Snake Pass Walkthrough

5. Cyn-Derr's Realm


This is the first level in Cyn-Derr’s realm, and as you will see, we are going to be working with a lot of hot coals and fire. Right at the start, there are three fire torches, two in front of you and one behind. Choose one of them and sit on top of it. This will kill you, and will get you progress towards SSS (3/4).

Like most levels, this is a branched path level where the end is in the middle and you collect the Keystones on three separate paths. As you get to the start of the level, collect the first wisp and activate the lever so that it opens up the bamboo to climb up (as well as opening the coal pit). If you die in the coal pit, this will count towards your progress towards SSS (4/4) and should be the final death required for it:

Snake? SNAKE? SNAAAAKE! in Snake Pass
Secret Achievement (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 1,174 tracked gamers (7% - TA Ratio = 3.84) 17,395

There are a few tricky parts to this level, but if you are trying to do this without any deaths, try to keep your focus on only getting the Keystones from now on, as trying to collect everything and do it in a no death run now creates a larger difficulty than what you really want to deal with. Other than a couple of my videos, I struggled a lot to get the perfect no death run, collecting all the wisps and coins - so my advice would be to either focus on collecting and accepting that you may die and then do a no death run or go for the no death run first and then collecting. My best choice would be the first so you can learn the level and get familiar with what parts can be skipped.

  • Wisp 1 - From the start, it is right behind down on the platform
  • Wisp 2 - In front of where you start
  • Wisp 3 - Past Wisp 2 after you put the bridge out
  • Wisp 4 - To the right after the bridge, don't open the pit, or you will have a hard time reaching it
  • Wisp 5 - Down behind the tree with bamboo
  • Wisp 6 - Past Wisp 5 in the large room
  • Wisp 7 - Right under the Yellow Keystone
  • Wisp 8 - On the Bamboo by the large tree when backtracking to the main island
  • Wisp 9 - Same as Wisp 8
  • Wisp 10 - On the Bamboo by the lever to lower a bridge
  • Wisp 11 - On the Bamboo over the open void after the lowered bridge
  • Wisp 12 - Underneath Wisp 11
  • Wisp 13 - Down low on some bamboo by the large open lava section with the controlled rotating bamboo
  • Wisp 14 - On the rotating bamboo right before the Red Keystone
  • Wisp 15 - Right past the Red Keystone
  • Wisp 16 - Before crossing over the new bridge, go past it and turn right
  • Wisp 17 - Farther up the bamboo above Wisp 16
  • Wisp 18 - Cross the bridge and it is in the center of the island
  • Wisp 19 - Cross the Bamboo bridge, it is right underneath it a bit
  • Wisp 20 - On the bamboo right next to the ending platform
  • Coin 1 - On the rotating bamboo by the Yellow Keystone
  • Coin 2 - To the right of the checkpoint after Wisp 11/12
  • Coin 3 - Past the checkpoint on top of the Idol, use the bamboo on the backside to climb up
  • Coin 4 - Climb up the bamboo behind Wisp 18
  • Coin 5 - Climb over the large rock between the Green Keystone and tree to find some bamboo and the coin


This level has a lot of tricky parts to it. As you start in one branch, make your way to the center and then you can go to either of the other two branches. But that is not where it’s bad, it is the constant fear of getting stuck or rushing too much that you actually land on the coals or fall into the void. For the video that is below, this is the first level I gave up on trying to do a perfect run of (or at least collecting everything without dying). So with that in mind, the levels are starting to pick up in difficulty and it does take a lot more precision and patience to completely collect everything.

If you are going for my recommended route of doing it in a couple of different runs, just be sure you are hitting every checkpoint you can even if you just collected one wisp. Go and hit the last one again. It makes a huge difference and you don’t have to collect that one again. But as I go for the Yellow Keystone, take that climb up the wall rather than the rolling bamboo as it is safer. You won’t waste a whole lot of time attempting to stay on and fail. The only time I went for the rolling bit was for the wisps.

With that being said, the Coins and Wisps are not hidden too much. They are mostly in plain sight with the exception of one in a secret room, but the only way to not see it is if you aren't looking when you are climbing over it.

