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    31 Oct 2009 12 Jul 2011
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    Single Player:
    Oh Sneak King, what you do to me. If you’ve ever played this game you share in my pain as well. This was one of the three promotional games that Burger King sold for five dollars with the purchase of any meal at one of their restaurants for a limited time. I bought this game through the persuasion of my friend, and he was also the one who chose this one out of the three. I hate him for that. Big Bumpin is actually considered pretty fun. This one isn’t. There is exactly one achievement guide on the web for two reasons. One, the game wasn’t that fun, so people stopped playing it. Two, the game fails to give much information on how to play it well, and this frustrated almost everyone.

    But before I go into too much depth on my distaste for this game, I’ll go over how to play. You are the Burger King “King”. You have to go around to a bunch of people and deliver them a food item of some sort. There are multiple missions per level, and multiple levels. Complete all the missions on a level and you can go onto the next level. It is basically a big sandbox for the whole game. You can’t be seen though – you are the Sneak King – therefore you must travel behind people to deliver them food. When you do you’ll do a fun little spin move to give them the food. If you take too much time in getting to them they will faint out of hunger. If you get seen by them they will cause a storm of anger for some reason.

    The controls are simple – you walk with the control stick, press the “A” button to deliver them food once you’re in range, and that’s it. There is the option of changing your view so that you are inside of the King’s Mask instead of seeing him from a birds-eye view. Want to know what this accomplishes? Nothing. You can’t even play this way. It’s just to add another creepy factor into the game. *Sigh*.

    Each mission will have specific requirements. Often it will be deliver ____ meals in ____ time. Simple enough. The game also tries to incorporate a scoring system. You get bonus points for doing a really cool spin when you give someone their meal. You also get bigger points if you deliver someone their meal right before they are about to faint (hungrier = better). You can get even more points if you decide to hide in some areas and then pop out and give them food. Wow! The score system translates to a letter grade at the end.

    So far we have established that you’re a creepy guy that goes around behind people and gives away some food. We have also established there is a simple point system and multiple missions and levels. Hey, that’s it. The game gets progressively harder by the way, obviously. You can mess with the environment a little besides just hiding. You can knock down trees so you can cross them and what not. Yup. Uh, that’s it, onto my rant.
    First of all, you have to tip-toe the whole time (it’s not even a choice, the game just forces you). Therefore you move so ridiculously slow that it is really hard to get to someone before they faint. Beyond that there are ridiculously long celebration times when you do hand someone their food, something you’ll do about five hundred times if you complete the game. Beyond this is the scoring system. They clearly tried to make it an important part of the game, but they failed to tell you the requirements for getting each rank on each mission. Therefore you’ll spend way too much time hiding when you don’t really have to, and not enough time hiding when you really need to. This means you must consult a guide online if you do want to get “A” ranks throughout the game. There is a practice mode if you really want to prolong the agony of this game to try to perfect yourself.

    If this isn’t enough yet there is also the horrible replay factor. This game will take you over forty hours to fully complete, at the minimum. It’s the same thing each time. “Oh, this time I have to deliver three morning meals instead of two? Oh geez.” I honestly tried to like this game – I will put it into my xbox about every five months or so in an attempt to get some more achievements – but it is just too unbearable.
    Single Player Score: 1/10


    No multiplayer.
    Multiplayer score: N/a


    Now I understand that this is a promotional game and it cost five dollars along with the cost of the mediocre meal at Burger King, but come on. Each person has a viewing area that is highlighted on the ground as they walk. That means you can walk three feet away from them, right in front of their face, and they won’t notice. Most of the people look the same as well. You’re also in a overly simplistic sandbox area that gets boring to look at real fast. When you do climb in and out of hiding areas, such as hay, the hay won’t even move as you get in. The one remaining quality is the creepy cutscene that they have before you get to the title screen of the game. It’s just a copied and pasted commercial that they put into the game, but it looks good.
    Graphics score: 3/10


    Although the graphics are bad, the sound is worse. You’ll get some celebratory music when you deliver the food, but the rest of the time you’ll be listening to no background music. There is the sound of people sawing logs if you get close enough, and you will hear the sound of people fainting (which is accompanied by some birds making noises above their heads). Basically it is really awkward to be sitting in your room and not be hearing any sound except for the occasional chirping of birds. The humans will make some gargle noises, similar to what you would hear in a bad Peanuts (Charlie Brown) episode. All of the descriptions of the missions are text based.
    Sound score: 1/10


