Solaroids: Prologue Achievements

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Solaroids: Prologue Store Description

Solaroids: Prologue
Stand your ground against a seemingly insurmountable threat that is after your precious sun. Defend your solar system in a continuous conflict that progresses from tame introductory levels to epic high-octane space battles that will challenge even the most experienced pilots.

As the levels progress and the threat continues to grow, so will the kinds of weapons at your disposal. Perform advanced maneuvers while dodging asteroids, mines, and enemy missiles as you upgrade the capabilities of your ship and rack up higher and higher scores. Equip primary, secondary, and defensive weapons - the choice is yours.

Add additional outrider attachments to your alpha fighter and create an extremely powerful ship. Keep both your ship and outriders in good repair or watch your precious power-ups float off into the darkness of space for the taking.

Under the cover of an asteroid belt, enemies and complex bosses lurk waiting to attack. Each boss has their own attack patterns, weapons, and weaknesses. Tread carefully and use the hazards in the belt to defeat your foes without succumbing to them yourself.

Local Multiplayer
Fly solo, or with up to three of your friends in local multiplayer mode. Play co-op against waves of enemies or square off against each other in a wide-open combat arena. Players can join at any time with no need to setup complex game modes. Keep your straight during intense combat by customizing your primary and secondary ship colors, or configure friendly fire/collisions to adjust the level of co-op.

Emulate the look and feel of Classic arcade machines ore retro consoles by adjusting Vector, Palette, and CRT effects. Mix and match to your taste!