  • Wisp 1 - From the start, it is under the wall above the lave to the right
  • Wisp 2 - Climb up the bamboo and it is over some lava by a large tree
  • Wisp 3 - After getting across, it is in a small lava open pod
  • Wisp 4 - Down the snake slide before the checkpoint
  • Wisp 5 - Past the checkpoint on the rotating platform
  • Wisp 6 - On the rotating bamboo with the Green Keystone
  • Wisp 7 - After the next checkpoint, it is on the bamboo steps going up
  • Wisp 8 - Under Where Wisp 7 is, there is a small cave, right by a lever
  • Wisp 9 - After climbing out from Wisp 8, there is a back area behind the checkpoint
  • Wisp 10 - Over some rotating bamboo, before the Red Keystone
  • Wisp 11 - Over some rotating bamboo, past the Red Keystone
  • Wisp 12 - Past the Checkpoint and Wisp 11, down a bit lower
  • Wisp 13 - Activate the lever to cross over to reach this wisp
  • Wisp 14 - After climbing up, you can see it on the edge of the map
  • Wisp 15 - On the stone path towards the Yellow Keystone
  • Wisp 16 - Behind the Yellow Keystone, climb down
  • Wisp 17 - Just path Wisp 16, on some bamboo
  • Wisp 18 - Above the Yellow Keystone on rotating platform
  • Wisp 19 - On the right side of the rotating wheel bamboo
  • Wisp 20 - On the left side of the rotating wheel bamboo
  • Coin 1 - Turn left from the checkpoint and it is on a crossed bamboo over lava
  • Coin 2 - Same area as Wisp 8
  • Coin 3 - On the same Island as the Red Keystone, use the bamboo to climb under
  • Coin 4 - Climb up from Wisp 13 on the bamboo after crossing the lava
  • Coin 5 - Underneath Wisp 15, on the stone path


This level has quite a few different paths to take but they all link up in the end. This results in a sort of clover leaf shape. With that in mind, I recommend doing either the right path or the left path first. Going forward instead would require you to do some backtracking to take the previous paths. Not that the backtracking is hard, but backtracking would waste a few minutes of time swimming very slowly or risking getting caught on something else by mistake.

The hardest part of the level is going to be at the end where you have to get a ball to roll down a path to raise up a pillar to grab the last Keystone. Sounds simple, but it does take a little bit of setting up to do, all of which has to be done very carefully. The first part is hanging over some hot rocks where you have to turn a switch. For this, you will want to wrap yourself above for the prep, and then again slowly wind yourself around the turn dial so that it shifts the way the path is looking. The second part is to push a lever from one side to the other. Sounds simple again, but when the lever is in the middle of some hot rocks, it makes it bit of a challenge. Wrap yourself up with the poles, starting with one closest to the lever, and hold on tight and push it as far as you can. Then switch to the other pole and finish off pushing the lever. Take your time here, this is a challenge and could be the end of a No Death run if that is what you are going for. This will allow you to use the final switch to release the ball and it will follow the path and go into position. If the ball doesn't go into position, just push it into its place.

  • Wisp 1 - Going to the right of the large pit, it is on top of the first rotating bamboo
  • Wisp 2 - After Wisp 1, on the second rotating bamboo
  • Wisp 3 - After Wisp 2, hanging at the bottom of the bamboo before the platform, over some lava
  • Wisp 4 - After the checkpoint, climb up the bamboo and it is on the grass platform
  • Wisp 5 - After the checkpoint, climb up the bamboo and it is over the lava pit
  • Wisp 6 - Go up the platform that raises and lowers, on top of the bamboo, before the Red Keystone
  • Wisp 7 - Down some bamboo to the left of the Red Keystone, before you cross back to the center Island
  • Wisp 8 - After the Red Keystone, as you cross back to the center Island
  • Wisp 9 - From the Checkpoint, drop down
  • Wisp 10 - Swim into the big pool to the right
  • Wisp 11 - Go through the bamboo underwater, left of Wisp 10
  • Wisp 12 - Over rotating Bamboo to the left of the large pit
  • Wisp 13 - To the right after Wisp 12
  • Wisp 14 - Climb up the Bamboo stairs that retract, by Green Keystone
  • Wisp 15 - Go back to the checkpoint, it is behind the tree
  • Wisp 16 - To the left of Wisp 12, behind an Idol
  • Wisp 17 - Back at the checkpoint to the Bamboo launcher, left side when up in the air
  • Wisp 18 - Below bamboo to climb up main wall
  • Wisp 19 - Where the ball drops, climb up the wall to grab before switching which way it drops over the lava
  • Wisp 20 - In the middle of the center tower, can grab after Wisp 18 or Wisp 9
  • Coin 1 - Go forward from the start, it is in the large open pit
  • Coin 2 - Under the stairs under Wisp 9
  • Coin 3 - Cross over some rotating bamboo and stone, it is on the far side of the open pit, next to Wisp 14
  • Coin 4 - In an open pit in the final area, have to get it before activating any switches
  • Coin 5 - Right Above Wisp 20


