Snake Pass Walkthrough

4. Sog-Gee's Realm


Here we go, we are moving onto the second realm now, and unlike the previous realm, only a few achievements will be gained here. We have 5 achievements we are going to be working on, as well as make some more progress for 2 other achievements.

Starting off with our first level, we introduce ourselves to the fact that yes indeed, we can swim. Controls are the same and the only difference now is we can swim up and down, but the speed is going to be the same, so be sure that you continue to slither back and forth, otherwise you will go as fast as a snail.

We are going to make our way through the water into the underwater channel and find a switch up some stairs. Climb up and wrap yourself around it and this will give us progress towards our SIU achievement (1/5).

Let’s move on with the Green Keystone and continue until we find the giant marble on a holder. From here, you want to push down just right so it can go down the hill and go into the hole. If done right with only one push, you should unlock the following achievement, as well as made more progress towards the SIU achievement (2/5).

Hole In One in Snake Pass
Get A Hole In One On Crooked Canal
  • Unlocked by 1,327 tracked gamers (8% - TA Ratio = 3.61) 17,377

Now, we will continue on and climb up the poles, swim under the rock formation, and climb up the same rock formation to find a lever. Once when you flip the switch, another formation will rise up, and we will have made more progress towards the SIU achievement (3/5).

Now, we can finish up the level after collecting the rest of the Keystones and move onto the next level.

  • Wisp 1 - On top of the Stone right in front of you at the start
  • Wisp 2 - Underwater right by Wisp 1
  • Wisp 3 - Underwater following the main path into the room
  • Wisp 4 - Turn left from Wisp 3 and stay underwater
  • Wisp 5 - Climb up from Wisp 4 heading towards the switch
  • Wisp 6 - After opening the door with the switch, under the green keystone
  • Wisp 7 - Just a litter farther past Wisp 6 underwater
  • Wisp 8 - After getting out of the water, it is on the wall past the checkpoint
  • Wisp 9 - Climb the bamboo by the checkpoint and wisp 8
  • Wisp 10 - In the Stream after climbing the bamboo
  • Wisp 11 - After Wisp 10 in the stream
  • Wisp 12 - Before Wisp 11 and after Wisp 10 out of the water stream to the left
  • Wisp 13 - On top of the bamboo after the checkpoint and before the ball
  • Wisp 14 - After the ball gets into the pocket, it is on the left path
  • Wisp 15 - From the next checkpoint, turn left and go underwater
  • Wisp 16 - While climbing up to the lever to open the next gate
  • Wisp 17 - From the checkpoint, go across the water and turn left, it's on the wall
  • Wisp 18 - Under the water drum by the gate opened by the lever
  • Wisp 19 - Underwater past the open gate
  • Wisp 20 - Climb up the bamboo to get the Yellow Keystone
  • Coin 1 - Right behind the start
  • Coin 2 - Before climbing the path for Wisp 5, through any of the holes in the wall
  • Coin 3 - Underneath Wisp 13, down the bamboo
  • Coin 4 - Past Wisp 14, Climb down the bamboo
  • Coin 5 -Under the bridge before the end


Now, we can work on what is another difficult achievement. I would recommend doing this in a second run through of the level. So first, we will play through the level as normal to get a hang of how the levels are working really well and what parts we might struggle on. As always, collect all of the wisps and coins as I do and that will help us towards our 100% achievement, but also, right at the beginning, if you fall of the Bamboo and die on there, that will advance more progress towards the SSS achievement (2/3).

Just take your time throughout the whole level as there are a few trickier parts than have been seen in previous levels as well as some long, time consuming bits. Once you take the slides down to the lake, you will have to pull yourself up with the Bamboo as always and turn the switch so that it creates our path to cross to the ending portions, as well as add more progress towards the SIU achievement (4/5).