    The achievements are the worst of both worlds. They are overly complex, vague, and uninteresting. You will feel like you’ve accomplished the impossible if you do get these achievements though. The game is based as an arcade game (200 points). Most people, like me, will have three of the achievements for a total of twenty-five points. These are basically the achievements you will get for completing your first couple missions. Beyond that you’ll have to do some hard work. There are achievements for getting “A” rankings on each level and then an achievement for getting an “A” ranking on every single mission on every single level. Not only is this really horrible to do in just playing the game, but it is also really horrible in that you have to look up online the minimum requirements for an “A” ranking. I’ve never been more frustrated at a game’s achievements.
    Achievement score: 2/10


    There is no DLC, thank goodness.
    DLC Score: N/a

    Final Score: 1.5/10


    • It only cost me five dollars plus the cost of the burger king meal, but considering what I could buy with that (a used copy of xbox live arcade unplugged possibly), it isn’t much of a pro
    • They really captured the creepiness of the King?
    • The most frustrating game I’ve ever played
    • Pathetic sound and graphics
    • No multiplayer
    • Only 200 achievement points for a disc based game, and they are a horrible 200 points to get
    • Makes me want to throw stuff at my television, punch babies, and drown bags of kitties

    Final Comments:
    I do not kid you when I say this is the most frustrating game I’ve ever played. If you want any of the Burger King games please go and buy Big Bumpin – you get to ride around in a Bumper Car in that one, and the achievements are somewhat fair.
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    GodLike499Wow, you need to take it easy dude! You are definitely too stressed, and taking this game too seriously. On that note, I can understand your ranking. You are not the demographic. Do what Frankie told you to...
    Posted by GodLike499 on 21 Mar 15 at 05:16
    Posted by edwiitos on 03 Oct 17 at 14:33
    Omniscient AlThe Burger King games are typically pathetic. Bumpin's tournament mode was a pain. I'm glad I never started Sneak King. You've confirmed my doubts about the quality of this game. A fun fact: Following the release of the series, Burger King's share of the burger market increased by 40% during the first half of that year. The games were tastier than their burgers.
    Posted by Omniscient Al on 17 Jun at 13:09
  • The Chuck ChuckThe Chuck Chuck465,750
    29 Mar 2009
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    Sneak King. The title itself a clever play on words, this is essentially a training tool for anyone who hopes to one day become a Burger King themselves. You play as the King (not Elvis - the plastic-headed, marvelous Burger King), delivering food to hungry strangers while evading detection. The more surprised they are, the more you score. Add a flourish to your delivery and rack up even more points. Continue making deliveries without being spotted and get your multiplier up. There are 4 levels with 20 challenges each. Some of them focus on speed, some on quantity, and some on points. Is the game perfect? No. Is it frustrating? Yes. Is it a quick 200 on the Gamerscore? Absolutely not. Do harder and more time-consuming Achievements actually bring a sense of accomplishment for some of us? Absolutely yes. At then end of the day, it's a 360 game you bought at a fast food place for 2 bucks. What do you expect, a 30-hour plot-twisting epic filled with moral decisions with multiple endings? Sometimes you just need to enjoy your time inside the creepy plastic head of the King. I know I did.
  • rican ninja89rican ninja89462,431
    01 Nov 2008
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    Welcome to your Burger King fantasy of being the King. Unlike the other two Burger King games " Sneak King" is a 1 player only game. Well what's Sneak King about I bet your wondering well let me tell you in two simple words; DELIVERING FOOD!!!. Yup thats about all you do is deliver food to hungry people at four different enviroments. Each of the four areas have different challenges from getting a set amount of points to delivering as much as you can in as little time as possible. Here's the best part, when delivering food to the people if you time the a button correctly you will see The King do a variety of dance for your viewing pleasures. The dances are so great I make sure I enjoy them with my blindfold on. So with that being said unless your The King himself this is more of a nightmare than a fantasy but at the same time this game should be pretty cheap for a full 200 arcade points. This game must be bought at a retail store although its an arcade game it isn't for download. So if you play this game and your stomach starts to turn a meal from Burger King may fix your problem unless The King delivers it to you then your in trouble.headspin

    Final Score 2/10 warning