And here we are, the final level of the Fire Realm. There are quite a few different parts here and each of them take what you have learned so far and implements them very nicely. The first keystone is right at the beginning if you go straight/right, and all you have to do is scale the structure. Be careful though as some of the walls move. Once you get to the top, you will flip the switch and then can drop down safely to grab the first Keystone.

The second Keystone is going to be on top of some towers. You have to turn the towers in a way so that you can cross over the bridges. Sounds easy (and you would be correct) as it only takes a few turns to get it to be done correct. Each of the turns though changes two of the towers. Therefore you have to watch and make sure that you don't turn one that you didn't want to turn.

The third keystone is going to be on the Windmill. To get up there, you have to activate a turn wheel that is just the perfect size for our friend Noodle, and as a result, we will finish off SIU (5/5) achievement. We will then climb up the windmill to grab the final Keystone:

Switch It Up in Snake Pass
Secret Achievement (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 974 tracked gamers (6% - TA Ratio = 4.22) 17,395

After collecting all of the Keystones, we can make our way back towards the beginning where we collected the first Keystone and put them into the monument where we can finally wrap up Cyn-Derr's worlds:

Hot Potatoes in Snake Pass
Hot Potatoes152 (30)
Collect All Of Fire's Wisps
  • Unlocked by 676 tracked gamers (4% - TA Ratio = 5.06) 17,395

If we followed all of the videos correctly, we will also have collected every Wisp and Coin in the levels. We will also gain the Hot Topic Achievement:

Hot Topic in Snake Pass
Hot Topic127 (30)
Receive A Gift From Cyn-Derr, Fire Gatekeeper
  • Unlocked by 965 tracked gamers (6% - TA Ratio = 4.24) 17,395

  • Wisp 1 - From the start, climb up the stairs, it is at the top of a small piece of bamboo
  • Wisp 2 - After the first checkpoint, climb up the narrow stairs and wall all the way to the top of the structure
  • Wisp 3 - Next to the lever to drop the stone
  • Wisp 4 - Down some stairs to head back down to the Green Keystone
  • Wisp 5 - Over the lava pit that was just cleared out for the Green Keystone
  • Wisp 6 - To the left after the cleared path after the Green Keystone, under a small tunnel
  • Wisp 7 - Behind the first checkpoint
  • Wisp 8 - On the outside of the big lake after a large drop, or across the bridge and smaller drop
  • Wisp 9 - Just Past Wisp 8 on land
  • Wisp 10 - Underwater on the opposite side of the structures that Wisp 8/9 lie
  • Wisp 11 - Above Wisp 10 on some bamboo
  • Wisp 12 - Underneath the second turn switch
  • Wisp 13 - Up the stairs before the turn switches
  • Wisp 14 - Before the Yellow Keystone
  • Wisp 15 - Drop down from Coin 3, or slither back to the main rotating towers to the farthest tower
  • Wisp 16 - Climb the bridge and cross over the gap
  • Wisp 17 - At the Windmill Checkpoint, in the center of the windmill
  • Wisp 18 - Under the raising platforms from the Switch it Up Achievement
  • Wisp 19 - Cross over the bridge and it is on the right side
  • Wisp 20 - Go to the final checkpoint by the tower and look back towards the Windmill
  • Coin 1 - Cross a thin path to the right after the cleared path by Green Keystone
  • Coin 2 - Behind some vines on the same side of the structure as Wisp 10
  • Coin 3 - Past the Yellow Keystone, 2 towers over
  • Coin 4 - At the checkpoint, use the switch to ride up to the top (takes 2 trips)
  • Coin 5 - On the Windmill, on the far side from where you get on, on a small ledge with a bamboo to grab onto

Now that we have completed Cyn-Derr's fire realm, we are going to make our way towards Bloh-wee’s realm, with the theme of air.

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