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Posted on 06 June 10 at 19:20, Edited on 06 January 11 at 22:49
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Smash TV: 3.5/ 5 Stars (This game is no longer available on XBLA to download. However if you still have the demo you can still purchase it. Thanks Robdupp for the heads up.)

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Smash TV is a old school top down twin stick shooter that pits you (or a friend also) against wave after wave of bad guys. The story is set up similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger Running Man where you are on a game show and have to survive room after room of maniacs trying to kill you. And along the way you pick up fantastic prizes like VCRs and an 1999 Sports Roadster. BIG MONEY, BIG PRIZES!!!

Smash TV is based off of the 1990 Arcade game of the same name and was the spiritual successor of 1982s Robotron 2084. It was the first arcade game to utilize the 19" inch horizontal screen that later became the norm among arcades across the country. Now that the history lesson is over you want to know how does it play on my 360? Answer? Really well. Let me tell you why.

The game is really simple to pick up and play, Right analog shoots in the desired direction and left analog moves your character in desired direction. Easy to pick up, impossible to master. The games difficulty extremely high even from the first level. However, as you make your way through the labyrinth of monsters, tanks and snakes you will find power ups ranging from extra lives(you'll need them) to spread guns, A-bombs that clear the screen and super speed. All of which you will need to make it to the final boss(good luck with that).

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Your in luck because with the magic of XBL you wont have to go it alone. There is ranked and unranked co-op games available and you can choose the level and difficulty to start from. That being said brings me to my next point and the reason why most of you are reading this: Achievements. Trying to grind through this by yourself and with no cheats on to grab some points isnt going to be easy. Damn near impossible. Most of the achievement require you to finish each level(there are 3) with out continuing. Others include finishing levels in XBL Co-OP others beating bosses and the like. Most of which on the default settings. The easiest way to get most of these is to cheat and you can look at how to do that on the achievement list provided by Mtld. It worked for me.

But no matter how good you think you are or how much you cheat you cant get 200 points in this game. Why? Because the last achievement(Game Master{thanks arasma}) is glitched and you can not obtain it. And Midway(or what used to be) has shown no interest in fixing the problem. So when or if you get the game expect your score to be less than perfect. But for 400 MSP its a little fun game that has plenty of challenge for cheaters and legit players alike.
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