Smart Moves 2 (Windows) Reviews

  • MoG Alucard212MoG Alucard212680,770
    28 Jul 2021
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    Hey guys,

    Smart Moves 2 is similar to Smart Moves (1).
    The graphics are okay and the game mechanics are easy to learn and understand.
    The main goal is to open every chest in the game. To do this you have to navigate yourself through a level and avoid traps and enemies (can be killed).
    If you are able to think logically and want a little challenge this game is perfect for you. The levels are getting harder each time, are you moves smart enough?

    Denifitely recomend this game and looking into future updates and games.

    - nice little game
    - price is, as always, okay
    - easy 1.000GS (base game), 2.000GS at time of writing
    - stackable Xbox One and Windows 10 Version (sold seperately)
    - Completion in under 1 hour
    04 Jun 2021 04 Jun 2021
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    Oh boy!
    Smart moves was fun and now we got smart moves 2! 😂🥳

    It is fun and easy to pick up.
    I liked it for quick game in the morning before work or on the go as mobile lag isn't bad for this step by step game.
    They added more enemies and the game is quite a bit long after the 100%(achievements). You could redo levels if any got too challenging.(at this point of writing)

    The extra stack on windows is great to me. Lol. Not for everyone there.
    Easy for achievements and great for $ value.
    The price is right so why not pick up when you can .