Snake Pass Walkthrough

7. Clean Up

There we go, we have beaten the game and have done everything, or so we think. There are still some achievements we are missing (possibly) and here is where we will break down each of them and the best way to get them.

For the first two here, if you haven't gotten the Do You Even Lift Bro and Short Haul Flight, the best place to do these two achievements is within the same level, Breezy Bluff. This is great, as you can have Doodle just lift our tail over and over again until we gain the first achievement. You should gain it after he has lifted it for the 100th time. The second one, you can go to the air stream bridge and have him bring you back and forth. Again, after the 50th time, the second achievement will pop:

Do You Even Lift, Bro? in Snake Pass
Secret Achievement (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 1,131 tracked gamers (7% - TA Ratio = 3.92) 17,390

Short Haul Flight in Snake Pass
Secret Achievement (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 619 tracked gamers (4% - TA Ratio = 5.29) 17,390

Now, we are onto the final of the collectibles. If you are like me and missed a coin along the way, now is the perfect chance to clean up the final achievements that go with that. Once every level is beat, you gain the ability to use Snake Vision, which allows you to see where missing Coins and Wisps are within a level. To activate it, you press cn_RSc while you are not moving, and you can see it all. Once you move however, you go back to normal vision. So once you find that mystery coin or wisp that has been haunting you, you now have gained three more achievements!

Snake Eyes in Snake Pass
Snake Eyes425 (90)
Secret Achievement (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 779 tracked gamers (4% - TA Ratio = 4.72) 17,390

Totally Minted in Snake Pass
Collect All Of The Gatekeeper Coins
  • Unlocked by 595 tracked gamers (3% - TA Ratio = 5.40) 17,390

Total Snakeage in Snake Pass
Secret Achievement (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 589 tracked gamers (3% - TA Ratio = 5.43) 17,390

And here they are, the real challenges. The first one is not as bad, but it is time consuming a bit. You have to go through each level and disturb the Gate Keeper. Sounds simple, but sometimes, they are hard to find. But with the video guide below, you should have no problems getting all of them.

  • Gate Keeper 1 - Paradise Path: From the start, follow the path until after you cross the bridge and drop down, it is to your right
  • Gate Keeper 2 - Courtyard Clamor: After going up the bamboo and going forward, instead of turning right, keep going forward
  • Gate Keeper 3 - Gatekeeper Gardens: Turn right around at the start of the level
  • Gate Keeper 4 - Creeping Causeway: From the Green Keystone, continue to follow the path, it is behind some leaves just a bit passed it
  • Gate Keeper 5 - Crooked Canal: After climbing up from the water room and before the canal, it is on the right side of the open hole in the floor
  • Gate Keeper 6 - Lazy Lagoon: After the Green Keystone when you drop down into the open pool before crossing the bridge, go to the side with the coin and go to the backside of the wall
  • Gate Keeper 7 - Risky Reservoir: After getting the Green Keystone, turn around and slither back to other side of the wall, climb up the farthermost wall, and drop on it
  • Gate Keeper 8 - Fumbling Falls: From the start of the level, turn around and it is right there
  • Gate Keeper 9 - Flip-Flop Foundry: cross the rotating bamboo, it is just past the checkpoint
  • Gate Keeper 10 - Toasty Trail: Climb up the bamboo like stairs, it is to the left of the checkpoint
  • Gate Keeper 11 - Searing Shrine: Taking the left path, go across and climb up the walls to get to this one, there is a Wisp nearby it
  • Gate Keeper 12 - Roasted Ruin: On the side of the pool area when you drop from the bridge
  • Gate Keeper 13 - Breezy Bluff: Right behind the final area
  • Gate Keeper 14 - Hurricane Heights: After hitting the switch, there are four monuments that raise and lower, it is in the third one
  • Gate Keeper 15 - Twister Tops: After the wind tunnel, climb to the left side and climb up, it is on the special podium

Archaeologist in Snake Pass
Disturb A Gatekeeper Idol In Every Level
  • Unlocked by 401 tracked gamers (2% - TA Ratio = 6.58) 17,390

After that, we can go through and play each level, again. This is going to be the hardest challenge, as you don't just have to beat every level, but you have to do so without dying. The best advice for this is to take your time on later levels, don't try to collect anything outside of the Keystones, and don't panic. The last level is where it is going to come down to, but if you take your time and move slowly when needed and not take any unnecessary risks, you will gain the final achievement and add another game to you completions.

Quetzalcoatl in Snake Pass
Quetzalcoatl688 (90)
Complete Every Level Without Dying
  • Unlocked by 298 tracked gamers (2% - TA Ratio = 7.64) 17,390

Hope this guide helped everyone out, if you have any questions, don't be afraid to send me a message and I will try to explain it in a different way, or if there is anything wrong, I will try my best to correct it right away.

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