep
  • The Watch Tower

When you restart the stage, it will have changed slightly each time. Luckily for us, someone created a very handy map that can be used for reference. After collecting 6 of the 8 pages, running at Slender will cause the level to end automatically, saving you lots of time and hassle. Here's the map:

8 Pages Map

Completing this level within 5 minutes will net you:

Here's a video:

There is another achievement you can get here which is for being instantly killed by Slender. You can get this by running straight at Slender or walking into him backwards before collecting 6 pages. This can be done at any time you encounter Slender, not necessarily this level.

After you're done and you get the escape scene where you are running away from Slender (which is forced), the level will end.

Stage 3. Into The Abyss

You awake on the floor during the daytime with your camera. Once you regain control of Kate, you need to locate the mine and enter it. Looking at the mine, run all the way left and north, until you come to a tree with Scrapbook 18/50 on it. From here run all the way right, back past the mine, down the path, until you find a building that''s raised with a triangular roof and stairs leading up to it. On a barrel to the left of the stairs is Scrapbook 19/50. Now, head back to the mine. On a poster board to the right of the mine entrance are Scrapbooks 20-21/50, so grab those and run left, within the fenced in area, to get Scrapbook 22/50 from behind one of the pillars to left. The poster doesn't count here, as you already grabbed it as your first collectible. Inside the mine is an opportunity for another achievement. Follow the path , then turn right into a door. Right in front of you will be Scrapbook 23/50 on the fence. Behind you on a machine is Scrapbook 24/50. Finally, down the hallway on the wall, will be Scrapbook 25/50. Halfway there! Once you're inside the mine, you'll find a generator in the middle of a room and a lift. There are 6 red lights which you will need to turn green by turning on the Generators. Much like the Eight Pages, the locations of the generators will change upon retrying but the stage remains the same.

Once you turn on the first generator, doors will start to open, and you'll have a larger area to search on both the ground and the upper floor. You will also come across a new enemy called Jack who has the ability to run at you and attack you. He won't normally begin hunting you until you're halfway though. To make matters worse, Slender is also lurking around.

Tip for avoiding Jack - When you know he's behind you, you can toggle your flashlight in his direction and it will freeze him. This will allow you time to escape but he may still follow you.

You can take a maximum of 3 hits from Jack before you're dead and are forced to restart.

Make sure to check every area as quickly as possible because, just like the Eight Pages, you will need to finish the Generators and get out of the Elevator within 5 minutes. The achievement begins the moment you get off the floor and ends when you exit the Elevator. It can be a little frustrating because you might get really poor luck with the generator locations, but persist with it and eventually you'll get:

It is also unlikely that you can get the collectibles and be out of this area within 5 minutes, so a chapter select after the fact is recommended. For reference, here is a video and a map:

Into the Abyss map

There is another achievement you can obtain in the mine and it is to die 3 times in a row. You can do this very easily by running straight at Slender 3 times. I got this on Hardcore no problem, and you probably will too.

Once you leave via the Elevator, the stage will end.

Stage 4. Flashback

You will start where you left off in the mine exit, run straight ahead and grab Scrapbook 26/50 off the box in front of you. Follow the corner around and out of the mine. Hand left as you run to find Scrapbook 27/50 on a fence. You will need to find a shack. Follow the path forward, to the right, and up the hill. If you stay on the right, you'll find Scrapbook 28/50 on a broken tree along the path. There's pretty much no way to get lost looking for the shack and you'll know you're there when you see a cave entrance with a flare on the floor. Approach the shack, take Scrapbook 29/50 off the power box to the right, enter through the door, snag Scrapbook 30/50 off the wall to your immediate left, and follow the path around until you come across a table and a T.V. Grab Scrapbook 31/50 from the desk and you'll trigger the next stage.

Stage 5. Homestead

This is the new stage. You will start as a reporter with a camera investigating Charlie's disappearance and you will have to investigate the farm. In the house on the right will be Scrapbook 32/50 on a table. Once you have the collectible, leave the house and enter the barn where there will be Scrapbook 33/50 by the stairs. Grab this collectible, make your way up the stairs, and activate the pulley system to remove the box blocking your way out of the barn.

