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Angry neggers have been dealt with below.


Released on Steam in 2014, So Many Me is a 2D platform puzzle game and it has finally arrived on Xbox ONE!

Let us begin.

Filo is you. You are Filo. Filo meets 'me'...but more than one 'me'...but it's not really 'me', it's you, Filo...but not really.

Yeah...moving on!

You travel into a bygone age, solving puzzles, transforming and jumping your way one step closer to 'saving the world'. You will be met with several puzzles that will leave you questioning your sanity- unless of course, you call upon Youtube to cheat for aid. In that case, you're just jumping and transforming...which is still tons of fun!

You are a blob. A worthless, albeit charming, green little blob.

You will come across other green, charming little blobs...cept' now you ain't worthless! Because unlike before, you can now shapeshift your lingering pals into stone blocks and reach places only previously accessible via jet-pack, crane and/or something else that isn't in the game.

You are afforded the opportunity to build labor-free empires with your green blobby pals with endless petrification at your disposal and you choose to pursue glory...

Who da thunk it?

Like other green little lingering blobs (or boogers for short), you (Filo) try to flick em' off, again and again, transferring from index finger to 'flip the bird finger'...efforts are futile- they ain't going nowhere.

You need them as much as they need you...

So hold the Kleenex.

Your pals start in the basic life form, as 'Ark Seeds', and when you collect them they become part of your posse for that given theme. You will meet Brainy ME, who is the brains of the group and a whole host of other green pals on your journey. They strikingly resemble your nasal mucus pigmentation and are not the free-thinking sort; mirroring your every move. An like a set of damn car keys you will lose them at the start of each themed world and will have to 'save them' from the hands of evil once again- you'd think they'd learn. warning

There are several areas with different themes. They all revolve around solving smart puzzles with your block pals, finding the 3 collectibles in each level (1 ME [i.e. You], 1 Coin and an outfit or mask for you to customize you and your other 'you's faces)...oh and then reaching the exit gate.

Of course, you can skip the collectibles altogether and go straight to the exit by doing the bare minimum of puzzle-solving if you so choose...but then you can also throw your console into a bonfire- so why would you do that?

Devious traps block your path and you will have to manipulate laser beams to knock down walls and obtain the collectible within. The turrets will help you more than they hinder you as there is an Etherizer power-up you can acquire later on...but enough about that. roll

There are 4 different type of blocks:

The Standard block - this is used as a platform for you to jump onto wherever you place it (can be created mid-air). This is your default block (just by pressing 'X'). How many ME's you have on screen depends how many blocks can be made. You can create 1 block if there are 2 of you, 2 blocks if there are 3 of you etc... can also block turret fire.

The Bouncy block (red blob) - this is basically a trampoline. It will spring you up into the air depending on the height you jumped from. The greater the fall, the bigger the rebound. Can also deflect turret fire.

The Ascend block (blue blob) - this is like a balloon. When deployed, you latch onto it and it will float straight up from wherever it was placed. Can detach at any time to reach mid-way platforms. Susceptible to the gust of a fan.

The Decoy block (yellow blob) - this is a distraction block. When used, can draw a lasers beam wherever placed as long as it's in the lasers range. Can also be used to avert the glow of sunlight to a different location, allowing you to use blocks where the rays glow previously shone.

You will need to carefully work out in what order you'd like to use your blocks. For example, if there is a red bouncy blob on a platform below you, you will need to first place a standard block in the middle so you can get back up to the platform you were on and then Recall (LT) which pulls the block you had placed last back to your side so it can be used again. Otherwise, you would be stuck on the lower platform and will have to use the red bouncy blob to get back up, thus rendering your bouncy blob retrieval pointless.

This game has many helpful power-ups that will help you along your way, as well as many great costumes to equip your 'boogers' with.

The Boss battles were fresh and the platforming itself was smooth and fair.

The soundtrack is absolutely fabulous, lending soft acoustics to the relaxed atmosphere brings a warm and dulcet tone that casts a pleasant zephyr upon your inner ear stereocilia that makes you just stop what you're doing and reflect upon your surroundings; pure sonic bliss.

I can't say this game had any standout flaws but if I had to declare a footling complaint to make sure this a review I'm writing and not a sales pitch, the only 'problem' I had once was that my game frozen for maybe half a millisecond and made me mess up my jump by about a frame.

Achievements were fun and not very time consuming (took me 18 hours but could easily have done it in 12-15).

This is a charming game that was new and exciting from A to B, start to end.

I would recommend everybody try this game, especially as it's free as of writing. Platformer dude and dudettes will definitely enjoy.

Play. This. Game.

*Addressing the negs*

I understand this game probably isn't your favourite, as it is a frustrating title in many ways... and it has a 'low' community rating. I received a message about the score I gave it...and thats where the problem lies. People don't neg because of my review content- they neg the score I gave the game itself.

I found it to be an amazing game. So please read my review and Thumb/Neg based on that before manic-scrolling to see whether or not the rating aligns with your own...

Reviews are penned from author experience.

Simply put: If I gave this game 3 stars it wouldn't have 8 negs.

So...what could I possibly do?
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Posted on 24 August 15 at 16:39, Edited on 24 August 15 at 16:40
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This was originally published at The Scrying Orb.

After my first short session with So Many Me, a game I received free for being an Xbox live subscriber, I figured I’d never play it again.


Well, it has a cutesy story that is neither cute nor funny and is trying a bit too hard. The gameplay gimmick, that you control an army of “ME’s” that turn into blocks you can then use as platforms didn’t seem enough to base a platformer around. And worst of all, the movement felt imprecise and floaty, which is sort of the death-knell for a good platformer — control is king. On top of all this, the graphic style reminded me of old newgrounds/flash games and just felt sort of cheap.

But I wasn’t really sure what game to play next (and it’s a mild tic for me to always have a book or game lined up to follow the next one or face mild panic), so I decided to give So Many Me another chance. It then completely absorbed me, was a joy to play, and over the next few days I 100% completed it.


Because, while So Many Me is ostensibly a platformer, what becomes clear after the first few levels is that is primarily a really inventive and well designed puzzle game. The game takes a few simple principles:

- ME’s can turn into blocks that can be used as platforms, hold down switches, block bullets.
- ME’s can eat special fruit to turn into trampolines, enemy attracting bait, or automatically rising platforms; these all have secondary puzzle-solving traits.
- You can only un-transform ME’s back to their normal state (to use again) in the reverse order you used them — so, last one first.
- ME’s die very easily (100% clocked me just shy of 3000 dead ME’s), but checkpoints are extremely lenient.

That’s it. There’s like 4 or 5 enemy types. But the game combines these features together again and again in novel, interesting, and challenging ways. The levels are not all that long but you will use their entire breadth to pull off a complicated solution to a puzzle — ME’s will be littered across several screens serving as platforms for you to jump across and holding down just the right switches for you to then rapidly dissemble into a new set of platforms before all the enemies you were keeping trapped with blocks and switches swarm you before you can reach the treasure you sought.

I became more forgiving of the controls, and eventually found the visual style charming (though never the story). Even then, when the game gets into full platformer-mode, it is not at its best. All of the bosses require rote memorization to manage the set of tasks and path you must form to defeat them. There’s precise platformer setups you must perform after you’ve carefully organized all your ME’s in a very specific pattern, and if the controls don’t stick the way you expected, it’s maddening to re-create the puzzle solution again.

But, all said: Great game.
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