  • Wisp 1 - Underwater at the back of the first pool
  • Wisp 2 - Next to the checkpoint on top of some bamboo
  • Wisp 3 - Follow the path down the hill after the Green Keystone and it is on some bamboo, but you can just drop onto it
  • Wisp 4 - Underwater in the pool you just dropped into
  • Wisp 5 - Across the broken bridge
  • Wisp 6 - Behind a pillar swimming underwater after the broken bridge
  • Wisp 7 - Swim up from 6 and to the left, there is a bamboo pole to keep you safe
  • Wisp 8 - In a small tunnel toy underwater after the broken bridge
  • Wisp 9 - In the hole by Wisp 8
  • Wisp 10 - In the middle of the ball puzzle on the stone pillar
  • Wisp 11 - On the Bamboo Cage before the Red Keystone
  • Wisp 12 - On the Bamboo Cage before the Red Keystone
  • Wisp 13 - On the Bamboo Cage before the Red Keystone
  • Wisp 14 - Under the first slide after the Red Keystone
  • Wisp 15 - Slide down the second slide, it is underwater in front of you
  • Wisp 16 -On some bamboo in the large pool
  • Wisp 17 - Under a ledge at the far end of the large pool
  • Wisp 18 - Follow the bamboo up making your way towards the Yellow Keystone
  • Wisp 19 - Follow the path all the way to the back before the shifting stones, it is on the wall lower down
  • Wisp 20 - On the bamboo over the spikes before the Yellow Keystone
  • Coin 1 - In the first pool on top of the third stone block
  • Coin 2 - Next to Wisp 4, there is a tunnel, swim up and pick it up
  • Coin 3 - After solving the ball puzzle, climb up the bamboo to the checkpoint, you can see the coin on the bridge
  • Coin 4 - Across the bridge on top of the stone right before the checkpoint
  • Coin 5 - Under the bridge in the water before the final spot

Once when you complete the level, we will want to go back in and work towards the No Diving Achievement. This one is a bit of a challenge as you cannot have any part of Noodle touch the water. I have created a decent guide of how to complete it the best way that I have, and I would recommend checking out the Solution Guide on the site for it as well to read what others have done as an alternate to my path with a little less risk, as well as other tips. If you are able to conquer this crazy task, you will net yourself the No Diving achievement, and quite a bit of bragging rights and glory along the way:

No Diving in Snake Pass
No Diving205 (30)
Complete Lazy Lagoon Without Touching The Water
  • Unlocked by 374 tracked gamers (2% - TA Ratio = 6.82) 17,377


This level does not have any achievements tagged with it, but it does have a few things to note. You have your starting point, and you will follow a main path that goes through the keystones. The main challenges that are going to be with this is opening both gates, one for the wisp and coin, and the other to get to the other keystone, as well as the lift back to the main pool. You will need to take the lift back, unless you don’t want to collect all of the wisps the first time round. Otherwise you can backtrack into the water and swim up to be safe. My main tip for taking the lift back would be to be patient and don’t rush into the spot. As you can see when I do it, I missed the first one and took my time to line myself up for the second attempt to wrap myself around well enough so that I don’t accidentally fall off the lift and have to go back to the checkpoint.

  • Wisp 1 - From the start, right under the bridge
  • Wisp 2 - From Wisp 1, got to the right and swim to the bottom the water under another bridge
  • Wisp 3 - On the rotating Bamboo to go up towards the first Checkpoint
  • Wisp 4 - Right after Wisp 3 on a different rotating Bamboo
  • Wisp 5 - Past the first checkpoint over some spikes with the rotating bamboo
  • Wisp 6 - After the spikes, climb up the wall and take a left, it is at the end of the path
  • Wisp 7 - To the left of Wisp 1 under a grate of bamboo in the water
  • Wisp 8 - From the Ending platform, across the bridge's gap
  • Wisp 9 - Past Wisp 8 in the lake
  • Wisp 10 - Above Wisp 9 on the Bamboo
  • Wisp 11 - Climbing up bamboo to get to the Red Keystone
  • Wisp 12 - Open the secret tunnel an it is across a bamboo bridge
  • Wisp 13 - From Checkpoint after Red Wisp, cross the bridge
  • Wisp 14 - Past Wisp 13, up some bamboo towards a lever
  • Wisp 15 - After the lever, follow the bridge out to get to the wisp
  • Wisp 16 - After opening the underwater door, it is right there
  • Wisp 17 - Swim up from Wisp 16 and turn left
  • Wisp 18 - At the end of the tunnel system
  • Wisp 19 - Up some bamboo heading towards the Yellow keystone
  • Wisp 20 - At the end of the launcher to get back to the main land over spikes
  • Coin 1 - From Wisp 2, follow the path to find a small hole in the wall, swim in and the coin is there
  • Coin 2 - In the lake past the Green Keystone, under a ledge
  • Coin 3 - Just past Wisp 12, end of Secret Path
  • Coin 4 - In the same tunnel system as Wisp 16/17
  • Coin 5 - Underneath Wisp 14, by a water drum