Once you're out, you will need to find a gas can to get the generator working. Walk past the generator, through a little shed, and you'll find yourself in a field. You need to head towards your left until you come across a gate. Go through the gate and you'll see a cellar door. Go down the steps and activate the power on the wall. The lights will flicker on and off and you will be in a tight corridor. This area isn't too big and here you will find a gas can. Charlie will also be down here, but he doesn't attack you yet. He'll merely freak you out by running past you and standing weirdly in front of you. Follow the twisting corridor around until you find a room with shelves and a gas can. On a shelf next to the gas will be Scrapbook 34/50. Once you have both items, exit the cellar and make your way back to the generator. Press cn_A and the lights inside the silo will come on. Directly in front of you will be Scrapbook 35/50. Walk forward, turn to your right, and you'll come around the Silo. Keep moving past the door on the right to find Scrapbook 36/50 here.

Now, go outside and you'll need to find a key to open the church gate. This will be found either by the tree, the burnt out area, or the cart. Look inside the shed for Scrapbook 37/50 on the shelf. Once you have the key, you need to return to the field, open the gate, and then enter the church. Scrapbook 38/50 can be found upon entering the church, and Scrapbook 39/50 can be found a little further down on the left, next to the toys. You then want to pick up the toys on the floor, then quickly turn around, and go through the door on the right. Follow the hallway around to the altar (Slender will be behind you when you turn around, but he vanishes). Once on the altar, there will be a banging and Charlie will bust through the door. Wait until he runs off, exit through the door he came through, and run towards the house. Now you are back in the house from the beginning, so go upstairs and you'll find Scrapbooks 40-43/50 scattered around. Once you have them all, fall through the hole in the floor and get ready to run because Charlie is back! Run out of the house, you will be killed, and the stage will end.

Stage 6. Escape

You'll begin this Stage back at the T.V., so pick up the Tape and put it in the VCR. You'll begin a scene where you play as Kate back at her house scribbling drawings on her bed. She will hear a noise, walk up to her window, and the Escape begins. Basically Slender is trying to get you and you must stop him from getting inside by shutting windows and doors. Work your way through the house doing so. If at any point you encounter Slender, avoid him at all costs. Once he's in the house you will need to run back to your bedroom and shut the door. He will be in your room with you and the Stage will end.

Stage 7. The Arrival

This is the final stage in the story. Once more you will start at the T.V, so leave through the only available door and head up the Hill while sticking to the path. You'll come across Scrapbook 44/50 on a post. Continue up the hill and you will eventually come to a cave where there is Scrapbook 45/50 on the right of the cave entrance. It's hard to see because it blends in with the rock. Grab the collectible and enter the cave. There is only one path, so follow it and you'll drop down into the cave where you'll find Scrapbook 46/50 on a box in front of you, netting you:

Once you have that, carry on through the cave and you'll see Scrapbook 47/50 on the left hand side of the cave. You'll notice the screen becoming red and as you exit the cave you'll see the forest on fire. This is an opportunity to get 4 more Achievements.

First, exit the Cave and walk until your screen begins to glitch out this means Slender is near. Begin spamming cn_start a total of 50 times in order to unlock both:

Then, if haven't died, you will need to get tangled by Slender's tentacles. Wait until you see his long black tentacles and walk towards them or stand completely still. Personally, I turned my back on him and walked backwards. Once his tentacles grab you, you'll get:

Now, make your way all the way up the hill and avoid the fire and Slender until you reach the radio tower. Immediately after entering, the door slams shut behind you. Take Scrapbook 48/50 from the wall to your left, and check the rooms on the right for a key. Open the door in front of you with the key, and allow Charlie to kill you here. When you restart the checkpoint, you will be right in front of the radio station, and the game will think you got there without running into any fire along the way, unlocking:

NOTE: It may not unlock until you finish the level

Once you enter the building, you're going to need a key. Search the room to your right and around the entrance until you locate it. Once you have the key, you need to unlock the door straight ahead and make your way through the corridor. Your flashlight will die at this point, so use the flames as a guide. Eventually, you'll come to a door leading to a hallway with crazy writing on the wall and a dead body at the end. Approach the body and activate the camera on the floor. You'll hear a recording, so listen to that and then you will be jumped by Charlie. The screen will go black and when you come to you will be in a darkened basement with Charlie crouched in front of you. You'll want to avoid him, so in order to get rid of him you need to grab Scrapbooks 49-50/50 in the small rooms to your right and left which will net you:

Once he's gone, go up the stairs and make your way around the path of the burnt building until you come across Jack cowering in a corner. Walk up to him and he'll jump you, ending the game.

