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hella awesome
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hella awesome
TA Score for this game: 2,305
Posted on 03 August 17 at 19:42, Edited on 15 August 17 at 20:45
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This is my first review, so feedback is welcomed! Update: if you downvote, please tell me why. Thanks.

Rating Quick View:

Fun: High
Frustration: Medium (modified after 1.0.1 update)
Function: Medium
Future Play: Low

The Details
Fun level High – If you like farming games and resource management games, then this game is a treat. It is fast paced (veggies and fruits and even chickens grow in a single day) with instant gratification. The game feels like 3 games in one. There is the standard farming game, there is the exploration game, and there is the strategy game all baked into a single title. There are no real in-game penalties and items lost can easily be reacquired, making it easy for the player to try new things. And try new things you will need to. While there are initial tutorials, many things you stumble across won’t be clearly explained, like when one of your slimes suddenly disappear from the corral, and you’ll need to read further or try different things to solve the problem. I found myself launching myself from cliffs, flying with my jetpack seeing if I could reach that distant peak (I couldn’t), or throwing multiple slimes into the same corral to see what happens (also a fail). This type of freedom was only possible because most resources are so easily found and recollected. So go wild!

Frustration level Medium (modified) – I gave the original release a Frustration rating of High, but have reduced it down to Medium after some recent 1.0.1 updates. Specifically, they have added a map. The map isn’t perfect. It is still easy to get lost and not know how to climb up to something, but understanding roughly where the borders of the play field are is extremely helpful. In addition, the map shows locations of your own drills and science equipment. After you become familiar with the land the map is a bit useless, but for a first play through it should make the game more palatable for most. Late game you may be a bit frustrated with the grind of searching for raw materials, but certain in-game tools make the process acceptable.

Function level Medium – The game functions well enough. There is significant lag once you get too many high color, animation slimes in one area (boom/crystal/hunter). The sounds and music are fine. Nothing that stands out, though when special slimes are nearby you can immediately tell due to the unique sounds they make. The day versus night exploration makes a huge difference, and even though there is no reason to ever “sleep”, the terrain seems so unwelcoming at night that I usually opted to go back home and rest.

Future Play level Low – While I have tremendously enjoyed the game, sadly I’ll never play it again once I finish with the achievements. The game starts heavy on farming for money, but once you have purchased key upgrades, the game morphs into exploration and tinkering. Once you have explored completely, and find all of the secrets, there’s really no reason to play again. There is plenty to buy and plenty of reasons to keep farming, but once you know the secrets to success, the game loses its wonder.

Information on the author – I find typical review categories hard to relate to, so I created my own. The purpose of this review isn’t to discuss every aspect of the game or how to play the game. Upon writing, the author earned 34/57 achievements and played over 10 hours (though TA isn’t reporting the time played correctly).

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James Vexed
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James Vexed
TA Score for this game: 2,151
Posted on 14 August 17 at 14:11
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When I first started playing Slime Rancher I wasn't sure what to think about it. There is definitely a bit of a learning curve from the start. You have a vacuum where you suck up the little pink slime's and then use them to basically poop out a little diamond called a plort, I was thinking to myself, what the heck were these guys smoking. To come up with this concept as the basis of the game was weird to say the least. However, as I played the game more and more I started to really enjoy my time. Also I started to learn the areas that you travel. The one downside that I really saw from this game was the lack of a map of any kind. So you really have to figure things out on your own. However, you have to travel so much that you learn where everything is. Once you go back and forth to the Moss Blanket or the Indigo Quarry three or four times you pretty much know where you're going.

The thing about this game that was the weirdest part for me was that I didn't want to stop playing it. It's really addictive and fun once you know what you're doing. Now it's not a game that I would immediately play again, but I could see myself going back at some point. Now that I know what to do and how to do it it wouldn't take so long. I played it a little over 40 hours to get all but one achievement. That last achievement I could go back and farm for a couple of hours and probably would be able to get it. But had I been following a guide or had a guide to follow I would have known what to do in order to get the achievement through my gameplay.

All in all, I am not sure how much I would have liked the game if there were not achievements involved. But I will say that as an achievement hunter it was a fun game to get achievements in. I would recommend that you at least try out slime rancher. If you enjoy it even half as much as I did then it'll be a good experience. Once there is a walk-through available it will not take as much time either. I would say with a good walk through I could've easily completed this game and all the achievements within 25 hours. I think slime rancher is a fun game maybe a little mini map would help but other than that I liked it.
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TA Score for this game: 2,151
Posted on 11 August 17 at 17:03, Edited on 11 August 17 at 17:08
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Hello There!

I have been playing this game (by time of this review posting) around 30 hours and have 56 out of the 57 achievements.

Fun Factor: 9/10

This game is incredibly fun, i have been playing since the officially release (Which was the 1st august 2017) and i am finding the game very compelling. whether you like a simulator or an exploration game then this is perfect for you. The numerous number of slimes means that (for me atleast) for around 30 hours of gameplay i hadn't have found them all. Although i have now, i still find the game very fun. The vast map means that i am able to explore every nook and still find new bits. To sum up the game is very VERY fun.

Hook ability: 7/10

The game itself has a very addictive concept, farming simulators, although tedius are very 'hooking'. The image of slimes eating a huge number of crops and smiling as you throw them a slime toy means it is very difficult to walk away. The 'I can unlock that new area' is always apparent and you will find your self spending that extra 1 2 3 hours playing this game.

Achievements: 6/10

The achievements for this game are quite easy to get, well some are easier than others. Most achievements are obtainable from simply playing the game while others require some more time and patience. I have acquired all bar one and that last one i feel will take a few more days of grinding. But overall the achievements i feel are fairly just. None are too difficult.

Negatives: 2/10

ooo well, the vast map i mentioned earlier doesnt have a mini-map. So although that means this game acts also as a memory test it can be quite infuriating. However this game is meant to be receiving an update where one will be added!
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