This level is a straight forward level. You start out next to the ending gate, and you will follow the main path all the way around and loop back to where we started. The first part is climbing up some bamboo to get across the path while letting your tail pick up the wisp down below. Beyond this point, there are a lot of moving parts and you just have to take your time and make sure you are wrapped up. A lot of the errors on this level will come from trying to rush through some of the moving bamboo bits, but if you wrap yourself around it at least once, maybe twice, you should be good and be able to cross through no problem. Once you have collected all of the Keystones, you can drop right back at the start, let Doodle place them in and watch a cut scene of Sog-Gee giving you their relic.

If we did everything correctly and stuck to the paths I showed to collect all of the wisps, we would have collected our final two achievements in this realm:

Blowing Bubbles in Snake Pass
Receive A Gift From Sog-Gee, Water Gatekeeper
  • Unlocked by 1,308 tracked gamers (8% - TA Ratio = 3.64) 17,377

Wet Wisp Wonderland in Snake Pass
Collect All Of Water's Wisps
  • Unlocked by 790 tracked gamers (5% - TA Ratio = 4.69) 17,377

With all of that completed now, we should have also completed our second collectible achievement, as we should now be at 54% if we have collected all wisps and coins.

Halfway Hero in Snake Pass
Halfway Hero134 (30)
Secret Achievement (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 874 tracked gamers (5% - TA Ratio = 4.46) 17,377

  • Wisp 1 - Behind the tree to your left at the start
  • Wisp 2 - Behind where the keystones get placed
  • Wisp 3 - Climb up the bamboo in the small pond
  • Wisp 4 - Just past Wisp 3 under the single bamboo pole
  • Wisp 5 - To the right of the first checkpoint behind a wall
  • Wisp 6 - Across the bridge past the first checkpoint
  • Wisp 7 - After the bridge, up some bamboo
  • Wisp 8 - After the Green Keystone, on the rotating bridge to the next area
  • Wisp 9 - In the pond next to the second checkpoint
  • Wisp 10 - In a tunnel behind the second checkpoint
  • Wisp 11 - On the Rotating bamboo after the second checkpoint
  • Wisp 12 - After the bridge, go down and under the four bamboo poles and to the left
  • Wisp 13 - Climb back up and go up the extra wall in front
  • Wisp 14 - Turn around from Wisp 13 and you will see it from where we got Wisp 12
  • Wisp 15 - Up some bamboo by the Red Keystone
  • Wisp 16 - Next to the third checkpoint
  • Wisp 17 - Past the third checkpoint on the four point rotating bamboo piece
  • Wisp 18 - After the Yellow Keystone, right under where you drop
  • Wisp 19 - Where you need to push the boulder into position
  • Wisp 20 - Small tunnel after opening the door, don't drop down, as it is above slightly
  • Coin 1 - Past Wisp 9, in a small tunnel on the water surface
  • Coin 2 - Under Wisp 11
  • Coin 3 - In a secret tunnel under the rising stairs to the left
  • Coin 4 - Above Wisp 12 on the bamboo (have to cross over to get on top and then cross back)
  • Coin 5 - After fourth checkpoint, turn back around follow the path to the left

Now that we have completed Sog-Gee’s water realm, we are going to make our way towards Cyn-Derr’s realm, which the main theme here will be fire.

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