If you played the game on Normal first, here is where you will get:

If you were quick enough throughout the game that you finished it within 45 minutes, you will also get the following speed runner achievement. If you weren't you can check your times and see how close you were from the Leaderboard Menu. See what stages you can improve on to get the time down under 45 minutes. I wouldn't change the difficulty while attempting this, so just replay stages through Stage Select.

Throughout the game, you will need to take 10,000 steps to get an achievement. If you didn't get this achievement from your Normal playthrough, you will get it from Hardcore mode or by going back over old levels. Either way, it's an easy Achievement to obtain.

Hardcore Difficulty

Now the real hard work begins. While the majority of Hardcore is fairly easy, one thing changes which is that your flashlight can now die so you will need to conserve it whenever possible.

Tips for completing Hardcore:

  • Conserve flashlight.
  • Don't search for collectibles.
  • Turn your Gamma all the way up, making it easier to see in most levels and saving you flashlight battery.
  • Don't panic. Most levels are very easy apart from 'Into The Abyss'. The others shouldn't give you too much trouble.


Run through this stage, avoiding collectibles, and only grabbing the flashlight and the key to open the gate. From the house, run straight to the Oakside and finish the stage.

Eight Pages

If you're quick enough, you won’t run out of flashlight power. Do as you did before for the normal playthrough and stick to the Paths. They will lead you to virtually all the Pages, so unless you need to leave the path to survive try to stay on them. You actually need to collect all 8 pages this time, so be sure to conserve your battery and stamina while following the map posted above.

Into The Abyss

This stage is by far the hardest of the 7 and there's a very good reason for that. Unlike Easy and Normal, you now have to find 6 gas canisters to power the 6 generators while only being able to take 1-2 hits off of Jack before death. While it may seem daunting, if you take the right approach to it you should have minimal problems. Initially, after turning on the first Generator, I would search fully for the little red gas canisters, you will already have used one because it was directly in front of the first generator you turned on. While you're searching and not activating the generators, you won't be attacked or chased and you can conserve flashlight. If you see Generators, try to remember the locations making it easier for yourself when you come to turn them on. If you need to use most of your flashlight while looking for the gas, that's fine. After turning on the generators, some lights turn on as well, making navigation easier.


No enemies on this stage so nothing to worry about apart from getting to the shack.


By now, you should have all of the collectibles so there's no need to enter the front of the house. Instead, go straight for the barn and upstairs to raise the barrier blocking your path. Once that's done, complete the tasks as quickly as possible, i.e grabbing the gas canister from the cellar, and you shouldn't really encounter Charlie too much. Once you have the church key, make your way through the small shack and out into the fields. Walk diagonally right and around the rocks for the quickest and shortest route to the gate. Once inside the church, if you do the same as you would have done in your normal playthrough you'll make it out and be able to run for the house.


Nothing much to this stage, it's very short and in order to complete it you just need to shut the windows and doors around the House while avoiding Slender. If he gets inside the house, head straight upstairs and shut yourself in Kate's bedroom to end the stage. Don't bother shutting windows and doors once he's inside.

The Arrival

This is the last stage and requires you to make your way once more through the forest fire. Once you're through the cave, you're just going to want to focus on heading straight for the tower so keep an eye on the sky and try not to stop. The fire can kill you on Hardcore, so still avoid it and if Slender grabs you try to turn around and run in the opposite direction. It may not work but it's worth a try. Once you are at the top of the hill, enter the building, grab the key, and make your way to the end of the stage. Nothing is any different and it ends the same way that the normal difficulty does.

Finish all these stages and you'll receive:

The last achievement in the walkthrough, but you can also do this any time after completing all the stages, is

This requires you to find all Eight Pages in the Genesis Stage on Hardcore mode. If you could do Eight Pages, this level is much easier.

Here is a list of possible Page locations:

  • The Silo
  • The Rocks
  • The Cross-Shaped Walls
  • The Stone Pillars
  • The Tunnel
  • The Ruined Lavatories
  • The Tanks
  • Cistern
  • The Barrack With The Car Beside It
  • The Tree Trunk (can be told apart from other trees by the thickness of its trunk)

However, one tip is to save on your flashlight so use it sparingly.

Here's a video and map to show you a rough idea of how it's done:

Map 3

And that's it! Slender: The Arrival should be complete. If you still have remaining achievements or collectibles, you can use Stage Select to mop up. All in all Slender isn't a massively difficult game to get 100% finished, although there are some annoying achievements and stages. Once you get a feel for the game, you shouldn't find it to be too much trouble.

Good luck.

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